Angelus Collector’s Guide

Just before Christmas a year ago an incredible task was delivered and I was unable to be more pleased with it. For quite a long time I helped, explored, captured material to show up in this broad diary. Much obliged to  , a distribution that – like us – likewise has a place with Ebner Publishing, we had the delight to distribute an exceptionally exorbitant article around one of my undisputed top choice brands; Angelus. I have managed the brand before on the pages of Fratello leslie adornments when I expounded on my Hungarian Air Force chronograph and my Chronodato , both for #TBT.

Klassik Uhren Article

Dr. Christoph Öhm-Kühnle’s great task turned out in Klassik Uhren 6/2016 (in Germany). Our German talking perusers can in any case incidentally. Dr. Öhm-Kühnle reached me and inquired as to whether I could be of a type of help. This email prompted a meaningful conversation between him, me and ultimately our incredible companion Dr. Sébastien Chaulmontet from Angelus. We concurred that after the magazine is out we would decipher it and distribute it on Fratello leslie adornments As far as I probably am aware this is the most complex venture about Angelus to date. It includes the set of experiences all along, Angelus’ most popular developments, the various logos and a chronic number diagram among many fascinating subtleties. You can find out about the distinctive travel timekeepers, the Hungarian Air Force leslie adornments or the well known Angelus Chronodato.

Latest issue of Klassik Uhren Magazine

What’s the latest?

It’s been months now since the Klassik Uhren Magazine version was printed and the pdf was delivered. Our exploration anyway didn’t back off. Each time Dr. Öhm-Kühnle, Dr. Chaulmontet or me ran over something fascinating we communicated it with one another and in the end we incorporated it into the report. In the event that you downloaded the last form, you need to get this too. So we should see what’s going on in the meantime;

  • An stunning at no other time seen early advertisement found by Dr. Chaulmontet that shows the 250 type family
  • The chronic number visit is refreshed, put together in addition to other things with respect to the dates we found on some base plates
  • The first year of creation with twofold – outlined logo is resolved more precisely
  • Something energizing is additionally in there that will come to light very soon ideally soon

As you can see there are various entrancing new revelations in this version. We are truly glad to have discovered these and to have the option to impart to you. We trust you appreciate them also and in the event that you have whatever may be fascinating to us kindly tell us. Who knows, it may wind up in the following version. However, up to that point, upbeat reading!

  You can download the entire record as pdf here (8MB).

I might want to express gratitude toward Dr. Christoph Öhm-Kühnle and Mr. Christian Pfeiffer-Belli, Editor-in-Chief of Klassik Uhren, for making an interpretation of and permitting us to republish the article.