In the 20 years that I have been gathering Speedmasters, I’ve been suggested endless conversation starters on this watch. In this article, I will answer the absolute most commonly asked Speedmaster inquiries we receive.

We get many messages from our perusers with Speedmaster questions. From the most common “What model will I start with?” to additional inside and out inquiries in regards to the kind of wristbands, development emphasess, and dial variants. In case you’re a fanatic Speedmaster fan, you probably won’t discover all answers amazing. In any case, I trust you will peruse a couple of things you didn’t know previously. Right away, our responses to the 10 most common Speedmaster questions.

1. What Speedmaster Should I Buy?

The most common inquiry we get is about what Speedmaster you should purchase. That is a troublesome one to reply, without knowing what your identity is. Looking back, I did well overall, however I trust I began the incorrect way myself. In 1999, I bought a Speedmaster 145.012-67 with type 321 as my first Speedmaster. I was really after a youthful used, however my financial plan didn’t permit (indeed, those type 321s were modest in those days). You ought to consistently purchase what you love and like best. I’m content with my choice looking back, however a more up to date model would have been exceptional for me at that point, as I utilized it as my day by day watch being a student.

Collecting Theme

Try to discover the thing you are pursuing when developing an assortment. Is it the Moonwatch as it were? Or then again would you like to pursue the eccentric stuff like a Speedmaster Speedsonic f300hz, Speedmaster LCD, X-33 and so on? Or then again what might be said about a Mark III or Mark V? Would you like to go vintage, or just current? These are things I can’t respond in due order regarding you, yet you need to find yourself. What is most important to your heart quicker? By finding out about Speedmasters a great deal, you will discover. Likewise make a point to attempt some unique models.

2. What amount should I pay for an Omega Speedmaster?

For some time now, Omega shows the costs of its watches on the authority site. Contingent upon the country you are in, you can see the genuine retail cost of your watch. That is additionally the value that is required to pay in Omega shops. Other than shops, you will discover Omega watches at approved vendors around the globe. Contingent upon your relationship with an approved seller, you may wind up accepting somewhat of a discount.

For used Omega Speedmasters, the costs are an alternate ballgame. It vigorously relies upon the model or reference, and the interest and supply of these models. For used and vintage Speedmasters, the state of the watch is too significant. A vintage 1970s Speedmaster Professional can be found for 4000 Euro, yet in addition for more than twice that sum, contingent upon its condition. Continuously get your work done, use Chrono24 at a sign of costs or utilize the value diagram from to have a simple outline for each reference number.

My tip for purchasing used or vintage is: purchase all that you can manage with your spending plan! I rather would purchase and overpay for an ideal 105.012 or 145.012 than purchase the least expensive 105.003 that seems as though it has been on the rail track for a week.

Starting with (used) Speedmasters? Attempt a Moonwatch 3590.50 or 3592.50 from the mid 1990s with tritium dial and hands, reference 1479 arm band and with box and papers. They look stunning with their wonderful yellow-ish patina, utilize probably the best arm band Omega accomplished for the Speedmaster, and are moderately simple to discover with box and papers.

3. How regularly should a Speedmaster be serviced?

This one is a common inquiry and essentially applies to all watches. Be that as it may, how about we make it a smidgen more explicit, and furthermore show how much a Speedmaster administration cost. Ordinarily, I would utilize a long term stretch for having a Speedmaster (Professional) overhauled. In the event that you wear a similar watch each and every day, you should do it all the more frequently, in the event that it is essential for an assortment and it’s anything but an ordinary watch, you can extend the stretch a bit.

More intriguing maybe, is how much a Speedmaster administration will cost you and where you ought to have it adjusted. Omega has various assistance communities (counting at its HQ in Bienne), and for a Speedmaster in steel, they will charge €750 for a complete service.

