Although the Bvlgari Octo gets a great deal of consideration nowadays, there’s another symbol in the brand’s assortment that shouldn’t be ignored. The Bvlgari! Today, we acquaint with you the Bvlgari Cities Special Edition 2020.

Originally presented back in 1975, the Bvlgari Roma was given to 100 of the brand’s best customers. Indeed, even back then, without e-influencers, it made a difference. Because of Bvlgari gifting these watches to specific customers, the brand got huge loads of solicitations to broaden the creation of the Bvlgari Roma. There was a simple and a computerized adaptation (I attempted to locate a used advanced form yet absent a lot of karma) that had “BVLGARI” and “ROMA” engraved in its gold bezel. At that point, in 1977, Bvlgari presented the now-celebrated “Bvlgari Bvlgari” collection.

Bvlgari Bvlgari Cities Special Edition 2020

Bvlgari chose nine urban areas around the planet that have uncommon importance to the production. Also, not exclusively to the assembling, however Rome, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, London, Ibiza, Milan, Mexico City, and New York are on the basin rundown of numerous voyagers and city travelers. Rather than “Bvlgari Bvlgari”, the lower half of the bezel is committed to every one of these urban communities, including the 1975 unique “Bvlgari Roma” etching. The case and bezel are made of tempered steel, treated with dark DLC (jewel like carbon).

Dial and Bezel

As you can find in the photos of this Bvlgari Cities Special Edition 2020, the dark lacquered dial has a grainy surface. This, alongside the dark DLC-treated case, gives the watch an energetic vibe. Against this background, the rose gold hands and lists truly pop. Moreover, Bvlgari added a rose gold crown for winding and setting the watch.

Manufacture Movement

Inside the 41mm breadth watch, Bvlgari’s produce type BVL191 development deals with the time. This development has a force save of 42 hours and has a working recurrence of 28,800vph. The Bvlgari’s Octo Solotempo assortment likewise utilizes this development, for example.

Strap Fest

The Bvlgari Cities Special Edition likewise comes with two lashes. There’s the earthy colored calfskin calf lash that gives a tad of difference to the dark dial and case. Moreover, there’s a dark elastic tie that will make the watch significantly more sporty.

9 Cities and Artists

The purchaser of one of these Bvlgari watches won’t just get the cities’ watch, yet each watch likewise comes with 12 prints from a craftsman who committed workmanship to one of the nine cities. 


The city of Bvlgari and craftsman Iris Hatzfeld has created 12 prints that catch the feeling and soul of the Italian capital. Other than Rome’s design and legacy, there are various prints that mirror the existence of its inhabitants.


Digital craftsman Philippe Constantinesco (otherwise called Faunesque) created excellent prints that show both customary as present day Tokyo (and Japan). It is intriguing to perceive how Faunesque accomplished to consummately catch the climate of Tokyo and Japan.


Dubai propelled the work of art of Vincent Longhi. Fittingly, Dubai is the city where Bvlgari showed its first oddities. Imaginative realistic delineations caught the atmosphere.


Jean Aubertin utilizes watercolor procedures to create a portrayal of Paris. Known and lesser-realized spots are in the work of art, just as prints that depict the investigation of the city.


The London work of art is from craftsman Clémence Trossevin. She utilizes a watercolor strategy to create a comic strip-like understanding of the London way of life. In one of the prints, you’ll discover the Bvlgari boutique.


The Mediterranean escape for the individuals who embrace either the flower child stylish way of life or simply love to party in style, or both. Craftsman Manon Molesti’s work gives a fascinating and recognizable impression of the well known island.


The second Italian city in this rundown of nine urban communities and the capital of plan. 12 lovely drawings from the hand of designer youthful planner Vincent Macquart show the city’s features as well as incorporates creative gestures to Bvlgari’s horology.

Mexico City

If you like brilliant and dynamic craftsmanship, these prints will get a ton of appreciation. Aline Zalko utilizes striking lines and shadings to communicate her translation of Mexico City. Moreover, instances of Mexico City culture, city life, and nature would all be able to be found in her 12 drawings.

New York

The Big Apple is inseparable from Pop Art and that’s precisely what craftsman Natacha Paschal caught with her fine art. Style, from road to Haute Couture, just as road scenes, are all important for these pop craftsmanship impressions.

Price and Availability

The Bvlgari Cities Special Edition 2020 will retail for €4,250 and will be accessible through the Bvlgari stores in the separate urban areas. More data can be found on Bvlgari .

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