Rob dials in Maurice Lacroix HQ to talk with Thiébaut Bentz, International Product and Marketing Director of the brand to examine Friday’s arrival of the Aikon Venturer GMT. A short and smart scene, check out keep steady over this week’s watch news.


Rob’s quick to know a couple of things about the new Aikon Venturer GMT. He asks the speculation behind the plan, what Thiébaut’s most loved component is, and whether we can hope for something else from the Venturer GMT later on. Bentz shares his bits of knowledge into Maurice Lacroix’s target segment with ladies and twenty to thirty year olds high on his rundown of needs going forward.

There’s some energizing stuff in progress for Maurice Lacroix in the coming months, with new assembling developments not too far off, but then more curiosities for us to get amped up for. Keep awake to date with brand improvements on and .