Yeehaa! The thirteenth scene of Fratello on Air, discussing a portion of the 60th commemoration Grand Seiko releases.

The fundamental subject of this digital recording is a see on some of Grand Seiko’s curiosities for 2020. It is a BIG year for them, because of the 60th commemoration of Grand Seiko. Crown or Covid-19 destroyed it a tad, as Grand Seiko was going to have their first Grand Seiko Summit in Japan, however chose to present their new watches by the by. Principally computerized, however we see that a portion of the new deliveries are venturing out around the globe to be acquainted with writers and gatherers. Since this week, we have a couple of them (see our Instagram feed), however that was after we recorded this podcast.

After the obligatory wrist check (see beneath), Michael and RJ talk about these themes in this hour long webcast. Our Fratello on Air webcast can be played through ,  , and  .

The SBGW258 is one of the 1960 re-manifestations from Grand Seiko to praise this significant commemoration. We just got it subsequent to recording this digital broadcast, however here’s an image of this shocking dress watch nevertheless.

Handgelenk Kontrolle

There’s, obviously, additionally space for different subjects. As the present status of the world, watch industry and what’s on our wrists, for instance. Mike is shaking his Rolex GMT-Master and shows off his most recent form and RJ is wearing a watch he has for survey, the Grand Seiko SBGH279.

The SBGH279 is additionally a 2020 delivery, yet is anything but a 60th commemoration uncommon. It is a customary assortment model, with a 44GS hommage case and a lovely Hi-beat programmed development. We will before long distribute an involved audit of this SBGH279 and its shiny dial partner, the SBGH277.

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