A gold or platinum Speedmaster will cost €950 for a complete help. This incorporates the dismantling of the whole watch and cleaning, everything being equal. It additionally remembers substitution or redesign of all well used parts for the development. For vintage watches, request the extraordinary help structure in the shop, where you can show what you need to have done and all the more significantly, what ought to be left alone.

You can contend that this is a great deal of cash, yet all parts that require substitution will be supplanted. Cylinders, crown, pushers, gears, Hesalite, hands (if important) etc.

A watchmaker’s perspective

We asked with our watchmaker, who is free and works for various stores and shops. He charges €400 for the dismantling, (ultrasonic) cleaning and cleaning (if this is mentioned) of outside parts. It likewise incorporates the dismantling, cleaning, and substitution of worn parts. Aside from costly inward parts that need substitution, he needs to charge more for that. An origin will consistently be supplanted he demonstrated, for instance, just as gaskets and so on He let us realize that the €750 for the update at Omega isn’t even that costly, given the way that they simply supplant all that is worn.

That said, finding a gifted watchmaker is something that ought to be first spot on your list when beginning to construct a Speedmaster assortment. Not that they regularly break, but rather you need a dependable location for administration upgrades. Somebody you can trust with your valuable Speedmaster.

4. Would you be able to swim with a Speedmaster?

A part of Speedmaster questions and comments are about its water opposition. Furthermore, regularly we find that individuals simply expect it isn’t water-safe by any stretch of the imagination. The Speedmaster has a Seamaster logo looking into it back, which demonstrates they are to some degree related. While you can utilize most Seamaster models to plunge, the Speedmaster can’t be utilized for that. What you can do however, is swim with your new Speedmaster. Indeed, even the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”, with a water obstruction of 50 meters, can be utilized in the water. However, simply observe that you shouldn’t work the pushers or crown underwater.

Also — and this is vital — possibly do this when you are sure beyond a shadow of a doubt the gaskets are as yet fit as a fiddle. In the event that you utilize the Speedmaster in the water, make a point to have the gaskets supplanted like clockwork. Some Speedmasters have higher water obstruction, similar to the Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase models. These are water-safe up to 100 meters.

I wouldn’t recommend swimming with more established and vintage Speedmaster models that are demonstrated with a 30M rating. Regardless of whether they are in unblemished condition and as of late overhauled, keep them out of the water.

Nicole Stott and her Speedmaster X-33 (photograph by NASA)

5. Is the Speedmaster actually being utilized by astronauts?

A common inquiry we get is about the utilization of the Omega Speedmaster by space explorers. Or on the other hand if NASA actually gives the Omega Speedmaster to space explorers. The response to this is that all space travelers who are going into space through Russia (counting NASA and ESA space explorers) get a Speedmaster Moonwatch from them just as the advanced X-33. Obviously, you will see a variety of watches in space on the wrist of space explorers. Some lean toward their own watch or have an association with a brand other than Omega. Nonetheless, the solitary watch that NASA at any point equipped for monitored space missions is the Omega Speedmaster.

6. How regularly should I wind my Omega Speedmaster (Professional)?

Omega’s hand-wound types 321, 861, 863, 864, 866, 1861, 1863, 1866, 3861 are completely utilized in the Speedmaster (pre-)Professional models. Also, we should not disregard the delightful hand-wound type 3201 (F. Piguet base) that was utilized in the 2007 Speedmaster with finish dial for the 50th commemoration of the Speedmaster. These watches have a force save between 48 hours and 52 hours (contingent upon the type). You possibly need to wind these watches when they are practically out of force hold, however on the off chance that you do so each day, it is fine too. What you shouldn’t do, is wind them while they are on your wrist. This can cause pointless pressure on the winding stem (and consequently movement).

7. How exact is the Omega Speedmaster?

This is another of the most asked Speedmaster inquiries, presumably in light of the fact that the Moonwatch has no chronometer development (with a couple of exemptions). This relies a piece upon the development inside. Omega utilizes a resistance of – 1/+11 seconds of the day all things considered, for a non-chronometer chronograph with a mechanical development. I’d say I would approve of that, however your watchmaker may get it considerably more exact. In the event that a Speedmaster is over 10 seconds off each day, I would have it regulated.

