Welcome again to the place of horological silliness. Ransack returns in the host’s seat. He welcomes back James Thompson (AKA Black Badger) who has welcomed his companion and associate Anders Brandt, fellow benefactor and boss creator of Danish brand Arcanaut, to join the show. Obviously, tricks ensued.

An Irishman, a Canadian, and a Dane stroll into a bar… It seems like the initial line of an awful joke, yet it likely could be the ideal set-up of what is an entertaining, broad discussion that flips from the genuine to the strange with little warning.

This unholy triplet talks about the advantages of being friendly, why one ought to never endeavor to drink a Dane under the table, and their next undertaking, which includes catching and draining Finnish watchmakers for their uncommon and tasty mustache wax. That’s right. It was a lethargic day at the office…

On a more genuine note, Anders shares the way of thinking behind Arcanaut watches and his expectations for the brand’s future. James contributes with the sort of energy each youthful brand needs to discover its balance in the watchmaking scene. In the event that you’d like to participate with the conversation, hit us up in the comments underneath with your contemplations and emotions. Furthermore, don’t neglect to give Arcanaut a thought of what you’d like to see from the brand straightaway! Glad listening.

*No Finnish watchmakers were hurt in the making of this Podcast. Ransack, notwithstanding, was genuinely injured.