To be straightforward, I have now and again felt completely depleted from overexposure to the word Zaratsu. In spite of this, I attempted a fundamental Grand Seiko on the wrist. I was reluctant. Not enthused about after the pack, I nearly didn’t need to like it. And afterward I looked into that inky dark void and got lost. Hence started my fixation on models SBGR053 and SBGR253…

I came to the heart of the matter of now reconsidering my new acquisition of a BB58. That’s regardless of striking fortunate following a short two-month spot on an AD list. What’s more, there I was really thinking about offering it to purchase a subsequent GS, a Quartz model, no less…

Sure, the 58’s carries were a smidgen sharp, however definitely it wasn’t that by itself that could take steps to switch me from my most recent obtaining unexpectedly early. No, it was the insane nature of Grand Seiko ‘s items. Despite the fact that I was undeniably more keen on its mechanical yield that the quartz model that had turned my head, a similar degree of care and consideration was obvious on my wrist that day.

I just couldn’t forget about it. Thus I plunged on the web and began searching out a little cut of used flawlessness — the Grand Seiko SBGR053. Ordinarily, these mechanical wonders convey a ticket cost of €1,800 to €2,500 euros for used flawlessness. The feared Z-word is remembered for the bundle for those that haven’t had enough of it yet…

A profound affinity

What would i be able to say? I for one have a profound partiality for Seiko and its instilled Japanese unassuming flawlessness and trustworthiness. I purchased a SARB033 as the notable “Grand Seiko on a careful spending plan”, yet then strolled past an AD and committed the lethal error of taking a stab at a Grand Seiko for its hell. Impractical notion. My reality flipped around and I sold the SARB quickly to get a GS.

The SBGR053 and its present form, the SBGR253.

Is the publicity supported? The legend of COSC-level accuracy and a case that tops most Swiss radiance brands, new at under €4,500 euros and used not exactly a large portion of that. Truly? This SBGR053 was about €2,000 used from a prestigious Tokyo seller, and it was perfect. Does this generally stable like amazing an incentive for cash, or will I need to utilize the Z-word to persuade you?

Grand Seiko has this appealing picture of Japanese flawlessness that numerous today have known about — indeed, the brand is currently solidly at the center of attention. The information used to be entrusted to a WIS secret divided among companions following work excursions to the place where there is the Rising Sun.


Fast-forward to this month. Grand Seiko has opened the world’s biggest mono-brand display area on the doorstep of Europe, in Place Vêndome in Paris (stun!). Presently Grand Seiko can check any semblance of Gucci and LV as neighbors. In the US and Europe, Grand Seiko has framed separate corporate personalities isolating them from the ordinary Seiko brand. This has been done before by Toyota (Lexus) and Citrôen (DS).

The SBGR053 in this involved report has the legit approach of the two logos on the dial — Seiko and GS, though the more current SBGR253 has the independent gothic GS logo at 12. Me, I love them both.

The greatest change is the very much archived move in estimating. Already, you could pick up Haute Horlogerie for €2,000. Presently? You’re taking a gander at twice that and change. That places GS in similar section as brands like Omega and Rolex.

Maybe the time has come to break out Zaratsu to persuade you it’s worth it…


Zaratsu is the Japanese phonetic interpretation of Sallaz. The Swiss-German Sallaz produces of a particular cleaning machine with a vertical wheel it requires long stretches of preparing to dominate. The outcome is amazing. More honed lines are elusive in the realm of watchmaking. The Zaratsu specialists inside the Grand Seiko crew are genuinely bosses of their specialty. It is this sort of devotion to such an amazingly specialty part of watch completing that makes GS a particularly dear of watch nuts.

Liquid black

The SBGR053 is the venturing stone. It is the best-evaluated used model. The SBGR253 is likely the most open GS item you will discover new. It is introduced with the strong and notable 9S65 type, and a dark dial. There are two equivalent references with shiny white dials, however I feel the principle draw of Grand Seiko is the fragile darkness of these two references.

When you grasp one and take a gander at the dial, kid does it attract you. There is a statement of practically fluid dark ink. This underlines the Japanese finish flawlessness we’ve known about and sets a wonderful stage for the arranged play of light from the lists and hands.

