Hot closely following their authority discharge, we go involved with the three new Seiko Alpinist references.

It was simply a week ago that we distributed an article on suspended Seiko watches that authorities love. One of the watches I examined was the long-running SARB017 Alpinist. I likewise referenced that Seiko was wanting to deliver a threesome of new Seiko Alpinist watches and coincidentally those pieces showed up at the nearby store this previous Thursday. I accepted the open door to visit the shop and the incredible group there was adequately charitable to permit me to deal with and photo every one of the new models. Here’s your opportunity to see each of the three and get some input on whether the expansion of two new colorways alongside some better quality (and cost) credits merit your time.

The New Seiko Alpinist Models – Alpinists by some other Name

When I talked about the previous SARB017, I referenced that the new Seiko Alpinist pieces would join different watches, for example, the Seiko Sumo in going more upscale and by adding the Prospex “X” logo on the dial. What I didn’t notice is that these watches presently don’t contain the word “Alpinist” on the dial or case back any more. You’ll read different articles on these watches alluding to them as “Alpinist-inspired”, which feels like Seiko PR represent “we don’t need to utilize the Alpinist name any longer.” Well, at the danger of sounding combative, I will allude to this threesome as Alpinists since they totally are in my brain. Note that this isn’t the first run through we’ve seen Seiko back away from an amazing name as the most recent 300 Meter jumpers, for example, the green SLA019 , are not, at this point formally known as Marinemasters. Be that as it may, here once more, even the Seiko shops allude to them by their previous, and in my view legitimate, names since fans allude to them thusly. With my tirade presently done and tidied, let’s take a gander at some watches!

Thoughtful Changes to a Favorite

If you’re acquainted with the old SARB017, at that point the new Seiko Alpinist models will come off as very recognizable. With their twin crown arrangement, the lower controls an inside pivoting compass, while a screw-down crown handles the time and date. These new watches stray almost no from their archetypes plan astute. Those crowns, coincidentally, stay unsigned. The treated steel case comes in at a still-reasonable 39.5mm width with a 46mm drag to-haul length. Thickness is by all accounts up marginally to 13.2mm.

Inside, the new Alpinist gets an update as the development changes from the 21,600vph 6R15 to a similar recurrence 6R35 and that presently implies 70 hours of force hold. Pleasingly, Seiko keeps on moving its Prospex line away from Hardlex gems and over to sapphire all things considered. It additionally gets a presentation case back all the while. Also, in what will probably go down as a to some degree disputable move, the new pieces bring back a cyclops over the date window. Water-opposition stays at a “go anyplace, do anything” 200 meters. Yet, the greatest change we have is the presentation of two extra shadings beside the green version that qualifies as a neo-exemplary. On the off chance that you’re a genuine Alpinist fan, these three models reverberation the shades of the 4S15-fueled pieces that denoted the arrival of the line in 1995. has a fabulous article recording their history.


The first new Seiko Alpinist is reference SPB121 and this is the watch that, in vehicle terms, resembles a mid-model makeover. All in all, beside the specialized updates, there’s minimal new to see here. Yet, that’s alright in light of the fact that I discover those previously mentioned changes to be material and helpful. This green adaptation is additionally accessible just on a 20mm reptilian-emblazoned earthy colored calf calfskin tie with a marked press button deployant clasp.

For long-lasting Seiko fans, realize that this lash addresses a checked improvement over the earthy colored rawhide bite bone that was earlier taking on the appearance of a watch tie. I’ve truly not invested a huge load of energy with the earlier Alpinist, however in the event that you take a gander at the dial detail on SPB121, it looks fabulous. The gold applied files and logo are totally made with an exactness that fits or box somewhat over its €719 weight class.


The next new Seiko Alpinist is reference SPB119 and this denotes the hotly anticipated return of a white-dialed alternative. The 4S15-fueled rendition with a white dial (from the mid-’90s) highlighted gold files similar as the green variation, yet Seiko decided to give the 119 silver markers all things being equal. Accessible just on a dark calf calfskin lash with white sewing, this model likewise comes with a deployant fasten. Beside the silver attributes, the main part of the text style and compass markings utilize dark printing.

There’s simply a hint of orange for those compass readings that call out “north”. The tie is of nice quality, however I don’t completely love the styling. While the watch configuration is incredibly fresh, the tie misses the mark and comes off as somewhat messy. In any case, as said, this watch is a genuine looker and if just three days can be taken as a gauge, it’s going to be the top dealer. Valuing is equivalent to the 121 at €719.

SPB117 – My Favorite New Seiko Alpinist

Ok, I parted with it in the subheading, yet the dark dialed SPB117 is the one I’d bring home. The bird looked at among you will promptly perceive two key contrasts: This watch doesn’t utilize Arabic numerals as lists and it just comes on a wristband. As to dial and its utilization of triangles as markers, this likewise remains moderately consistent with its 25-year-old 4S15-fueled precursor. I like it since I discover the look more straightforward and clean (those Arabic numerals have consistently struck me as making too bustling a dial). I likewise like the red “20 BAR” detail on the detail that’s with regards to this variant’s history.

And while it is troublesome (and tragically so) to attract comparisons to 1960’s Alpinists like mine above, in the event that one genuinely squints maybe they can imagine the area dial of the old appearing in today’s three-sided markers. Indeed, that’s a scope, however it’s all I’ve got.

When it comes to the arm band, Oyster-style joins are utilized. That’s steady with the arm band that was accessible on the SARB017. Nonetheless, and this is a major “however” this wristband is lightyears in front of the frequently insulted adornment that Seiko recently delivered. The connections on this arm band are unbelievably flexible, very much expressed, and very meager. The catch is another certain indication of progress as the basic deployant moves from the messy stepped models that Seiko gave us previously. What’s more, investigate that exquisite little fasten with miniature change! Truly, the entire thing felt incredible to the fingers and on the wrist. What’s incredible here —  and somewhat of a disgrace in the event that you truly like one of the other two dials better —  is that the SPB117 just conveys a 20 Euro premium (taking it to €739) for this prominently wearable bracelet.

Final Thoughts on the New Seiko Alpinist

I’ve spread the word about it that the advanced Alpinist isn’t my #1 watch because of its visual complexity. In addition, I discover the consideration of a compass to be a moderately pointless “complication” when compared to something like a 24-hour bezel, yet I get that these watches are intended for investigating. With all that being said, I making the most of my experience with each of the three of these new Seiko Alpinist models — particularly the dark adaptation and, to a marginally lesser degree, the white. Indeed, much the same as on account of the new Sumo jumper, Seiko-philes will boisterously moan about the step by step progress of all the Prospex models to extravagant substitutions. In any case, once more, these watches truly are an update. What’s more, as I generally prefer to call attention to, what other place would you say you will search for a fresh out of the plastic new watch that’s been created completely in-house and with this degree of detail at this value point? On the off chance that you appreciate the styling and are searching for a genuinely wearable ordinary watch, any of these would work impeccably and I imagine that the redesigns transform them into less of an apologist’s watch. Eventually, I have presumably that Seiko will discover accomplishment with these three models and I’m glad that the whole globe currently can purchase them.

Thank you again to the Seiko Frankfurt Boutique for their time. The new Seiko Alpinist models don’t yet show up on the , however continue to check for more details.