The as of late presented Airain Type 20 Re-Edition loyally coordinates the plan and determinations of the first 1950’s Type 20. That even incorporates a hand-wound, two-register, section wheel chronograph with flyback work. Furthermore the surprising commencement bezel and a domed Hesalite crystal.

Type 20 chronographs are post-WWII aeronautical instruments, made to French government necessities. They’re essentially dependent on WWII two-register chronograph from Hahnhart, Tutima, and Glashütte. Be that as it may, Type 20 needed to meet more tough determinations. A flyback work was basic, in addition to the precision of inside 8 seconds/day, a force save of over 35 hours, and the capacity to deal with the beginning stop-reset activity multiple times with no problems.

Airain Type 20 Re-Edition

It was just some time back that Robert-Jan educated us about the recovery regarding the Airain brand . Presently, not so much as a quarter of a year further, we’re effectively ready to show you Airain’s first watches. In spite of the fact that Airain was likewise known for its pocket stop-watches and jumper watches, it got celebrated with its understanding of the Type 20 chronograph. So it’s nothing unexpected that precisely that model turned into their first re-edition.

Vintage unique Airain Type 20

The origins

A short walk around to the roots of the Airain Type 20 chronograph. Once upon a time… 😁 Well, no. In the last part of the 1950s, the Dodane family was one of the watch makers that created chronographs as indicated by the French Type 20 prerequisites. Others were Matthey-Tissot – who appears to have made the primary cluster Breguet marked Type 20’s too – Auricoste, Vixa, and, obviously, Breguet. Prior to delivering Type 20 chronographs, Dodane was at that point a notable chronograph administration accomplice to the French government. Watches created by Dodane were marked Dodane, Airain, Seliva, Chronofixe, and some weren’t marked at all.

It gets somewhat obscure here. In 1956 a second French detail surfaced, named Type 21. The Type 21 necessities were predominantly based on similar specs as Type 20 however explicitly required more dependable and better functional, let’s say more current developments. Up until now, I’ve never seen any Dodane chronograph endorsed with a Type 20 sign; the ones marked all appear to be Type 21’s. Which bodes well in light of the fact that Dodane didn’t utilize the more established Lemania, Hanhart, and Valjoux types in some cases utilized by different makers for Type 20 chronographs. An peculiarity about the Dodane’s was the bezel, which tallied down from 12 to 1, as opposed to 1 to 12. This, in any case, we find at Type 20 chronographs created by Dodane however endorsed with various brands – like Airain – as well.

Branded Airain, then again, I’ve never discovered chronographs marked Type 21; they’re all Type 20’s. Why and how isn’t clear to me, as the Dodane and Airain models are basically equivalent. Tastefully as well as actually also. Both utilize the commencement bezel, and both utilize the equivalent – around then – present day calibers.


The circumstance today

From the brands that initially provided Type20/21 chronographs, as of now just Breguet, Auricoste, Dodane, Mathey-Tissot, and now Airain actually exist. resuscitated its type 20 (or really the Type XX common variant) effectively in 1995. also, both offer a genuine endeavor to re-version too. Mathey-Tissot, unfortunately, fails to do as such. Furthermore, in the mean time, some others produce Type 20/XX-emulating looks too, for example, the one we assessed from Undone .


From all Type 20 re-releases, I should presume that the new Airain is the most dedicated to the first. The tally down bezel, Hesalite precious stone, hands, typography, everything is extremely, near the first watches from an earlier time. Indeed, even the development. Obviously, there’s no Valjoux type 222 inside, yet what about a hand-winding based segment wheel type? Segment haggle twisted, that’s more or less close and distinctive to any remaining current providers who decided for programmed types. Size-wise, while the Type 20/21 watches from the 1950s and 60s had a measurement of around 37.5mm, the current Airain is just marginally bigger with 39mm. All others, Breguet, Auricoste, and Dodane, are with separately 44mm, 42mm, and 41.5mm, even larger. It will be clear – see the distinctions in appearance and development – that in spite of the good ‘ol days, Dodane doesn’t create the current Airain models anymore.



Pricing and availability

Even value insightful, the re-release from Airain appears to be the most appealing also. With the Breguet in the € 20,000 region, the Dodane € 3,900 and the Auricoste being € 3,750, the Airain has the most alluring sticker price; € 2,750 (for pre-arranges even € 2,540). Aside from the most alluring value, the Airain re-version with a manual winding development makes it, as far as I might be concerned, the most appealing one of all current Type 20/21 chronographs. Don’t misunderstand me, the Breguet is an example of genuine greatness, obviously, however for my taste all in all too far away from the first Type 20/21, tastefully and in fact. The Dodane and Aricoste stylishly aren’t as close as the Airain, other than being fueled by a programmed development with Dubois-Depraz module.


Next to the standard 421.436 and 421.437 versions, Airain offers a to 134 pieces restricted version with a chocolate earthy colored dial and lash. Purchasers can pick their #1 number – as long as it’s accessible – on the Airain site .

There may be one minor hindrance to the Airain Type 20 Re-Edition. Or then again likely I should say it’s disillusioning instead of a burden. Furthermore, that’s the accessibility. Despite the fact that there’s the likelihood to pre-request as of now, the principal watches won’t be prepared for conveyance before July 2021. Furthermore, I can envision that for some it’ll be hard to sit tight that long for a particularly alluring watch.

Investing in the company

The company buying and delivering the Airain Type 20 isn’t obscure in the watch world. Their first task was the Lebois & Co Venturist; we checked on that watch here . Compagnie des Montres Lebois et Cie, the umbrella company of the two brands, offers the likelihood to become an investor. Through the Eureeca stage, one will actually want to while investors appreciate generous limits on Lebois & Co and Airain watches. A likelihood that is unquestionably worth investigating. Shockingly, at this time, only non-US people are allowed to enroll as financial backers on the Eureeca Website.

You’ll discover more data, in addition to the likelihood to pre-request, on the . You’ll discover me on Instagram .