Yo, yo, yo. We made it to “Edition 2” of WASP, the long awaited continuation of last week’s unit section debut. The sweet facilitating vibes of R&B (Rob and Balazs) assume control over Episode 41 of Fratello on Air to present to you your week after week gather together of sports news. Today, we welcome our first telephone in visitor to the show, setting up a portion, which we trust a portion of our dear perusers will participate in one day soon!

Fuming Robbie enters the “smooth booth” and dumps about the new discussion encompassing Bill Belichick’s heritage. It’s a severe monolog, however the riposte merits sitting tight for so keep things under control.

This week, we’re discussing extraordinary mentors and incredible areas to play professional athletics. Roused by the new outside NHL games at Lake Tahoe, we’re picking our fantasy districts for the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and PLL, and talking about which watch brands should support and outfit the occasions and groups being referred to, motivated by the NHL’s open air games in Lake Tahoe, held in February. You need to understand what it is? Tune in to the Pod. Like it. Follow us. Hit us up in the comments and let us understand what you need more/less of. We’re listening.

It’s a romping ride and we trust you appreciate the show.

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