I’m wearing the Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Edition Chronograph this week. A watch on credit which causes one to acknowledge how advantaged at Fratello we are with the likelihood to wear such countless various watches. Frankly, I likely wouldn’t have thought about this watch. In any case, wearing it for a more expanded period refuted me in that.

The Fortis PC-7 Chronograph is important for a bunch of two watches dispatched to praise the 30th commemoration of the similarly named . Fourteen days prior, we had an inside and out audit of the other watch in this set, the Fortis PC-7 Day-Date . A comprehensive report – like that of the Day-date – will furnish you with more specialized, recorded, and foundation data, while this 52Mondayz is to educate more about close to home encounters, inclinations, and useful knowledge.

Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Edition Chronograph

However, prior to going into that, I’d like to clear up something different. The design of Fortis’ current line-up, on the grounds that to me it wasn’t promptly evident also. I’ve seen such countless various names of models and arrangement, that I didn’t realize where to search for data on the Fortis PC-7 Chronograph. Cosmonauts, Stratoliner, Aeromaster, Pilot, Cockpit, and even B-42. Effectively in 2015 Balazs, with an article on the relaunch of Fortis , learned us that watches are partitioned into four fragments; Space, Air, Sea, and Land. Presently, after five years, I could discover three of those sections back at the ; Space, Sky, and Sea. Who knows we’re going to see Fortis looks for Land utilize coming later.

The division into fragments made discovering data on the Aeromaster Chronograph a lot simpler. Aeromaster plainly is connected to the Sky, and surely it has a place with that section. Another model found in the Sky office is the Classic Pilot. Cosmonauts and Stratoliners connect to the Space fragment. Also, Marinemaster – hello, isn’t that a mainstream Seiko? – has a place with the Sea.

So far, so great. Investigating the Sky, Aeromaster area discovers that this extraordinary PC-7 Team model is accessible in a couple of other, more ordinary, forms too. For example, there’s the Aeromaster Steel Chronograph, on which you’ll discover our audit here . Balazs writes in his report that that watch is “nothing fantastic simply a usable, clean planned, extraordinary looking apparatus watch that can be a companion for the regular person just as a professional”. Furthermore, I will in general concur. Much, if not all, is said and expounded on this sort of watches, so let’s focus on what makes the PC-7 Team Chronograph stand apart from that crowd.


When wearing the PC-7 Team Chronograph, each time I take a gander at it, its readability strikes me. Regardless of the circumstance, splendid sunlight, cloudy, faint, shadowy, or dimness, the dial appears to leap out to you. Also, explicitly in splendid light conditions, the dial as well as the brushed completion gleaming hardened steel packaging too. I’m sure that the twofold sided AR 027 enemy of intelligent covered, sapphire precious stone aides a ton here. I’m an enthusiast of it, and it makes it a delight to take a gander at the watch. 10 points!

And while we’re at it, the joy to take a gander at the dial comes from the plan also. A stunning shade of blue, in spite of the fact that – and fortunately – with no metallic complete the process of, changing in tone with the light. Significantly more alluring to me is the normally exhausting second counter. Here it’s the – applied in silver – 9-plane logo of the Swiss Airforce PC-7 group. Substantially more wonderful than the standard second scale in a subregister too little to even think about perusing the figures anyhow.


Hmm, comfort. For what it is – a moderately hefty and cumbersome chronograph – wearing comfort is fantastic. With a case breadth of 42 mm, a thickness of more than 15 mm, and its weight of 223 gram, it’s anything but a watch to ignore. Thus you’ll notice its quality on your wrist consistently. Yet, I won’t say it’s uncomfortable. Regardless of its size and weight, the watch fits well on top of your wrist. The wristband – to which I will specify all the more later – feels like a hefty chain accepting it. All things considered, one may get a slight impression of awkwardness while moving your arm or while doing sports or so.

Compared to the more standard renditions of the Aeromaster Chronograph, the PC-7 Team version got an extraordinary fasten. Novel about it is the Fortis PC-7 Team etching, including the 9-planes logo. Furthermore, seemingly considerably more exceptional is the brisk, 3 stage, changing element. The opening is finished by pressing two rectangular catches on each side of the fasten and pull it up. Resizing the wristband is done precisely comparable, by pressing comparative catches on each side as well.

Here’s a state of analysis. The change catches are a similar shape and size as, and extremely near, the catches to open the fasten. Thus, in the first place, frequently when I needed to open the catch, I pressed some unacceptable fastens and resized the wristband. I don’t think it was an astute choice to make those catches all very similar. In particular, since you don’t need or need to change the wristband as regularly as you need to open the fasten. At any rate, it’s pleasant that changing the size of the arm band is done so effortlessly.

What else is directly about the Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Chronograph?

With a value distinction of €1,380 (which implies 44% more costly) compared to the ordinary Fortis Aeromaster Steel Chronograph, one ought to anticipate very a few favorable circumstances and extra’s. You won’t be frustrated. Above all else, the PC-7 Chronograph comes with this overhauled treated steel arm band, however it’s provided with an extra Cordura lash also. Also, that’s including the devices to trade the ties. It’s all provided in a generous box, in which one finds a PC-7 Team identification as well as a watch travel-pocket too. With everything taken into account, an exceptionally complete set.

Secondly, the ETA/VJ 7750 types of the PC-7 Chronographs are COSC chronometer-affirmed, that’s an approval also. Now, albeit not explicit for the PC-7 Chronograph, I might want to make reference to that the watch is waterproof to 200 meters, without the utilization of a screw-down crown. Indeed, even the chronograph pushers can be worked submerged. That’s an indication of strong development in my book.

Last however not least, I’d like to make reference to the case back. While the standard customary models of the chronograph sport a glass back, the PC-7 has a strong case back. Balazs advised us in his survey that the Valjoux 7750 development has very little to show us at any rate, and this is pleasantly decorated with, once more, the logo of the Swiss Airforce PC-7 group, along with a sign of the commemoration years. The quantity of your restricted version is engraved on a devoted number plate fitted in the side of the packaging. Just 300 bits of this model will be made.

The Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Chronograph on my 17.5 cm wrist.

Conclusion and pricing

I’m getting a charge out of the Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Edition Chronograph more than I had envisioned. It’s appealing to take a gander at and distant from exhausting. Comfortable enough for day by day wear, sufficiently weighty to see on your wrist. As I would see it, it’s sufficiently valued at €4,480. For this sum, you’ll get an elite, complete, and greater form of Fortis’ more standard Aeromaster Steel Chronograph.