The last time we caught wind of Nivada, everything was about the Chronomaster. It was the primary model the revived brand delivered to the market in numerous cycles. Presently, it’s anything but a mysterious that soon, we’ll see some more interpretations of famous models from Nivada’s past. This week the Depthmaster, an exemplary jumper from Nivada, will hit the shelves.

For the greater part of us, the Depthmaster name is comparable to Pac-Man, yet that model is just a single form. Nivada will come out with a couple of varieties of the Depthmaster, much the same as the brand did with the Chronomaster .

The unique Pac-Man

Nivada dispatched the Depthmaster in 1965 as “probably the world’s most waterproof watch.” Many models gladly showed the number “1,000” under the model name on the dial, alluding to how profound one might have taken the Depthmaster. For sure, it was fairly abnormal to have a commercial jumper watch available with a profundity rating of 1,000m. In any case, this was by all account not the only component of the Depthmaster worth referencing. Because of its irregular pad molded case and thick steel bezel, gatherers began to moniker it the “Mini or Baby-Panerai.”

One dial had an ordinary plan; one had a theoretical plan. The “traditional” rendition had huge, lume covered even numbers and long thick lists rather than the odd numerals as records. The subsequent dial plan, be that as it may, just had four numerals (3/6/9/12) blended with huge three-sided lists. At first, you could get it with or without the date, and the digits had a peculiar precise shape. Subsequently, vintage gatherers authored the term Pac-Man for the clear likeness to the celebrated 1980s arcade game.

The Depthmaster returns

Nivada brought back both dial variations, so the Pac-Man made a return as well. As we saw as of now with the Chronomaster, numeric and Pac-Man dials will be accessible in a few modifications. Since I’m a vintage fellow, my most loved must be the one with a dark base tone, artificial sand-shading lists, and just “Nivada-Grenchen” and “Depthmaster” on the dial. That’s the watch I wore for half a month. Positively, this is the nearest form to the first you can purchase this time around. There will be five dials plan inside and out — three Pac-Man and two numeric versions.

Furthermore, Nivada offers four bezel styles. While the case body stays as before shape, various tones are accessible. Finally, five arrangements of hands will likewise be available to all. Thus, in fact you could make your own special Depthmaster or stay as near the first as you need. While I love uniqueness, I’d go with the latter.

Size does matter

While the OG Depthmaster was 38mm, the new Depthmaster “grew” in size yet simply by 1mm (46.8mm from one carry to another). I accept that this is a sweet spot for the vast majority of us. In the event that you extravagant more modest watches, 39mm is as yet a worthy size. Then again, should you be an aficionado of bigger watches, this width would not look little on you by the same token. Because of the programmed development, the case isn’t the most slender at 13.3mm. Notwithstanding, it is as yet not shockingly huge given the pleasantly adjusted width. The equivalent goes for the screw-down crown. It is enormous enough so you may utilize it comfortably, however it’s not dismal. For flexibility, the Depthmaster’s tie width is 20mm.

Though the highest point of the steel case and the case back are brushed, the penetrated lugs’ sides and underside have cleaned wrapping up. The 120-click unidirectional aluminum bezel, much the same as the case, is cleaned and has an hour long scale. One particular component was a 15-minute scale where consistently is checked. A short time later, just every 5-minute has an index.


The most significant component of the first Depthmaster was its water protection from 1,000m. Thus, the new Depthmaster has similar rating as its vintage partner. One component that you clearly couldn’t discover on the old model is the programmed helium get away from valve. The current watch will have that at the 9 o’clock position. In spite of the fact that it is there, the valve is a minor deviation from the first look it doesn’t influence wearability or my satisfaction in this reissue.

Sellita inside

The unique Nivada Depthmaster had an ETA development beating inside its case. A programmed type with 18,000vph, the ref. 2472 was supported by numerous brands at that point. While I’m sure this is an unexpected likeness, the “new” Depthmaster houses another brand top choice: the Sellita’s SW 200 (both date and no-date adaptations). The boundaries are marginally better here. The SW200 has 28,800vph, 26 gems, and around 38 hours of force save. At the point when we talk about the development, it’s additionally worth referencing that the new Depthmaster, much the same as its vintage kin, is Swiss made. There is a minuscule Swiss stamping on the dial edge under the 6. Nivada needed to keep the dial’s unique plan thus ruled against adding a bigger Swiss-made assignment. However, the reality stays: these watches hail from Switzerland.

Modern times

The new Depthmaster has a level, sapphire gem and Super-LumiNova covering on the files and the hands. You can see both hand plans in my photographs. Most Nivada Depthmasters I have seen had a blade minute-hand and a round-tip hour hand. On some vintage models, the moment hand is the equivalent, yet the hour has a bolt shape. For the new models, you could pick either variety. With regards to the seconds hand, there are numerous renditions out there. From red leaf hands to candy or stick hands, vintage Depthmasters can be found with a wide range of running markers. A large portion of those outdated alternatives will be accessible for these new watches too.

Good to know

Nivada offers the Depthmaster for two distinctive value fragments. The cost will be €850 (CHF 920, $1,000) on cowhide or Tropic-style elastic tie. In the event that you pick the steel Bead of Rice or disposable wristband (like the one you saw on the Chronomaster), the cost is somewhat higher. You’d need to pay €1,050 (CHF 1,135/$1,275). I had three watches with me, one on each lash alternative. My top pick (by a long shot) was the cowhide. Of course, it adds to the vintage feel, yet it was likewise comfortable and delicate. For the individuals who lean toward an advanced looking watch, I surmise the steel or the elastic may be a superior choice.

These are current realities, however is it worth purchasing the Nivada Depthmaster? All things considered, there is furious competition in this value portion (uplifting news for buyers). Everything comes down to your inclination with regards to the looks. On the off chance that you like more modest watches with programmed developments that may be quirkier than the normal, I’d say the Depthmaster is an interesting point. It isn’t just a friendly exchange yet an all around constructed and moderate jumper with an insane profundity rating. In the event that you’d like to look at the new Nivada Depthmaster and request one, tick .