Cartier is notable for its sharp, slimline dress watches. Among the numerous exquisite structures, the Santos assortment frequently stands-apart as an edgier interpretation of the exemplary structure. Presently, trying to additionally modernize a model that was birthed over a century prior, the Cartier Santos Dumont XL hits the shelves.

Living as long as 116 years of legacy is no mean accomplishment. In 1904, Louis Cartier made the absolute first Santos model for his companion and pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont. This “large” square model has seen many upgrades in its time and the most recent spotlights on expanding the breadth while keeping the model as thin as anyone might imagine. The first style is to a great extent held, with the Breguet-style hands dropped for the more honed, more contemporary tie-formed pointers. I’m a devotee of that change. Indeed, regardless of myself (and an immense bit of starting doubt) I’m a major enthusiast of this “big” watch.

A manual heart

Increasing the distance across of a particularly exemplary and recognizable model while holding its character (and keeping it thin) isn’t simple. The latest releases of the Santos Dumont (from a year ago) were controlled by quartz hence. With this delivery, Cartier gets back to the mechanical, utilizing the 430 MC mechanical development for the three most fascinating models with regards to this new delivery. Notwithstanding the three mechanical Santos Dumont XL watches, the assortment is additionally supported by three quartz variations for men and another two for women. The quartz choices planned for men are vague from the mechanical variants from the front.

This discharge is a genuine treat for committed authorities of Cartier or aficionados of flight. The case backs of these new pieces will be engraved with the mark “S=D” — the initials of the eminent pilot in the style he favored.

A amazing statement

Although the new Cartier Santos Dumont XL watches are not the biggest square watches at any point delivered by the brand, they offer an incredible expression on the wrist notwithstanding. These models measure 33.9mm across and brag a haul to-carry length of 46.6mm. The slanting of a full square with this distance across would come in at just shy of 48mm, so the wrist presence of these watches is critical. At simply 7.5mm thick, notwithstanding, the watches wear wide and level. They are, notwithstanding their size, fantastic watches to be worn with a suit given these proportions.

The watch case seems bended gratitude to the uncommonly molded bezel and the drop-off drags. It is, as one can all the more likely appreciate from the side, nonetheless, level. The slimness of the watch guarantees it plunks down perfectly against the wrist, while the shrewd utilization of more natural points for the situation profile lessens the visual load of this model without decreasing its impact.


The Cartier Santos Dumont XL comes in three case/bezel choices. Clients can browse three alternatives. Right off the bat, there is an entire 18-karat pink gold case and bezel combo (€12,500). Furthermore, a completely tempered steel adaptation is offered (€4,700). Also, at long last, the third choice has a treated steel body and rose gold bezel (€6,500). The crowns of every one of the three watches are set with an engineered spinel cabochon. Croc calfskin lashes in one or the other dark or naval force blue complete the look. It is a commendable and welcome expansion to a respected assortment. Also, it is a watch I’m quick to get on my own wrist sometime in the not so distant future. I’ll let you realize how that pursuit bears out… Learn more about the brand .

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