There are a few jumpers from the ’60s and ’70s that are as yet enchanting today. Think about the Doxa Sub 300, the Longines Skin Diver, or the Bulova Oceanographer, for instance. These are fabulous vintage pieces that are solid and tough vintage instrument watches. There’s something different they all share for all intents and purpose as well — they all have re-editions.

The Longines Skin Diver came out a couple of years prior, and the market cherished it. Doxa has made numerous reevaluations of the Sub 300 too. Recently, we have seen the arrival of the carbon Sub 300 . Bulova has a broad vintage portfolio from plunge watches to LED watches and that’s just the beginning. It wouldn’t have been long until the brand came to back and pulled out one of their fabulous vintage watches like the Oceanographer.


The story of Bulova’s journey to make incredible plunging watches is a long one. To comprehend this delivery, there are a couple of key crossroads in that entrancing history. The brand delivered its first plunge watches in 1961. This was the beginning of sporting jumping, and Bulova understood the chance of this extending new market. The Snorkel came seven years after the fact and immediately turned into the most famous model in the brand’s inventory. It included a crosshair dial and applied pearl-like glowing indexes.

Like the models previously, the Oceanographer Snorkel was additionally a Devil Diver. The name alluded to each jump watch by Bulova with a profundity rating of 666 feet (203m) rather than 600 feet (which was the norm at that point). We covered the first vintage model in this article.

Vintage Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel 666 promotion. Photograph by Bulova


The early Devil Divers came in compressor cases worked by amazing case creator Ervin Piquerez SA, otherwise called EPSA. The new Oceanographer doesn’t have a compressor case any longer, yet the profundity rating stays 200m. The size has grown a piece from 41mm to 44mm. Accordingly, the Oceanographer is a noticeable watch on the wrist, no inquiry regarding that. 46mm is the haul tip to carry tip length, and it comes in at 15.9mm thick.

Other than the size, the watch looks practically indistinguishable from the vintage model. It has a similar C-shape case with cleaned surfaces, which can be somewhat of a scratch magnet. The back has brushed and cleaned parts. As you’d expect on most plunge watches, the crown and the case back are screw-down. There is no pointless helium valve or some other underlying shaky area for the situation construction.

From Resin to Acrylic

The case back plan is additionally fundamentally the same as that of the vintage model. This time we have considerably more data. The typical suspects are there, like the glass (sapphire gem) and case (steel) materials, close by the profundity rating. Besides, you can discover the reference for the watch there as well.

Let’s return to the front of the case briefly. The first Devil Diver had 2-shading bezel, coordinating the dial. For this situation, it was dark (like the dial) and red for the initial 15 minutes (a similar tone as the crosshair). The new release is only the equivalent with just a single contrast. The vintage Oceanographer had a sap bezel embed; the upgraded one has an acrylic decorate. It looks similarly as smooth and glossy as pitch, yet it’s more solid and won’t crack.

Black and Red

The number one necessity of a jump watch is decipherability. The dial, bezel, and hands should be not difficult to-peruse in low light conditions. In that capacity, the Bulova Oceanographer has lume filled huge hands. While the vintage model had a red second hand with a candy, this 2018 adaptation has a similar style hand yet in silver. A disgrace truly, as I might suspect the red hand functions admirably tastefully with the red crosshair and the 120-click bezel.

Speaking of which, the equivalent crosshair springs up on the new form. Another noteworthy detail of the dial is the three-dimensional lume-filled records that take after little pearls. You can discover 11 of them on the dial. Just the 3 o’clock marker is missing to clear a path for the date. For simpler lucidness of the date window, the sapphire precious stone has a square cyclops in it.

Miyota Inside

Bulova used to be Swiss Made, and the vintage Devil Divers had an in-house development. Since Bulova has a place with the Citizen Group now, the type inside the Oceanographer isn’t Swiss any more. It’s a Miyota’s 821D-21B. Despite the fact that perfectionists may discover this detail off-putting, the 821D-21B does, in any event, two or three similitudes to the vintage caliber.

The 821D is likewise a mechanical, self-twisting development with a date complication. Sadly, that’s about it. The Miyota is Japanese-made, has a working recurrence of 21,600, 21 gems, and a force save of around 42 hours. In any case, don’t stress: The type 821D is a workhorse development. Its exhibition won’t win any honors yet it ought to be comfortably up to the task.

We need to speak somewhat about the wristband too. Much the same as the remainder of the watch, the wristband is likewise a precise tasteful imitation of the vintage. The middle connections are glossy silk brushed while the side connections are cleaned. The butterfly fasten has wellbeing catches and an additional overlap over defender as well.

Price et al

One of the best highlights of the Bulova Oceanographer is its cost. You can get one for €599. This is a great deal of watch for the cash. The Devil Diver is strong and wears incredible. To come clean with you, it seems like a quality, better quality piece. In the event that you can become acclimated to the size, you’d love this piece. Bulova offers an extra green Oceanographer in this size for a fly of shading. There, the dial is green with a green and dark bezel.

For those of you who love more modest watches, the Oceanographer comes in a 41mm variant in 2 tones. Both more modest models come with a dark dial and are fitted with either a dark or red bezel. In any case, in the event that you extravagant the vintage look, you need to settle with the subject of this article in the bigger size. In any case, you won’t be baffled on the off chance that you are a devotee of legacy device watch configuration as am I. In the event that you’d like to visit Bulova’s site, if it’s not too much trouble, click .