When I opened up our Fratello letter box today, I discovered Grand Seiko’s official statement on this new SLG005 White Birch watch. I couldn’t help to think about the house where I grew up. In my recollections, it was a huge house with a pleasant nursery and carport. Toward the finish of the carport, where the street began, was a white birch.

I write in my recollections, as truly, the house wasn’t that large. I understood this when a similar house nearby was offered available to be purchased on a well known lodging stage. Yet, as a child, you see things in an alternate way, maybe. What I saw when taking a gander at our past neighbor’s house available to be purchased, is that our old house was additionally somewhat on the photos. It looked so changed, and a ton has changed. The white birch was likewise gone, I took note. A pity, as its shimmering tone gave the nursery a considerable amount of character, much similarly as it does on the new Grand Seiko SLGH005.

Grand Seiko SLGH005 White Birch

Gerard, Bert, Rob, and I visited the Grand Seiko shop in Paris a year ago. We figured out how to make the outing in the middle of lockdowns. At that point, we may have tried to accept things were beginning to return to typical. Much to our dismay, that little window wherein we had the option to travel would soon close.

During our visit, Grand Seiko showed us the new SLGH003. The SLGH003 is a restricted release watch with the new Grand Seiko 9SA5 development. We expounded on it here . There’s a great deal to adore about that watch, and truth be told, I requested one for a companion and it is as yet sitting tight for him in my safe. Occasionally, I take it out to respect it (keeping all the defensive stickers on, obviously). Not exclusively are the situation and dial mind blowing, as consistently with Grand Seiko, yet the 9SA5 is additionally a delight to look at.

Our own special Rob Nudds composed an inside and out article on this new type, with its new escapement development (Dual Impulse Escapement) which you can discover here . As you would know, Rob used to be a watchmaker and knows a great deal. Try to give his article a read for all the intricate details on type 9SA5.

White Birch — The New Snowflake?

To me, the fascination with Grand Seiko is frequently in its dials. That’s the explanation I picked the Mt. Iwate dial for myself, and obviously why I love the Snowflake (like every other person). Yet, seeing this white birch dial — amazing. There’s such a lot of profundity to the dial, it is unbelievable. Furthermore, with all due regard, the force save pointer (as we’re used to seeing on the Snowflake) is a welcome non-attendant in this occasion. I’m becoming acclimated to the force save pointer I need to concede and realize it is right around a “signature” thing, yet there are times I could manage without it without a doubt. The new Grand Seiko SLGH005 has a dial that — regardless of the 3D surface — looks clean. I love it.

According to Grand Seiko, the white birch trees can be found in the northern piece of Japan. Near the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi. What’s more, by utilizing it as motivation for one of its dials, the brand has added one more watch that has the “Nature of Time” soul. However, truth be told, despite the fact that I love a decent story, the dial helps me to remember my own white birch and not the ones situated in a woodland in Japan I will presumably never get to see.

I am forgoing composing significantly more about this new Grand Seiko SLGH005 White Birch, as I need to go active with it. At that point I will happily (very gladly) tell you about it.

Not a restricted edition

I won’t lie to you. I looked down the four-page official statement super rapidly, just to see if this watch is something I am ready to bear, and whether I am ready to source one. The retail cost of this watch will be roughly $9,100 as indicated by Grand Seiko, with the cost due to be finished upon its delivery in March 2021.

That’s a value I can stretch to, at any rate sooner or later. Pleasingly, it is by all accounts somewhat not exactly the restricted release SLGH003 (which was €10,000 here in Europe). What’s more significant, is that it isn’t a restricted version. It implies I can set aside a piece for one. I need this watch and I need to concede that I have not been that excited about another Grand Seiko model for a long while now. Be that as it may, this one changes the game once more. Also, I even advised myself my next one would be a GS with a Spring Drive. Indeed, it will be the following one after the Grand Seiko SLGH005, I guess.

More data through Grand Seiko . All determinations of this new Grand Seiko SLGH005 can be found beneath in the chart.