It’s astounding the number of solicitations we get in our letter box from arising watch brands. PETA-endorsed watches, microbrands delivering this, that, or the other, the most recent arising autonomous brand creating only a few of instances of who knows what. You can envision my energy when I saw a pleasantly done site, a lady maintaining a business, and a star of Project Runway Canada dealing with the imaginative side. As an extravagance design purchaser and a watch sweetheart, I felt it very well may be a significant fascinating blend to look at. Thus the Vieren OG Automatic strides into the ring. Will it arise unscathed?

Don’t be tricked by the very Hollywood-Boulevard plan, this isn’t some modest, Chinese-made style frill. Vieren watches are delivered in La-Chaux-de-Fonds. And keeping in mind that the brand purchases the ETA-2671 automatic development from ETA , Vieren professes to make a few bespoke components in-house. The creation of one watch supposedly assumes control more than a half year. When completed, everything is completely tried to guarantee quality and precision. In any case, for those of us acquainted with the business, this sort of song and dance is the same old thing. The inquiry, maybe, is the estimation of these attempted and-tried promoting sayings in 2021.

Swiss-made or well-played?

Does a Swiss-made name mean anything, nowadays? Indeed, the edge for Swiss-made status is consistently expanding, however so too are brands’ refined techniques to get around it. Basically, not all “Swiss-made” watches are made equivalent. In certain occasions, it is a truly significant marker of a watch’s inceptions. In different cases it simply a cool deal pitch for brands who are not fit for making developments themselves, but rather figure out how to add the essential measure of “value” to the piece inside Swiss boundaries. Perhaps it doesn’t make a difference to most of clients that place the Swiss-made mark above actual provenance, yet I would trust that everybody minds that the limits of watchmaking are being pushed. While the Vieren fulfills the previous, it misses the mark in the last concern.

The Vieren OG Automatic White Diamond

I should concede the plan of Vieren OG Automatic White Diamond is hard to place in the words. The idea of the case appears to be very straightforward. It is a rectangular, tempered steel case estimating 27×41.5mm with a coordinating octagonal faceted crown. By the by, there are a few subtleties which aren’t not difficult to follow. As a matter of first importance the dial is all in all too cluttered.

Initially, I had exclusive requirements. A matte white dial for certain little diamonds sounds so encouraging. Anyway cleaned hands, applied diamond files, the mathematical example at the edge, a date window at 5 o’clock, and, at last, a matte seconds hand make this plan excessively uproarious and diverting. Maybe it wouldn’t appear to be so overpowering were it not for the case finish…


The Vieren OG Automatic is an exceptionally cleaned watch no doubt. Truth be told, matching this kind of getting done with a seven-line single-connect wristband and a particularly beautiful dial is something that can possibly overawe. I’m interested to realize whether Vieren’s Matte White model has a similar effect. With the end goal of this audit, I had the bling-bling variant, however there is a more bashful other option. The Matte White variant has no example around the edge of the dial and the diamond records are supplanted by matte stick lists. As I would see it, this is a superior counterpart for this glossy bracelet.

At the core of the OG Automatic White Diamond, you will discover the ETA automatic development — 2671. The 2671 creates a 44-hour power hold Speaking of water-opposition, the watch is waterproof down to 3 bars (30 meters). Vieren will deliver just 100 watches, accessible at a cost of $2,500 each.

Can Emerging Watch Brands Succeed?

While being an arising, extravagance design/magnificence brand has never been cooler than it is at this moment, becoming a noticeable arising watchmaker requires considerably more exertion. The watchmaking business is continually advancing yet on an unexpected level in comparison to mold. The essential idea of development related with technological advances and extraordinary in-house craftsmanship is the thing that individuals need to see.

Yes, the brand has the female-driven story, however is sufficiently that? Is it enough to isolate female clients from a critical heap of money when this sort of “overly feminine” plan, without any mechanical premium, is generally in transit out? On the off chance that this is a “safe” initial step on the watchmaking venture for a brand that expects to up its game with regards to the complexity of its watches, maybe there is potential for Vieren. For any brand to arrive at that stage, nonetheless, starting achievement is fundamental. Will the Vieren OG Automatic set up the essential traction on the lookout? Or on the other hand will it see the brand stagger out of the blocks?


One thing we just can’t neglect is the cost. For $2,500 (around €2,000) we could have an automatic, unisex watch with an in-house development from a notable brand like Longines or Oris. So for what reason would it be advisable for us to put resources into Vieren? As I would like to think, backing this brand now would either be an assertion of stylish deference (conceivable), or an interest in the brand’s future. The last appears to be bound to me actually. Notwithstanding, it is surely a stretch to envision that numerous clients would leave behind this measure of cash with such countless fine, settled alternatives available already.

If you are keen on adding a Vieren OG Automatic to your assortment, you can have confidence the adjusting side of things is in acceptable hands. Notwithstanding offering a 2-year guarantee, Vieren clients can have their watches overhauled through the company’s Authorized Service Center. To do as such, clients essentially email [email protected] to plan and encourage the adjusting. VIEREN recommends its clients have their watches adjusted each 3-5 years to guarantee they endure forever. Find more about this model and the whole assortment on the . In the mean time, let us know your considerations in the comments segment beneath. Do you like this model? Would you get it for yourself or as a blessing? We can’t stand by to hear.