As one of the curiosities presented for the brand’s 60th commemoration, Grand Seiko gave the SLGA001 Limited Edition 600M Professional Diver’s the honor of introducing its all-new Spring Drive type. The 9RA5 type is slimmer, more exact, and has a more prominent force hold than its predecessor.

Grand Seiko Professional Diver’s 600M Spring Drive

In my first article on the Spring Drive principle — I think it was mid 2006 — I said Spring Drive was an answer for a problem that didn’t exist. That end up being just somewhat obvious. The problem didn’t exist in reality, yet Spring Drive wasn’t intended to be an answer. It turned out to be clear that it was an advancement. It was (and still is) a completely better approach for managing a mechanical development. Since its introduction, it has remained solitary. It is something new — something that sits separated from the remainder of the industry.

As such, I’ve developed to adore the Spring Drive development family. I’m a major fan and have a ton of regard for the Spring Drive framework. In the event that you need to learn more about the development of Spring Drive and how it precisely functions, I can recommend Grand Seiko’s devoted and one of our Sunday Morning Showdown articles in which Rob utilizes the manner in which the Spring Drive fills in as the foundation of his contention for the “Skyflake” over Rolex’s Sky-Dweller .

Improvements to the standard Spring Drive caliber

From 2005 onwards, Grand Seiko utilized type 9R65 for the majority of their normal Spring Drive models. This — presently more than 16-years of age — was primarily focused on unwavering quality and toughness. Therefore, it wasn’t probably the sleekest development around.

Thanks to the new stuff train, moved towards the focal point of the development with a focal extension that holds the wheels together, the new type didn’t lose its unwavering quality and toughness. Notwithstanding, because of this new design, the thickness of the new type 9RA5 has been diminished substantially.

Even with the new thickness of 5.0 mm — which is essentially normal for three-hand programmed types — Grand Seiko figured out how to improve the force hold. By the utilization of two — contrastingly estimated — fountainhead barrels, it expanded from 3 to 5 days or 72 to 120 hours. A dial-side force save marker stayed available for the new 9RA5 type. It shows at the left side in the dial yet transcends the middle while previously it was situated beneath. We’re getting to the watch in a moment, yet for me, a force hold pointer might have been discarded in an expert jumpers watch.

Last yet not least. The force save expanded, yet the exactness too. Presently furnished with a temperature-compensated quartz precious stone, the exactness of the new 9RA5 type surpasses give or take 10 seconds a month.

SLGA001, a Limited Edition Professional Diver’s Watch

As you most likely know, the new SLGA001 Professional 600M Diver’s Watch isn’t Grand Seiko’s first diver’s watch with a Spring Drive development. We’ve seen the SBGA229 (which we checked on here ) and even a titanium partner of that watch, the SBGA231. Notwithstanding, the profundity rating of these two models was 200 meters. That’s satisfactory as a sporting diver’s watch and adequate to comply with the ISO 6425 jumping standard.

But the currently presented SLGA001 is a “Professional Diver”. At Grand Seiko, this not just methods a higher profundity rating. It additionally implies that this watch is suitable for immersion jumping. For immersion purposes, a jump observe needs an alternate development. It’s important to seal the watch in a manner forestalling not just water to enter the packaging under high tension, yet helium gas also. To learn more about the abnormal, perilous, separated existence of an immersion jumper, I’d propose you visit this .

Smaller development, bigger case

Contrary to the new Spring Drive type, the SLGA001 watch, accordingly, didn’t decline in size. Compared to the Spring Drive models referenced before, it even acquired 2.7 mm in width and 2 mm in stature. The purpose behind this is the expanded profundity rating and the capacity to be utilized for immersion diving.

I don’t imagine that a measurement of right around 47 mm ought to be considered as too large for an expert jumpers watch. Grand Seiko’s other 600-meter-appraised Professional Diver, the SBGH255 with type 9S85 greetings beat development, sports a similar width. However, it leaves me a cycle puzzled why precisely Grand Seiko picked the SLGA001 to introduce another slimmer Spring Drive caliber.

To keep the heaviness of a particularly enormous watch inside the limits of reason, Grand Seiko presented the defense in High-Intensity Titanium. This local material is 40% lighter than steel and is more impervious to scratches.

On top of the titanium packaging, we discover a “high-definition” sapphire gem and a uni-directional pivoting bezel with clay decorate. The case, precious stone, and bezel are completely intended for simple and safe dismantling for the support that an expert jumper demands.

Bracelet and clasp

The bracelet, and unquestionably its completion, impeccably reflects the top notch level of the SLGA001. Yet, albeit the three-overlap catch is completely capable, it can’t altogether persuade me. Once more, with a press button release, secure lock, and extender, it’s totally practical. In any case, I’m missing the additional mile which a fasten in this league deserves.

Availability and price

Last yet not least, Grand Seiko delivers just a restricted measure of this 60th-commemoration watch. There will be 700 pieces available for overall conveyance. I won’t say “only” 700 pieces. The SLGA001 appears to be a specialty item to me. It’s size, ease of use, however also its value, imply that this isn’t a watch for everybody. The cheerful few need to leave behind €11,500 to make themselves proprietors of this uncommon timepiece.

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