A chronometer-confirmed Omega Speedmaster ought to be exact to inside – 4/+6 seconds out of every day by and large, this is the COSC standard. The exhibition may go a chomped down over the long haul (a long time) however. Some Speedmasters are Master Chronometer affirmed. These have a precision of 0-5 seconds out of each day deviation by and large. More exacting than chronometer and furthermore hostile to attractive up to 15,000 gauss.

8. Where to purchase an Omega Speedmaster?

You can purchase direct from Omega, through one of their stores or by requesting straightforwardly on their site. Other than that, Omega has a huge retailer network where you will discover a determination of their watches. On the off chance that you need to purchase a used Speedmaster, you can discover huge loads of vendors and private merchants offering Speedmasters. You can discover used Speedmasters in our , yet you will likewise discover a ton of postings of vintage and used Speedmasters on stages like .

Always make a point to get your work done, and ideally, our particular Speedmaster purchasing guides will assist you with that. You will likewise discover offers in explicit Facebook gatherings or on the stage, for instance. A spot with knowledgable individuals and a ton of fans. Because of this, their business discussions are pretty much “self-regulating”. Continuously consider that you may have to manage customs and in the event that you purchase used, make a point to compute the expense of a help redesign in your spending plan or ensure the merchant can give desk work of as of late performed work.

9. What is the distinction between the type 321, 861, and 1861?

Omega’s type 321 (both the first one also as the new one ) is a chronograph with a segment wheel component. This was the development utilized in the main Speedmasters, from 1957 till 1968. It was prevailing by the type 861, in view of cost-productivity predominantly and it has a higher ticking speed (21,600vph versus 18,000vph). Both are extraordinary developments, and neither holds a genuine utilitarian preferred position. The type 861 was prevailing around 1996/1997 with the type 1861 development, an additional gem, and an alternate completion. For the 861 and 1861, there are many extra varieties like the (1)863 (more pleasant optical completion), (1)866 (moon stage module), and 864 (chronometer certification).

For two years, type 1869 likewise existed. That one uses a 1861 base development for the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 with an exceptionally unique Moon finish. To wrap things up, in 2019, Omega presented the new type 3861. In light of the type 1861, the 3861 comprises of roughly half new parts and has the Master Chronometer confirmation. It has been utilized in the Apollo 11 in spotless steel and the Moonshine gold . Omega showed during the Speedy Tuesday occasion last December , that this development will be likewise utilized in another age of Speedmaster Moonwatch models.

The new type 321 is currently accessible in a platinum Moonwatch form, and will become accessible in the new Speedmaster “Ed White” 105.003 in steel. In spite of the fact that parts are tradable with the first type 321,  the new development has a Sedna (rose) gold completion though the first type 321 has a copper-hued finish.

Buzz Aldrin’s new Speedmaster Professional

10. Where is Buzz Aldrin’s Speedmaster?

I close the rundown of 10 most common Speedmaster inquiries with one that keeps us all involved now and again. Buzz Aldrin was the primary space traveler to wear his Omega Speedmaster on the outside of the Moon. He was wearing the Speedmaster Professional reference 105.012, to be precise . Previous NASA engineer James Ragan, who was liable for testing the cameras and Speedmasters of the space travelers, said that Buzz Aldrin evidently transported his watch (with other hardware from the mission) to the Smithsonian. Clearly, it never made it to its objective. Neil Armstrong’s Speedmaster (as numerous different space explorers Speedmasters) are still near and property of the US government. These flown Speedmaster watches can be regularly found in plain view in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Omega’s own exhibition hall in Biel, Switzerland, additionally has various flown Speedmasters watches in plain view. Do you have explicit Speedmaster questions you’d like us to reply? Don’t waver to drop us a note .