In this article, I share with you my best 5 Seiko watches from the current assortment that put a grin on my face.

Sometimes, you’d nearly disregard Seiko watches with such an excess of continuous Grand Seiko news. Its ubiquity is massive and consistently developing, yet what might be said about discussing some cool Seiko watches? One of my unsurpassed top picks would be obviously the Seiko Space Walk SPS005 ( click here for our review ), however shouldn’t something be said about the watches you can purchase today from Seiko?

Top 5 current Seiko watches

I made a determination of 5 watches from the current Seiko index, that I wouldn’t mind adding to my humble watch assortment. Right away, let’s have a nearer look.

1. Seiko Prospex SLA021J1

After I purchased my first Seiko jumper in 2014, a Sumo model, I understood that advanced Seikos are in reality lovely uncommon. They address stunning an incentive for cash. Hence, I began to think about how great a Marinemaster 300 (at that point €2,000) should be when €600 would get you this stunning Sumo (SBDC001). Mid 2015, I got a Marinemaster 300 and it overwhelmed me. It actually does. A monobloc case, Grand Seiko base development, and brilliant completing working on it. It wasn’t until my first excursion to (Grand) Seiko Japan soon thereafter, I understood the Marinemaster was really fabricated in the Grand Seiko creation facility.

Fast forward 2020, and the Marinemaster 300 as far as we might be concerned doesn’t exist any longer. Today, there’s the Seiko Prospex SLA021J1. Somewhat more costly (€,3200) than five years prior, yet you will get a sapphire gem rather than Hardlex and an artistic bezel rather than steel. I have the Marinemaster 300 SBDX001 in my assortment, and I don’t need the update, however this Seiko Prospex SLA021J1 is my top of the picks. On the off chance that you have never taken a stab at one, do it. Now.

2. Seiko Prospex SLA041

Perhaps somewhat unreasonable to incorporate this, as it is only 1,100 pieces, however I love these fish models. I used to have the absolute first “Grandfather” Tuna 6159-7010 , and it is only a cool watch. I saw one of my companions with an advanced SBDX011 form, and I chose I required one as well. After a touch of exploration, I wound up with the vintage model from 1975. Pretty hot obviously, yet a watch that infrequently saw my wrist. I exchanged it to support a Grand Seiko, however every so often I miss that hockey puck. The Seiko SLA041 or one of its less restricted homies should be back in my assortment of Seikos once more, soon. The retail cost on the Seiko SLA041 is €4,500. It has a similar 8L35  development as the SLA021J1, which has its underlying foundations from the Grand Seiko 9S55.

3. Seiko Alpinist SPB117

No “Alpinist” on the dial, however 100% Alpinist. That’s pretty much how Mike depicted the new Alpinist models when they were presented recently. The Alpinist is Seiko’s “explorer” watch with two crowns, one of setting time and the other to work the compass. Today, the Alpinist is essential for the Prospex assortment, which, as I would see it, consummately positions the Alpinist as a “professional specifications” watch. It is water-impervious to 200 meters, has a Seiko type 6R35 inside (with the hacking highlight), and a sapphire gem. It’s a 39.5mm breadth watch, making it an unobtrusive — practically refined — instrument watch on the wrist. The sticker price is €739 on this SPB117, however there are various intriguing varieties out there.

4. Seiko Prospex SPB103J1

Another jumper, I hear you. Be that as it may, it is just excellent in green. The retail cost of €830 makes it an exceptionally alluring proficient jumper watch, with a uni-directional plunging bezel, sapphire precious stone, 200 meters water opposition, screw-down crown, and wristband with diver’s augmentation. With a distance across of 45mm, it is most likely not appropriate for all wrists but rather it wears incredibly well on mine (a 19cm wrist). Inside, you’ll again discover the Seiko 6R35 development like in the Prospex Alpinist. Gracious, and I love the green on this watch. Staggering! The SPB101J1 is a similar watch however in dark, so in the event that you don’t like green, that’s the one to look for.

5. Seiko Presage SPB165J1

Finally, a Seiko Presage on this rundown! You are taking a gander at the SPB165 and don’t stress, Seiko has others dial colors accessible as well.  But in actuality, I have a weakness for white dials. This 39.3mm measurement watch is important for the Presage assortment, yet can undoubtedly be confused with something from the Grand Seiko stable. Take a gander at those sharp edges, the quantity of aspects working on this issue, and the dial theme. That’s GS material ordinarily. The Seiko Presage SPB165  is named “Sharp Edged” for a decent reason.

Inside, you’ll locate the 6R35 development that I previously talked about in this article. The “Speedmaster” style arm band has a comparable plan as the one on my Grand Seiko SBGJ201 ( click here ) and it suits this Presage consummately also. The retail cost of the Seiko Presage SPB165J1 is €990.

Let us know your number one present day Seiko watch in the comments below.