In what has become an inexorably separated world, it’s hard to track down subjects of conversation where practically everything sides can come together in consistent agreement.

One such illustration of congruity, however, identifies with assessment on the run of watches that Breitling made with Bentley since the two started collaborating route back in 2003 (that is the longest running organization between a watch brand and an auto marque as a FYI).  If you were pondering about the kind of said assessment, it was, in a word, awful.  The Bentley by Breitling watches were huge, gaudy, and contained little of the polish and glory that the four-wheeled Bentleys so gladly exuded.  Well, today, to pay tribute to Bentley’s 100th year, we’ve gotten expression of the new Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition watches.

The Breitling Premier Centenary Limited Edition

The Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition pieces will come in two flavors: hardened steel and 18K rose gold.  The watches will keep a similar structure factor and mechanicals as the as of late explored Premier B01 Chronograph , which implies 42mm in distance across and the utilization of the in-house chronometer ensured B01 programmed chronograph.  The steel piece will be made in a run of 1000 models and will retail for 9,600 CHF while the gold model will be restricted to 200 and will sell for 27,000 CHF.  It creates the impression that the two renditions will come on an earthy colored stitched cowhide tie (pleasant!) that emulates the seating surfaces of the engine vehicles, while the spotless form will likewise come on a bracelet.  The watches will be accessible beginning in July 2019.

No More Garish Breitling Bentley Pieces

With the Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition, we have a couple of intriguing things to mention.  First and preeminent – and with regards to the historical backdrop of the Premier line back to the 40’s and 50’s – we have the (re)debut of a gold Premier.  It merits referencing on the grounds that it probably implies that we will see some other dial varieties – maybe yellow gold too – produced using the valuable metal.  Also, from the top side, there’s no notice of “Bentley” and I like that degree of subtlety.

In reality, the presentation back highlights the Bentley logo and the side contains a motor turned identification that states “Bentley” and is joined by screws.

The last Bentley marker is like what we saw on the Seamaster 300M Tantalum and it “feels” like it’s somewhat of an oncoming pattern. Second, we have the to some degree offbeat utilization of wood as a dial medium.  Specifically, this is earthy colored elm burl like what is utilized on the insides of a Bentley vehicle.

A Rolex Datejust with Exotic Wood Dial (photograph graciousness of

Wood is Back!

Let’s invest a little energy on this dial since I think that its a fascinating move for the Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition.  Aside from its liberal use on the bundling front, a dial developed from wood is something uncommon indeed.  In the better quality universe of horology, just the Ralph Lauren Automotive assortment of watches come to mind as liberal clients of the material.  Moving on from that, the watches that leap to mind are the 80’s Rolex Presidents and Datejusts that could be optioned with an intriguing wood dial – the purported radica chiara.  Now, wood dials may engage the capricious, however in a watch universe of ceramics, valuable metals, nano-carbons, and diamonds, I’d characterize this as very different.  to put it plainly, I like it!

Classy & A Rare Positive Watch x Automotive Tie Up

To me, the Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition watches look tasteful, lavish, and mix conventional signals (the Premier styling is customary all things considered) with innovation in the utilization of a cutting edge and demonstrated engine.  as such, these watches are at long last lined up with their marking partner.  I do understand that for some, the utilization of wood will not come across as a positive, yet as restricted pieces, it’s more than fine.  Whether this new Breitling is or isn’t for you, I do figure we can all collectively concur that this watch addresses a genuine turnaround for the Breitling/Bentley partnership.

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