I have a shaky area for the Seamaster Ploprof, and a year ago I bought the steel 1200M variant. In spite of the fact that Omega actually records the steel Ploprof on their site, it is out of creation since a year ago. I appreciate the watch a ton and saw that I am not alone.

On Instagram, I connected with an individual proprietor of the Seamaster Ploprof 1200M . I can’t recollect exactly when I began to follow him, however I was set off by his Instagram account name “Ploprof_guy”. He doesn’t have an extremely enormous account, however his photos charmed me. Other than his cutting edge Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M, he additionally showed old high contrast photos of his dad in Lebanon during the battle in 1982. I connected with him and got some information about his and his father’s Omega Seamaster Ploprof.

An meet with “Ploprof_guy”

RJ: Please educate me regarding your dad and his Ploprof. You should some fascinating pictures of him and his vintage Seamaster Ploprof 600.

Ploprof_Guy (PPG): My dad was brought into the world in Israel, in 1951. He was a lot of an Omega fellow, similar to me. His first Omega was one he got for his wedding, a gold Seamaster from the 1960s. It is the solitary watch he kept beside the other Omega he is wearing today. Not the Ploprof, but rather the Seamaster 300M 2298.80. He isn’t a collector, however he cherishes Omega and has consistently been into the brand. The principal watch I recollect him wearing was a Flightmaster type 911.

RJ: And where did he get this Flightmaster? It probably been used when he got it?

PPG: Yes, he got it in the mid 1980s from a colleague at work. They were both in the construction business. This colleague just had it for a couple of months, however it wasn’t for him.

RJ: And would you say you were at that point into watches? Is messing with your father’s Flightmaster your soonest recollection?

PPG: I generally preferred watches, since I was only a kid. The Flightmaster is the one that made me love observes significantly more. From that point onward, I became hopelessly enamored with Omega as a brand. At the point when my dad purchased his Flightmaster, he gave me a Tissot and that was my first genuine watch. From that point forward, I wore Swatch and, when I was 13, I got a Casio divers’ watch from my folks. At the point when I turned 18, I got a Seiko jumper that I actually have today. I spent my military assistance as a tank commander and consistently wore that Seiko.

RJ: Back to you father. When and for what reason did he buy the Seamaster Ploprof? Was he a jumper or did he simply like the aesthetics?

PPG: He adored the Flightmaster, which was at that point a major watch. Yet, the Ploprof was much greater, which he cherished significantly more. So close to the brand and style, it was the size that he preferred most. He exchanged his Flightmaster type 911 with another co-laborer for his Seamaster Ploprof.

RJ: A ton of watch exchanging going on during the 1980s! Was your dad mindful of style icons, for example, Agnelli wearing one?

PPG: Not actually, as referenced he was not a collector and couldn’t have cared less pretty much all the things “around” the brand. He didn’t think it is critical to save the first box and papers. He was into Omega and into huge watches.

RJ: Did the Ploprof endure a great deal during his construction work business?

PPG: He wore it for very nearly 20 years during his work in the construction organizations, and as a component of his IDF (Israel Defense Forces) administration. The Ploprof was on his wrist during the battle in Lebanon also. He was a paratrooper commander. He never took it off, in any event, when he was at home, in any event, when he scrubbed down, so you can envision the watch endured a piece. At that point, when my father turned 50 out of 2009, he got another watch from my mom. A pristine Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph 2998.80. That evening, my father gave me his Ploprof. I was 25 years of age at the time.

RJ: Wow! That’s some blessing! Did you own an Omega watch before your father gave you his Ploprof? Or on the other hand some other mechanical watch?

PPG: I didn’t possess an Omega previously, yet it was my entrance into the Omega collecting world. I just had the watches I referenced previously. I altogether appreciated the Seamaster Ploprof, however I was bound to have a Flightmaster. The watch that I reviewed my father wearing when I was more youthful. Sooner or later, I sold the Seamaster Ploprof and purchased a Flightmaster type 910 all things being equal. As far as I might be concerned, it was the beginning of collecting watches. Later on, I understood I shouldn’t have sold the Ploprof. Eventually, I additionally sold that Flightmaster. Obviously, I repurchased one three years ago.

RJ: What did your dad consider you selling the Ploprof for a Flightmaster?

