Much has been expounded on the part of the Omega Speedmaster during the space program. It passed NASA’s thorough trying. It was worn on the moon. Furthermore, who could fail to remember how it planned the life-saving moves during Apollo 13? It legitimately acquired its spot in the hearts and on the wrists of watch fans around the planet. In any case, what of Forstner groups? The immortal Komfit wristband returns…

Lesser known, with the exception of maybe by the most fanatic lovers, is the watch arm band chose by NASA and worn by space explorers all through the space program. The Forstner “Komfit” expandable lattice watch band (later marked “JB Champion”) merits its place in Space investigation history.

The History of the “Komfit” Band

The Komfit was a characteristic decision for the space program. It was light. It was breathable. Simple change was conceivable. Also, vitally, it was effectively removable if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. Therefore, space explorers much of the time wore it for preparing on Earth, and in space. It was worn during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Shuttle programs. It was matched with the primary Omega worn in space during Mercury-Atlas 8 mission on October 3, 1962. What’s more, indeed, it additionally went to the moon.

The Komfit’s association with the space program is unquestionable. Also, if nothing else, it looked cool as hell on the wrist. Its novel square-designed cross section, front aligned fasten, and unmistakable look made it an arm band for the ages. Notwithstanding, the style was eventually lost to time. Recycled models turned out to be profoundly pursued. For some time, they must be sourced for extremely high prices.

The Return of a Classic

The Komfit reissue has been improved in a few significant regards. Right off the bat, the end piece of the vintage rendition was not wide enough to appropriately fit the Omega Speedmaster Professional. The reissue revises this. The end pieces currently stretch out to over 20mm wide to fit watches with more contemporary proportions. Secondly, Forstner has enlarged the focal cross section segment to 16mm for a more corresponding look. Lastly, the general quality and security of the wristband have been improved.

A extraordinary vintage look

The Komfit band currently fits practically every emphasis of the Omega Speedmaster. It comfortably fits the more modest estimated Speedmaster Reduced. It is consummately at home on restricted release and reissued models. Also, obviously, it looks fabulous on the Speedmaster Professional. However, the Komfit is flexible. It works with different models, not simply the Omega Speedmaster. It gives an incredible vintage look to basically any watch with carry widths somewhere in the range of 16 and 20mm. Why not give it a try?

The Komfit band is accessible now for $125 on .  Several alternatives and sizes are accessible. Remembered for the setup are the work of art ” and ” wristbands. For directions on utilizing the band, see Forstner’s .