When one thinks about a style the world partners with Germany, Bauhaus comes to mind. In engineering, furniture plan or watchmaking Bauhaus was, and somewhat still is, the most noticeable impact for some. The spotless lines, basic shapes and the weighty use of monochrome all turned into the brand names of this period. Not very far for Germany, just across their northern boundary lies Scandinavia. The region that comprises of a modest bunch of nations additionally has a set of experiences with plan. Ikea, the reasonable and beautiful furniture combination from Sweden is perhaps the most known brands out here.  Bang & Olufsen from Denmark is another name many know about. Much the same as in all other areas of plan, the Scandinavians carried a new better approach to watchmaking and watch plan. This article will manage one of these brands; the Bravur Scandinavia. A Scandinavian brand (no quip planned) in numerous ways.

Bravur Scandinavia

The brand comes from Sweden and highly esteems being 100% Scandinavian. Their methodology, the watches even the appearance of their site are altogether in reality extremely “northern”. Bravur has various watches effectively available. One can pick between quartz models or automatics. You will discover 3 models in every class and number of various dial minor departure from each model page. Other than watches, Bravur likewise offers delightful Italian calfskin ties on the site.  This time however, we will take a gander at the Bravur Scandinavia Jet Black watch. One of 3 distinct changes inside the Scandinavia model line. The Scandinavia Jet Black is presumably likewise the most calm of the three. This needs to do a ton with the profound black dial and the straightforward silver files. However, how about we start toward the start and take a gander at the watch case first.

Swedish Steel

The Scandinavia’s case is Swedish-made, steel with 39mm in breadth excluding the crown. All things considered beneath 40mm, it doesn’t play into the huge case pattern that appears to clear across most brands nowadays. It is round with short drags on the off chance that we look it from the dial side. At the point when you turn the watch over you can see anyway that the case limits towards the middle and the drags are in reality long. The completing is the standard thing; cleaned on the top and base and brushed on the sides of the case and the carries. No inclined edges simply straight mathematical lines. The case back is full and has 6 tightens it that hold the back to the case. The focal point of the case back games the Bravur name and logo while around the side you can peruse the essential data about the Scandinavia.

Swedish Soul/Swiss Made

Moving on from the lodging of the Bravur Scandinavia to the dial the one thing that grabs our eye is the little list scale that is in the center. The 60-seconds scale isn’t around the edge of the dial yet mostly in the middle. The hands, be that as it may, are long arriving at all the route to the edge of the black dial. Outside of the second’s scale, you locate the slight and long silver, bended, applied lists. They are cleaned much the same as the hands. Talking about which, the hour and moment hands appear as though vintage watch hands where the lume has dropped out. This is purposeful, as the openings in them likewise help to optically thin them. The little round date window is at 6 o’clock and beneath is the explanation that educates everything regarding the moto of the Bravur Scandinavia; Swedish Soul – Swiss Made.


The word programmed likewise has a spot on the dial. As we as a whole know this alludes to the core of the Bravur Scandinavia; the development inside. Bravur utilizes Sellita’s trusty SW300-1 a 25-Jewel programmed development with 42 hours of force save. At 28800 A/h the SW300-1 is just about a high-beat development (quite one, in the event that you are Seiko) henceforth exact. Numerous little and miniature brand these days pick Sellita over other development producers. The quality Sellita gives is extraordinary, the developments are not difficult to support (in any event, for an ETA prepared watchmaker) and the parts are promptly accessible. Truly, the Sellita SW300-1 is the brand’s option in contrast to the amazing ETA 2892. The use of these development permits little brands like Bravur to be practical while offering their looks for an exceptionally competitive price.


The Bravur Scandinavia takes a 20mm tie. You can look over various changed alternatives from black to brown or light tan. All tones function admirably with the black dial. Our watch went ahead a black lash the most exquisite of all. Each tie comes with a deployant clasp and fast eliminating spring bars. On the other hand, you can get it on a Milanese arm band. The watch ships in a decent calfskin zip case that serves as a movement pocket. For the entirety of this, you need to pay €950/$995 (on the cowhide lash) which falls into the reasonable classification. Unquestionably you could discover less expensive watches from greater names (like Certina or Tissot) however those companies play in an alternate alliance. Little yet enthusiastic brands like Bravur are digging in for the long haul. On the off chance that you are into Swedish plan the Bravur Scandinavia may very well be the watch for you.

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