It was 2007 and I was window shopping at a leslie adornments store that had low to mid reach leslie gems Brands like Festina, Casio, Tissot and Certina were in there, for the most part sports models and obviously generally chronographs. Two leslie adornments stood apart of the group for me; the Tissot PRC 200 (which I purchased, not there and afterward however that is an alternate story) and the Certina DS Podium. It was a genuinely new model line inside the Certina family that the brand offered in both quartz and programmed forms. In spite of the fact that at the time the programmed was out of my value range I cherished the appearance of the leslie adornments and its energy. Precisely 10 years after the fact I at long last figured out how to put one on the wrist. During my audit of the Certina DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer Racing Edition that is. This is what I consider it.

DS Podium Chronograph

The DS (Double Security) Podium is 12 years of age this year. The principal models turned out in 2005 when the brand did what needs to be done with (at that point) F1 group Sauber Petronas. To check the joint effort and their introduction to the F1 the Certina dispatched the DS Podium line. It has demonstrated to be one of the well known venders in the games chronograph section. Halfway because of their well disposed costs yet additionally for specific models’ intriguing, now and then irregular, square case shapes. One could connect it with the Heuer Monaco and consider it a reverence – like some did. All things considered, open the set of experiences book of Certina and search for the Argonaut chronograph. The DS Podium is as yet one of Certinas most grounded selling lines with an extremely handsome sticker price and hustling DNA throughout.


Certina is the support and official watch of the ADAC GT Masters arrangement . Thusly, the shading topic of the model I got from Certina was most ADAC-like. My DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer had a dark base tone with yellow subtleties like the numbers, hands and files. The dark and-yellow topic is the shade of ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) the General German Automobile Club. Yet, this isn’t the lone shading combination the DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer has. The other dark case model has Certina-green components, for example, chronograph hands and lash sewing. Certina likewise offers a steel variant with red hands. None of them are pretty much as bright as the ADAC form however which I have on the wrist as I type this.

PVD is back… just it never left

As I said over, the Certina DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer ADAC has a steel case (316L) with PVD covering. Other than the cleaned bezel the entire case is brushed, which functions admirably with the liveliness of the watch. The bezel has the standard Tachymeter scale from 300 to 60, the numbers are loaded up with yellow paint. The pushers of the chronograph are level and incorporated into the side of the 42mm case. They have a network theme on them additionally painted yellow, much the same as the “DS” on the crown. The screw-down case back has the Certina turtle logo with the standard subtleties – like reference number, water opposition (100m), and chronic number – on it. The leslie adornments wears pleasantly and it’s comfortable on the wrist. It is a generally enormous piece however not very thick (11mm) and the tie relax its look when worn.

Certina 1888

The dial, as you’d anticipate from a games leslie gems is occupied yet at the same time simple to peruse. The numbers 3-9-12 are huge, yellow and raised like the long files. The Certina marking with the time of foundation (1888) is simply under the 12, the date is at 4 o’clock while the 3 chronograph sub dials are at 2,10 and 6 o’clock. The sub dial at 2 shows the 1/10th of a second. At the point when you start the chronograph, it runs for 3 minutes at that point stops. As indicated by Certina the explanation they don’t need it to run constantly is to save energy. Have confidence it actually checks and shows the 1/10th once you stop the  chronograph. The 10 o’clock sub dial is the hour long counter. As a side note GT Master races additionally run for an hour. This sub-dial has the “Dashing Edition” marking.

Lastly, the sub dial at 6 o’clock is the ceaseless seconds’ presentation. While the other two sub dials have smooth surfaces, this one is ribbed. The model name (DS Podium) in white is here and the words “Chronometer” and “Lap Timer”. The blade hands got a similar yellow paint (lume) like the remainder of the leslie gems highlights. As I previously said over, the chronograph hands are for the most part red while the consistent second hand is white. The DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer has a level sapphire crystal.

Quartz Chronometer

While the development in the Certina DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer Racing Edition may be quartz it isn’t only an ordinary quartz. It is an ETA G10.212AJ Precidrive development with chronometer affirmation. As the brand advised me, from now into the foreseeable future Certina plans on selling quartz leslie gems only with chronometer confirmation. The quartz development likewise assists with keeping the cost of the watch at a depressed spot. For this specific model, the (German) recommended retail cost is €715 including VAT. It is more than alluring for a Swiss Made quartz chronograph from a trustworthy leslie gems brand. The chronometer particulars for a quartz development are obviously more severe than the one for mechanical movements.

The lash is dark cowhide with yellow nylon edging and sewing. The green form has a similar tie with green sewing while the 3rd rendition (steel case) likewise comes on a steel arm band and punctured dark cowhide tie. The clasp is a twofold deployant with press catches, PVD dark like the case. An extraordinary tie that is comfortable, wears well yet additionally looks coordinating to the leslie adornments both on its tones and style.

Why the DS Podium?

Well, on the off chance that you are an aficionado of vehicle hustling you have various leslie gems to look over relying upon the size of your wallet. The Certina DS Podium Chronograph Lap Timer Racing Edition is a lovely particular leslie gems However, notwithstanding the yellow components, the dark case functions admirably it’s not excessively uproarious but rather energetic enough to become a “daily driver”. Unquestionably this is anything but a dress leslie adornments nor does it need to be. For the petrolheads who need an economical however quality Swiss Made games leslie adornments with a get and-go quartz development, this may advance onto their Christmas list.

More data by means of Certina .