At an enormous show like Baselworld, now and then the most fulfilling gatherings are the ones you don’t expect.  I had one such experience when plunking down with the proprietor of Carl Suchy & Söhne, Robert Punkenhofer, to investigate the Carl Suchy Waltz collection.

With all the inquiries regarding Baselworld and its future, perhaps the most unsettling outcomes of a full retraction would be the lost chance to find – and go active with – the more modest brands that are doing some exceptionally imaginative things.  Now, not all brands really show inside the meeting lobby, yet on the off chance that the authority gathering were to end, those brands that book space in close by inns would likewise likely have little motivation to come.  One such illustration of a brand is Carl Suchy & Söhne and its Carl Suchy Waltz Collection of watches.

Carl Suchy & Söhne – Rejuvenated in 2016

I got the opportunity to meet with the power behind the revived brand, Robert Punkenhofer and it was an awesome meeting.  He has an intriguing foundation as an ambassador and a genuine supporter of the arts.  Carl Süchy & Söhne itself was an incredible verifiable name as an authority “provider” to the Royal court during the 1800’s and into the mid 1900’s before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire basically finished the company.  Robert shared some great photographs of imperial relatives wearing Suchy watches, yet additionally acclaimed figures like Sigmund Freud.  truth be told, since Freud utilized a pocket watch for timing a considerable lot of his examinations, almost certainly, a Suchy was involved.  And thus, it was distinctly in 2016 that Punkenhofer chose to restore the brand – there was no buying of the brand, yet setting it up was a task in itself – and come out with old style watches with a more present day twist.  The Carl Suchy Waltz assortment is the result of that mission.

Entirely Swiss Made with Viennese Inspiration

Before we get into the Carl Suchy Waltz models, we should go through a moment on a couple of different insights concerning the company.  Similar to the first brand, Carl Suchy & Söhne is situated in Vienna, however the watches are made altogether in Switzerland.  That incorporates everything from the ties, clasps, cases, dials and movements.  All of the watches in the Waltz assortment – really the Waltz No.1 assortment that we see here – highlight a cal.5401 Vaucher Fleurier Manufacture programmed miniature rotor movement.  No matter the case material, the watches measure 41.5mm in width and 9.3mm in thickness.


The Carl Suchy Waltz Collection

We’ve referenced the Carl Suchy Waltz assortment more than once on our This Week in Watches portion and I need to concede that when taking a gander at the different messages we get during the week from brands, I investigated this one and almost made this little brand look like one more edgy dress watch maker.  The employable word here is “nearly” on the grounds that I chose to investigate and what I discovered were dials not normal for other watches.  Inspired by the renowned mid 20th century Austrian engineer Adolf Loos, the Waltz line gets his moderate style with some exceptionally present day touches.  The dial, for example, with its level striping on one half and vertical on the other, especially addresses the Loos style.

As a side note, I needed to laugh a touch as one of the primary spots I at any point visited in Vienna around 8 years prior was “Loos American Bar”.  No, I didn’t visit since I’m an American, yet more since it’s a noteworthy spot and the inside was really planned by Adolf Loos (my companions and I additionally got a “amicable” welcome for conveying in jugs of water from the 90+ degree heat, yet that is forgotten).  Have a look on Google and you’ll see a ton of similar mathematical examples in his insides as you’ll see on this watch.  The underside of the lash is particularly suggestive of the Loos style with an exceptional cubic pattern.

Incredible Detailing on the Cases and Dials

So, the dial of the Carl Suchy Waltz watches looked fascinating from renders on the web, however what I didn’t understand is that it’s really bowl-shaped.  If you review a year ago’s Nomos Autobahn watches, this is comparative yet done at a higher, less lively level.  And then there’s that remarkable sub seconds “hand”.  The circle really ends up encompassing similar arrangement of equal parts with lines running oppositely and as Punkenhofer advised me, it typifies a genuine Viennese quality where few out of every odd second checks. By and by, I didn’t realize that the Viennese were a marginally less reliable Germanic-talking society, yet that sounds incredible to me!  Whatever the case, the sub seconds plate is a genuine brand name of the watch and separates it from most plans I’ve seen.

Modern Minimalist

The other amazement for me inside the Carl Suchy Waltz assortment were the cases.  Here once more, I expected that they were to some degree conventional, however there’s a cutting edge dash of dab impacting on the sides of the watch.  It’s amazingly fine and differences delightfully with the exceptionally cleaned surface found on the top side of the case.  And then there are the squat hauls that truly are a delight to view from various angles.  A somewhat rising sapphire gem keeps up the spotless, cleared look of the watch.  Finally, the crown is knurled slantingly and gives off an impression of being enamel filled.

A Sublime Skeleton

You can see that I shot a couple various models and with cases made of both steel and 18K gold.  The essential contrast is in the dials where the open form conveys the “Skeleton” name.  I saw a lot of open-worked dials at Baselworld and significantly more from photographs at SIHH.  It’s by and large not my thing, but rather this louvered look is significantly more unpretentious and elegant in my opinion.  Hopefully from a portion of my photos, you can see that it’s executed at an undeniable level. Also, the entirety of the development plates and extensions have been skeletonized by hand and PVD coated.  They’re flawless and costly works of art.

Small Production, Global Demand

Carl Suchy & Söhne doesn’t make numerous watches, yet they do appear to do well.  I inquired as to whether the majority of deals were being done in Austria, yet it appears interest has been very worldwide with most Carl Suchy Waltz restricted pieces selling out rather quickly.  In looking on the site, the brand will give a valiant effort to work with clients on custom dial tones, etc.  If a piece is a typical creation model, conveyance times are cites as 2 to 10 days.  The gold pieces, incidentally, are profoundly restricted to 5 pieces.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

Pricing on the Carl Suchy Waltz assortment changes relying upon the model and case material.  Stainless models with a shut dial retail for 8,495 Euros, while the Skeleton spotless becomes undeniably more genuine at 24,995 Euros because of the great measure of hand-completing involved.  Finally, the gold models retail for 18,945 Euros.  Contacting the brand straightforwardly on its authority site or visiting its base camp in Vienna is a decent method to request or deal with the watches.  Also, the brand works with various top of the line retailers all through the world as shown on its site.


I don’t frequently get too amped up for free better quality watches, yet the Carl Suchy Waltz assortment is different.  I could really imagine myself wearing one of these.  Meeting with the proprietor was additionally an exceptionally charming experience.  He was amazingly laid back, entertaining, yet enthusiastic about his watches.  We’ll unquestionably look forward seeing future deliveries from the company and I currently have one more motivation to visit Vienna beside our number one Fratello food: the Wiener schnitzel.

For more data on the Carl Suchy Waltz assortment and the brand all in all, visit their .