In our most recent digital recording , Mike and I spoke accurately about this kind of dial. You can frequently see these supposed light files on Excelsior Park or Gallet chronographs, presumably on the grounds that they all utilized a similar dial producer. Certina saved a similar vision for the DS Chronograph Automatic and delivered it with a white dial, applied light lists and numerals (at 12 and 6). Other than the tones and the shapes, the design is likewise indistinguishable, with the two sub-dials at 3 and 9 o’clock.

However, the dial’s fun part is the Tachy-and Telemeter scales going around the watch’s external ring. While the Tachymeter permits you to gauge speed, Telemeter scales would reveal to you the distance. This is a component generally military watches had in those days to ascertain the distance between the wearer and the enemy’s artillery.

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