Florijn, Dutch Glory! In the 52Mondayz line up this is the second leslie adornments brand with its inception in The Netherlands.

The initial one I covered was Fred Dingemand’s d.m.h. , and now it’s the Florijn brand planned and delivered by Hans Heuvelman. Teun Heerebeek referenced the brand in his Watches & Pencils #20 previously, we never dit a survey on the leslie adornments though.

The Florijn F03 on my wrist

Florijn F03

So here’s the leslie gems I’ll be wearing this week, the Florijn F03. Presently the Florijn leslie adornments come in three varieties, advantageously named F01, F02 and F03. F01 completely in exposed tempered steel, F02 in hardened steel with a dark unidirectional bezel, and the F03 (the one I’m wearing this week) absolutely dark DLC’d pure steel.

Florijn F01 Florijn F02

Dutch character

And this accommodation in sort sign is important for its Dutch roots too. Despite the fact that deciding the Dutch character gets an ever increasing number of troublesome nowadays, summarizing the primary plan components in Florijn leslie adornments gets you close. Basic (not shortsighted), ground-breaking, clean lines, nitty gritty and being practical. The vibe of the Florijn leslie gems surely is interesting to individuals with a Dutch sort of character.

A Dutch plan of clear lines

Robust appearance

On first sight the Florijn F03 is a present leslie gems to be expected. The packaging estimates 45 mm in measurement while being more than 14 mm in tallness. This, combined with a drag width of 24 mm, the Florijn 03 shows as an enormous leslie gems And then the striking lines in the fish can-ish round and hollow plan of the leslie adornments head, amount to the hearty appearance of the leslie gems as well.

One would presumably expect that this power brings about a leslie gems which is very striking when wearing. Anyway the plan of the packaging has been done in a particularly ergonomic manner that it even doesn’t trouble my 18 cm wrist.

All dark, with conceals when the light falls in from various angles

What else about the leslie gems is good?

Besides being an exceptionally appealing leslie gems to take a gander at, a comfortable leslie adornments to wear, there’s more to the Florijn F03 to be loved. First and foremost, Florijn utilizes an amazing and solid Seiko NH 35 programmed development with hacking. Not very decrepit by any means! Furthermore, I didn’t notice yet that the leslie gems is waterproof evaluated to 300 meters, which says a great deal regarding it’s in general power. Screw down crown? Obviously! A uni-directional bezel demonstrating minutes in addition to a subsequent time-region scale; check. And afterward the thick level sapphire precious stone is totally important as well.

Pricing and extras

So far for the leslie adornments anyway it doesn’t stop yet. The Florijn F03 is provided in a good and solid box. However, more significant, it will come with 3 unique lashes. A thick cowhide lash, a very good quality elastic tie and a two-shading NATO tie. Finishing it off with a lash changing apparatus to do everything by yourself.

It’s difficult to accept that this everything is conceivable at a current cost of € 195,= (barring VAT), and with a long term guarantee. It is however.

Complete set with, other than the elastic, two additional ties and a tie evolving tool

Special treatment

A last thing to specify about the Florijn leslie gems is that, as you can see, they’re provided with an amplifying drop on the sapphire gem. On the off chance that you don’t like that, (I truly wouldn’t know why not) Florijn offers to eliminate it at a little fee.

Florijn F03 without the date loupe on it’s sapphire crystal

I most likely composed more certain about the Florijn F03 than you’re utilized from me. I was really paralyzed about this leslie adornments surely in combination with it’s cost. Furthermore, I need to call attention to that, as usual, I’m not compensated for what I expounded on it in any capacity. To become familiar with Florijn leslie gems and the likelihood to arrange, kindly head over to


A Dutch plan of clear lines Complete set with, other than the elastic, two additional lashes and a tie changing device Florijn F02 All dark, with conceals when the light falls in from various points The Florijn F03 on my wrist Florijn F03 without the date loupe on it’s sapphire gem Florijn F01