Reflected light

Grand Seiko dark dials are photogenic even from a goal viewpoint, however significantly more so in the metal. It is difficult to see the real surface, and the Seiko and GS logos appear to glide in the space over the dark ink of the dial. On a full scale level, you see that the logos are applied and the sides shaded dark – emphasizing the coasting impact, the incentive being more obvious when you realize that the two logos and lists are applied by hand.

The records play with the mirrored light like not many others I’ve seen with upwards of eight features on every, all hand cleaned in the Grand Seiko workshop. The cleaned sides and split top with striations make all records truly decipherable whatever point of the light reflected, which, on an individual level, I would say is almost hypnotizing in its dynamism.


The hour and moment hands are the exemplary Seiko sword hands — dangerously sharp with a brushed top and mirror-cleaned sides. They are as perfect through the full scale focal point as the unaided eye. That’s something I can’t say for most watches even at 4-figure sticker prices. The seconds are set apart by a discrete dainty needle hand complementing the primary two, and the date is exemplary 3 o’clock with a dark foundation and a sharp adjusted brushed frame.

The case reflects this degree of wrapping up. With the correct point, the case sides turn dark, clearly without surface detail. It is that smooth. It makes you need to set out on a mission persuading all producers and atelièrs to put resources into a Sallaz cleaning machine and the accompanying preparing. Despite the fact that it likely could be a sensitive and tedious errand, it is really worth it.

A certain spirituality

Yes, this is a 37mm watch, however it isn’t smooth. Its thickness is an outstanding 13.3mm. That’s jumper region. This may be one of only a handful few reactions you can level at Grand Seiko and the way that the over the top compulsiveness is articulated to such an extent that you lose the soul or soul in the plan language. My own contemplations on these two contentions — very much established as they might be, is that the thickness makes the watch wear more like 39-40mm and feel more like a dressy games watch, expanding its wearability.

I do concur that hairsplitting as a rule can bring about cruel items, however in a Grand Seiko, it permeates a specific otherworldliness when you consider the foundation of the notable Japanese specialists’ pride. Particularly when you realize that pride depends on a significant degree of craftsmanship, and that this is a watch with a 100% vertically coordinated In-House production.

9S65 caliber

Turn the watch around and you are welcomed by Grand Seiko’s well known watermark. It is scratched into the sapphire precious stone, which gives a perspective on the notable 9S65 type. This type has been controlled and tried separately in six positions and different temperatures to an exactness of +5/ – 3 sec. It works at 28,800vph.

The model in the photographs actually runs a COSC-beating +2/ – 3 following 3 years. This is obvious. Indeed, even with testing the Seiko figures as a rule frequently skirt on the critical. The development enumerating is workmanlike yet amazingly completed directly down to the Japanese adaptation of Côtes de Geneve, in an impenetrable development. With every Grand Seiko you get a different testing testament of your development, lifting the feeling of event when you unpack it. The force save is 72 hours, so you can take care of this for a few days of mountain trekking with the G-stun it’ll actually be ticking away on Monday morning.


This little yet stout wonder is fitted to your wrist with a brushed steel arm band with a discrete shape, and fine subtleties complementing the SBGR053. Strong however balanced connections with a Speedy-esque brushed center flanked by cleaned stripes and cleaned external edges.

A great number of connections and half connections are gotten by screw-in pins, ensuring you have room for change regardless of whether the little collapsed catch doesn’t have any miniature change. Should you purchase used ensure all connections are available, as an additional half connection from GS is around 180 euros. The plan of the wristband isn’t excessively energizing, however the impeccable completion of the case is coordinated by that of the bracelet.

The resiliences among joins and the case body are amazingly close, bringing about an incredible fit and execution. Your wrist will appreciate the way that there is no sharp edge in sight. Albeit the little GS looks sharp on cowhide, the comfort of the arm band makes it damn hard to take off. Truth be told, the most noticeably awful thing about getting one of these delights is that your different watches may feel to some degree disregarded. Get familiar with Grand Seiko .