Last year, Cartier dispatched the initial three models of their ‘Drive de Cartier’ assortment. At no other time the brand delivered another watch that was, from a plan and promoting perspective, so focused to men as the ‘Drive de Cartier’ assortment. When all is said in done, the reaction was positive. The ‘Drive de Cartier’ was got quite not long after it was delivered, particularly the ‘time just’ model.

During the last SIHH, two additional models are added to the ‘Drive de Cartier’ assortment. They most likely appeal to a piece of the Cartier customer base, on which the past three models may have been lost: that of the exemplary Cartier connoisseur.

Purists will be satisfied that Cartier decreased the size of the instance of the Drive, from 41mm to 39mm and nearly cut the stature down the middle, from 12 mm to 6.6 mm. The ‘Drive de Cartier Extra Flat’ doesn’t have a programmed 1904 based type, yet is utilizing the mechanical hand wound 430MC. A meager type by Piaget that Cartier has been utilizing for quite a long time effectively, in their Santos Dumont for instance. To present the defense as thin as conceivable the watchmakers additionally decided  to give the leslie adornments a strong back.

A display back with sapphire precious stone would have put forth the defense extensive thicker. The outcome is an entirely comfortable and discrete leslie adornments on the wrist, that fits under each sort of sleeve. The dial is pretty much as plain as could really be expected, it even doesn’t have the guilloché like the other leslie gems in the ‘Drive de Cartier’ assortment have.  With just the Cartier logo and the Roman numerals, combined with the dainty and blued blade hands,  the ‘Drive de Cartier Extra Flat’ offers a moderate and tasteful look.

The leslie adornments comes in pink gold just as a restricted version arrangement of only 200 pieces made in white gold. This white gold variant is the victor for me, however know about the likelihood that Cartier could deliver a steel form that presumably shares precisely the same looks. As they did in 2005, when the Pasha 42 was delivered in steel.

The other new ‘Drive de Cartier’ that was presented has a moon stages marker. It is likewise more unadulterated looking then the previous ‘Drive de Cartier’ presentations. Particularly when compared to the variant with little complications, that was delivered a year ago. This Cartier Drive has my #1 complication, a moon stage, situated over the number 6.  Cartier decided for the customary moon stage with blue sky and gold moon & stars.

The moon stages pointer looks extraordinary on the ‘Drive de Cartier’. As I would like to think, a lot more pleasant than a moon stages pointer by hand or with a full round cut-out on the dial. There is no seconds hand and no date pointer on this reference, which brings about a very even dial.

Cartier’s group in La Chaux-de-Fonds built up another type for this particular model, the programmed 1904-LU MC. It depends on their 1904MC type, ticking at 28.800Hz and has a 48-hour power save. Just the word ‘Programmed’, composed on the guilloché dial belongs in the client direct rather than on the dial as I would like to think. The Cartier Drive Moon stage comes in pink gold and in steel.

These two leslie gems are difficult to compare. Despite the fact that the two of them have a place with a similar assortment, they are totally different watches. Each of them will have their a lot of admirers. The Moon Phase also as the Extra Flat can without much of a stretch be worn with a shirt and suit, yet the additional flat is irrefutably the dress leslie gems of these two. The ‘Drive de Cartier Moon Phase’ with its bigger case, looks incredible with any outfit too. The leslie gems is more lively because of its domed precious stone, which is the appeal of the ‘Drive collection’.

Cartier doesn’t make life simpler with these two new increases, particularly for the individuals who were intending to get last year’s ‘Drive de Cartier’ ( read the survey of this leslie gems here ) with little complications (presented previously). The new Cartier Drive Moon Phase may repeat a touch more adjusted look, without loosing any of the ordinary appeal of the Drive assortment. It might be sufficient to pull the trigger.