This is the day that I have been hanging tight for, for quite a while. What’s more, I realize that a significant number of your Speedmaster fans out there have been sitting tight for this too. That day that Omega reports that they will bring their well known segment wheel type 321 chronograph development back underway. Today is the day my companions, on this second Speedy Tuesday of 2019. This is enormous, it is a verifiable second for Speedmaster lovers, I would say.

It is the explanation that we are having a Speedy Tuesday occasion in Bienne today, at the central command of Omega, to observe the re-presentation of the type 321 development. Shockingly better, our Speedy Tuesday perusers who got chosen from huge loads of enlistments can see the new type 321 development. A major astonishment for them, as we needed to keep this secret.

Omega Caliber 321 Movement

Omega’s type 321 was utilized in Seamaster and Speedmaster chronographs. Yet, since we’re talking Speedmasters on Speedy Tuesday, let’s center around those. It was utilized in the absolute first Speedmaster, reference CK2915, up to the principal Speedmaster Professional references (105.012 and 145.012). So everything in the middle, CK2998, 105.002 and 105.003, utilized the type 321 chronograph movement.


This development was created by Lémania and Omega and in 1942, this brought about the 27 CHRO C12 development. A chronograph development with 12-hour recorder. A couple of emphasess later, this development was called type 321 by Omega in 1946. I will leave out the further improvement of the Lémania type 2310 development at this stage however will hit it up in another article. This section wheel type 321 chronograph movement had a screwed balance swaying at 18000vph, a force save of 44 hours and had 17 gems. Omega began utilizing it for the Speedmaster CK2915 when it turned out in 1957 and was utilized till 1968, when they supplanted it with the caliber 861 movement.

An Exact Reproduction

The Omega type 321 was really utilized on the Moon, the first run through in July 1969 in the reference 105.012. All space travelers who strolled the Moon were wearing a Speedmaster 105.003 , 105.012 or 145.012 watch (these three references were being used by Apollo space explorers at that point) and every one of these references were furnished with the type 321 movement.

Gene Cernan’s 105.003

According to Omega, they have utilized the development of the Speedmaster (105.003) that Gene Cernan utilized during his stroll on the Moon in 1972 ( Apollo 17 ). This type 321 development is known as the second era type 321, and to recreate it in the most ideal manner conceivable, Omega’s engineers utilized tomography innovation (an advanced checking strategy) to see inside Gene Cernan’s Speedmaster 105.003 to get it as careful as possible.

The new type 321 movement.

Omega utilized a committed undertaking group comprising of scientists, designers, history specialists just as the best watchmakers to furtively deal with this task throughout the previous two years. To ensure this undertaking, they utilized the Alaska 11 code name. Completely in accordance with the names Omega utilized in the past for secret Speedmaster plans for NASA.

Due to the pre-owned innovation and exploration, the new Omega type 321 development is totally time right with the Moon time of NASA. This, likewise for me as a Speedmaster fan, makes this watch additional unique and unquestionably a ‘must have’.

The new type 321 developments will be delivered completely in-house at Omega in Bienne. All that will be done in an uncommon devoted type 321 workshop and for each watch that will convey this development, the get together, everything being equal (development, watch head, wristband) will be finished by one watchmaker. One fascinating note to make: where the first type 321 was made with copper, all parts that resemble copper in the new type 321 are really PVD plated with Sedna gold. This for a more extended enduring of the pleasant copper colour.

Which Watch

The greatest question remains: which watch will Omega use for this new type 321 development? You can wager it will be a Speedmaster, yet what model and will it be the Moonwatch or an alternate form? What will be the impact on the cost and what number of them will be accessible? Allow the speculating to start. Omega guarantees us to impart more news and subtleties to us in the coming months. You should know, we are thrilled!

Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of Omega, said, “Unfortunately such countless individuals are enthusiastic about the Caliber 321. We created the last one out of 1968 and fans have talked constantly about it. That shows how exceptional it is. We’re exceptionally eager to at long last meet their desires and have gone to extraordinary endeavors to bring the development back.”

This development won’t be utilized in a restricted version watch, however there will be a limit underway for the reasons expressed previously. Omega reveiled that there will be something in gold, without a doubt. Likewise, this development won’t be utilized in any of the upcoming Apollo 11 Limited Edition models in 2019.

We will back soon with more inclusion on the type 321 development, as we had the option to see and observe the new development ourselves on this unique Speedy Tuesday event.

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