Buying a Rolex isn’t simple. That applies to new and used Rolex watches. With another Rolex watch, the issue is accessibility. On the off chance that you don’t need to become a casualty of the whole shortlist conspire, there’s the used market, for instance. In any case, purchasing a used Rolex watch isn’t simple by the same token. I encountered that as of late as the most recent couple of weeks while I was chasing for one…

In this purchasing guide, you will discover a few hints on what to search for, where to look, and how to keep you from winding up with something you don’t need. On the off chance that you are on the lookout for a utilized Rolex watch, there are various significant things you need to know before you make the purchase.

Pre-Owned Rolex Buying Guide

“Do your homework”. That really sounds simpler than it is. It is the most commonly offered guidance to individuals who are searching for a utilized Rolex watch. In any case, where does one beginning? With this Buying Guide for used Rolex watches, we desire to give you some direction in this interaction. In the previous twenty years, I have bought a used Rolex observe more than once. Truth be told, I have done so as of late. I saw it required me very some work to locate all the things I had to know. It additionally caused me to understand that we don’t have a used Rolex purchasing guide on Fratello. With my own encounters new in my brain, I thought presently was a decent an ideal opportunity to change that.

Where to search for a used Rolex?

The beneficial thing is, there’s an amazing business sector out there for used Rolex watches. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a Rolex Datejust 16234, Submariner 116610LN, Yacht-Master 116622, or Daytona 116520, there are various prospects out there for you. It is significant that you purchase from a dependable source. In the event that you have a neighborhood used or vintage Rolex vendor close by, it involves checking references and going see the watches face to face. Yet, as usual, most quests start on the web. is a simple and available source to use for finding used Rolex watches. In any case, it is fundamental to understand that sites like Chrono24 are a market stage and don’t sell observes straightforwardly. There are likewise activities like , that have an organization of trusted (Rolex) dealers.

Buy from a respectable dealer

On Chrono24 and other online market stages, you can limit your hunt down to Rolex watches offered in your country or district (European Union, for instance), empowering it for you to visit them in their shop and to guarantee you don’t need to mess with customs. Shops like or are worked in used Rolex, have enormous mastery regarding the matter, and furthermore offer you some sort of protections. Odds are extraordinarily little you end up with a watch that is flawed, they will doubtlessly take it back. The haggling in utilized Rolex watches has become a game that everybody needs to play, so we encourage you to avoid private dealers. Except if you truly know what you’re doing and can have the watch checked before you purchase it.

What ought to be offered?

Depending on the age of the Rolex, you ought to consistently attempt to get a complete bundle. This is regularly alluded to as a “full set”. This implies that other than the watch, there ought to be the Rolex box, guidance booklet, administration booklet, guarantee cards etcetera. Frequently, the Rolex box comprises of the genuine box with a cushion or little stand that holds the watch and an external box. Continuously guarantee that the embellishments, boxes, and booklets have a place with the particular watch you are looking for.

Now, on the off chance that you are wanting to wear the watch consistently and don’t care about something besides the watch, you can avoid a couple of sections beneath. Simply ensure that you comprehend that a Rolex without the entirety of its extras and administrative work, will be essentially less expensive available. The uplifting news is, that when you buy one without every one of those things, you additionally need to save money. All things considered, it involves zeroing in on the privilege Rolex model and the condition it is in.

Pre-possessed Rolex watches pre-1980s

For Rolex watches before 1980, getting a full set is significantly more troublesome. Regularly, individuals didn’t care about these things and even left those things behind at the gem dealer store where they got it. Here, it involves finding a Rolex that is credible or possibly utilizes unique parts.

Condition of the used Rolex watch

To every their own, yet I preferably purchase a Rolex that is in amazing condition over a watch that appears as though it has been hit by a train with all containers and papers and so forth there. Eventually, you wear the watch, not the crate. The trouble, however is making an appropriate investigation dependent on pictures only. That is the reason I proposed that you go see the watch in the tissue, and, after its all said and done, it isn’t in every case simple. Comparing pictures is one thing you can do yourself. How a Rolex watch should look and how the offered watch actually looks ought to be adequately clear. The pictures that a vendor or dealer gives are hence too significant. You need to see all the details.

Too polished?

Are there scratches, dings, flaws, etc? These ought to be distinguished in the photos and not shock you after getting the watch. The little cleaned features on the carries of a Rolex are a simple part with. Is it accurate to say that they are as yet noticeable and looking sharp or have they been finished? Are the crown monitors still thick, or have they been cleaned to sharp sticks? With a Yacht-Master or Daytona, for instance, it becomes much more troublesome, as these models have more cleaned surfaces than other Rolex sports models.

Original and genuine parts

Perhaps much more significant is the utilization of unique and valid parts. With unique, I mean time-right parts. The parts that were utilized for that particular watch at the hour of creation. With true parts, I mean the certified Rolex parts. Particularly with vintage Rolex watches, you need to be cautious. An early assistance bezel on an old Submariner 5508 isn’t half pretty much as awful as a secondary selling bezel. Recognizing these parts is extremely intense, and here you need to depend on master information. As shown above, search for trustworthy sellers that understand what they are doing. Don’t simply purchase a vintage Rolex watch dependent on the blue-looked at seller.