PPG: He was happy I could utilize it to purchase my fantasy watch. He wasn’t appended to the Ploprof and he got another watch from my mom of course. Yet, frankly, I additionally didn’t comprehend the genuine estimation of the watch at the time.

RJ: What other Omega watches did you purchase?

PPG: I had the Flightmaster 910, and afterward I added the Speedmaster X-33 second era. I sold them both eventually and purchased the Planet Ocean 45.5mm. That was the second I chose to really begin collecting and considerably more significant, to never sell a watch again. At that point I purchased the new steel Seamaster Ploprof 1200M and another Flightmaster 910.

RJ: Before I bought my Seamaster Ploprof 1200M, I attempted both the vintage Ploprof 600M and the enhanced one and chose I needed the upgraded one. You should? Do you incline toward the new Ploprof over the vintage one your father (and you) had previously?

PPG: Yes! The second I saw the commercial for this watch (the one with the orange fishes… ) I began to look all starry eyed at it. However, it took me right around nine years before I could get it. I like every little thing about it. I think it is an example of how Omega took the first model and made various enhancements. By and by, I preferred the orange metal pusher (bezel open) better than the first red one. I additionally like the lattice Shark wristband and the orange elastic strap.

RJ: Do you wear it often?

PPG: Yes, it is the watch I’m wearing the most from my current collection.

RJ: Does your dad wear his Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph each day?

PPG: Oh yes! It is consistently on his wrist.

RJ: Do you talk observes frequently with your dad?

PPG: Yes, each time we see one another. I’m living in Gibraltar and he lives in the USA. He fundamentally discusses getting a 2009 Ploprof 1200M and he makes me look online to discover him one.

RJ: That’s cool. What is the one watch you might truly want to possess at some point?

PPG: I have my chase list, which covers my next five watches. The one I would truly need is the clench hand Snoopy Speedmaster from 2003. I think it is an overly cool watch, and alongside the set of experiences with NASA, I truly adored Snoopy when I was a kid.

RJ: What is your #1 Omega at this moment?

PPG: Easy, still my Seamaster Ploprof 1200M.

RJ: Do you like the titanium Ploprof models (no Date and Master Chronometer)?

PPG: Not however much the one I own. All in all, I’m not a major fanatic of titanium as a material for watches. I like the substantial feel. Likewise, the absence of date is something I don’t care for to such an extent. The steel Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M has the ideal connection to the first one and I like it.

RJ: When it comes to collecting, would you say you are keen on feel, or in the developments? What is your drive when searching for new watches?

PPG: It is more about the feel and the historical backdrop of the watch. I need to like the feel first, and that is the main part for me. I additionally like enormous watches so that is another necessity. In the event that a watch has a fascinating history, that’s certainly an or more (for example the Seamaster 120 as the watch the IDF pilots utilized during the 1970s).

RJ: Do you think having a ton of watches keeps you from making your very own set of experiences with them as your father did with the Ploprof? 

PPG: I can’t be upbeat just with one watch. Previously, I figured I would be, however I lean toward collecting. I will make my set of experiences with a couple of watches. Indeed, I have two children and they previously disclosed to me which watches they would like from my current collection.

RJ: Do you get together with different collectors, or is it principally a web based thing for you?

PPG: I’m initially from Israel, yet I live in Gibraltar now. It is a minuscule spot so very little is happing here with watch collectors. I have a watchmaker here in Spain with whom I examine watches every once in a while. All the rest is on the web, with incredible individuals through my Instagram account.

I figure watches can connect individuals, particularly when you wear a watch you don’t see over and over again. I recollect one time in Portugal, I was wearing my Seamaster Ploprof and saw a major biker fellow in the general store. He looked pretty boss and not somebody I would typically way to deal with converse with. In any case, at that point I saw he was wearing a Ploprof also! I couldn’t avoid myself, approached him and compliment him about his watch. He viewed at me as though he planned to have me for breakfast, yet then he saw I had a similar watch on my wrist. Immediately he abandoned a boss looking biker into an amicable huge person with a tremendous grin. Eventually, I have a feeling that I shut the circle when I purchased this Ploprof.

RJ: Thanks for every one of your answers. How could individuals find you?

PPG: Via my Instagram account .

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