There are various significant things when purchasing a used Rolex watch. One of them is the state of the arm band. Also, regardless of whether this wristband really has a place with the Rolex watch you are taking a gander at (more later).

Whether it is a Rolex Oyster, Jubilee, or President wristband, these are inclined to show some wear over the long haul. With more established Rolex watches, you frequently see that the arm band has been supplanted eventually. It’s anything but something awful, as utilizing an exhausted arm band is somewhat risky and you will chance losing your watch. In any case, in the most ideal situation, the arm band is unique to the watch you are purchasing and doesn’t show much stretch.

Check for stretch

Easy to recognize in the substance, when you get the watch, hold it sideways and vertically. The arm band is presently balancing on a level plane before you. In the event that the arm band twists a lot downwards (fasten side is looking down), it endures stretch. It is only an indication of mileage. Individuals who have worn their Rolex for a long time, never had it cleaned (remotely), will have an arm band that shows some level of stretch.

This is obviously hard to find in pictures, so you need to zero in somewhat on the distance between the connections of a wristband. Are there holes appearing among connections, and how large are these?

Box and papers

If you’re after a full-set, you need to have a container and papers and potentially different embellishments. A few group even need to have the plastic bezel defender, cost and Chronometer labels, and so forth Yet, not all watches have been sold like that in any case. A portion of these things were at that point eliminated by the approved seller. More seasoned Rolex watches come with a paper, showing the chronic number of the watch (which obviously should coordinate the chronic number on the watch). Afterward and current Rolex models come with a Visa measured guarantee card.

Today, most Rolex watches are completely conveyed in a similar green box. Before, the Rolex models had diverse boxes. A Rolex Datejust box was not quite the same as a Day-Date box, and sports models like the Submariner, GMT-Master, Daytona, and Yacht-Master had their own case. On the rear of the container is a number, that’s the reference of the case. There are various records drifting around that show which box number compares to which Rolex reference. You can discover one of those rundowns .

Beware of phony Rolex papers

Not just the Rolex watches are being replicated, yet additionally the papers that should go with them. Simply a touch of caution here that on the off chance that you purchase from a non confided in source, you should know about these things. In the photos above, you can see the distinction in quality between valid papers and copies.

Rolex Booklets

The guidance manual and administration booklets are conventional for a watch, which means they don’t have a place with a specific chronic number or at all. A Submariner booklet for the 16610 or 14060 is the equivalent. You will discover various years on the rear of those booklets, alluding to their printing date. In the event that you purchase just a Rolex watch without a crate and booklets, you can undoubtedly locate an extra box and booklet on eBay or Chrono24. Simply ensure you pick the case and guidance books that have a place with your Rolex reference (and creation year).

Rolex chronic numbers and wristband catch codes

It has been referenced a couple of times here, however your Rolex watch comes with a chronic number. Each Rolex has its own exceptional number. Rolex watches created before 2007, have their chronic number engraved between the drags at 6 o’clock. Beginning in 2007, the chronic number is in the rehaut of the watch, additionally at 6 o’clock. From 2010 onwards, Rolex utilizes irregular chronic numbers and codes. There’s no assist online on how with deciding the creation date of a watch delivered after 2010 dependent on the chronic number. All things considered, if a post-2020 Rolex watch doesn’t have its unique guarantee card, something is off. On the fasten, you will likewise locate an engraved code. This code will likewise show the creation year (and month) of the Rolex arm band. Thusly, you know whether an arm band is unique or has been supplanted sooner or later during administration or fix. You can discover an outline of all Rolex chronic numbers (up to 2010) and fasten codes on this page on Fratello .

This applies to all watches essentially, yet ensure that the dealer offers insured shipping and with a tracking code. Additionally, be cautious with purchasing watches that need to experience customs. It is the motivation behind why I channel to “European Union” on sites like Chrono24. For instance: Importing a watch from outside Europe, with our Dutch 21% expense rate + obligation and charges amount to over 25% of the price tag. For us Europeans, purchasing a watch from the USA or Japan may appear to be exceptionally appealing, however the import obligations and VAT will make it a horrendous involvement with most cases.

Buying conditions

When you purchase a used Rolex from a seller, consistently try to get some information about the guarantee and their terms and conditions. Particularly when you can only buy on the web, the used Rolex watch probably won’t be up to your principles. On the off chance that the watch shows more stretch or harm than on the photos, concur forthright that you can restore the watch to the seller at no expense (other than transportation). In specific nations and locales, laws in regards to guarantee are extremely clear, however probably won’t have any significant bearing to utilized products. So consistently get some information about the guarantee time frame you will get with the watch.

Also, find out if the watch has been adjusted (as of late). A Rolex administration doesn’t come modest, and if you’re tight on financial plan, it is an interesting point. In the event that the watch is adjusted, there will be a Rolex administration guarantee card.

Helpful tips

Let us understand what you find significant when purchasing a used Rolex watch. You can impart it to us in the comments below.