This isn’t precisely another watch. Bvlgari presented it as the Diagono in 1998, an aluminum watch with a quartz development. Later on, more models were added, incorporating chronographs with programmed movements.

Late last August, in Geneva, Bvlgari presented the Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph reference 103383. Only a couple days prior, Bvlgari gave me the Aluminum chronograph to wear. I have been wearing this watch on and off, and today I am imparting my contemplations about this watch to you. Let’s have a more critical gander at this watch, implied for recent college grads (as can be seen in this video ).

Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph

On the one hand, Bvlgari being so clear about its intended interest group precludes me for this watch. I was brought into the world in 1977, so in 1998 I was 21 and maybe as old as today’s most youthful millennial. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about those individuals who consistently had a shaky area for this watch, couldn’t manage the cost of it during the 1990s, and now have some cash within reach to satisfy their fantasies? I likewise don’t have a place in that class, however I can envision this watch addresses a more extensive crowd than just twenty to thirty year olds. Maybe I shouldn’t take such things in a real sense, yet when a brand is so solid in conveying this idea, I need to test it.


The Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph is introduced in an aluminum box. It looks somewhat like the crate of a decent pencil, with the watch exposing inside when you it, and there’s a little envelope with a guarantee card and code you can check. This code will lead you to the advanced manuals of the watch. Nonetheless, I do miss past guidance flyer. It is ideal to have something unmistakable. The instance of the watch is made of aluminum, has an elastic bezel, and titanium pushers and crown. The case back is likewise made of titanium. All titanium parts have gotten a DLC treatment, turning them dark. I can’t help thinking about how the aluminum case will keep over the long haul. In view of certain pictures of used aluminum Bvlgari Diagono models from an earlier time, imprints and scratches are especially visible.

Case design

Bvlgari additionally presented a couple of time-just models of this watch, that essentially share a similar case. A 40mm aluminum case with titanium components. Also, obviously, an elastic bezel that has “Bvlgari Bvlgari” chiseled. The drags give off an impression of being short, however don’t disregard the little “extension”. The carry to-drag size is thusly roughly 48mm. In any case, because of the plan, the watch won’t show up huge on a wrist. There’s a crown monitor yet the rectangular pushers are not ensured by any watchmen. The thickness of the case is approx. 11mm, which makes it an entirely comfortable watch to wear. As should be obvious, the tie is connected to the situation with screws.


The principle fascination of this watch isn’t the material, however the dial combined with the dark “Bvlgari Bvlgari” bezel. I love the panda dial. As should be obvious, the shade of the dial is rich, absolutely not white. The dark hour and moment hands give a decent differentiation as do the little white hands on the dark sub-dials. The date is at 4.30 as should be obvious. Some disdain it, I end up loving it. Yet, I can manage without a date. Standard Fratello perusers may know this due to my past tirades. The chronograph second hand has a red tip, which carries some tone to the whole group. Just certainly, Bvlgari printed “Aluminium” on the dial too. Which likewise turns out to be the model name, of course.


The lash is made of elastic, and on each side, you will discover two pivots with aluminum focal points obvious. On the initial segment of the lash, on the two sides, you will discover “Bvlgari” emblazoned. The tie is somewhat firm where the pivots are, yet the more drawn out bits of elastic are truly adaptable and comfortable. As you can envision, because of the connection framework, you can’t just put another lash on the Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph. That’s not a wrongdoing, obviously, as the plan of this watch asks for the first elastic tie. Be that as it may, to make sure you know.

The lash has an ordinary clasp, made of aluminum, and again you will discover the “Bvlgari” brand name noticeably obvious. Along with the dark elastic bezel, the DLCed pushers and crown, and obviously the dark hands and subdials, it is a decent looking design.

BVL130 movement

As composed over, the caseback is made of titanium (with DLC treatment). It shows some significant and less important data, however at any rate demonstrates its water opposition. Which I find pretty helpful. Particularly when you have a couple of watches in your assortment, it is ideal to have a little update before you bring a hop into the pool. The caseback is a snapback and conceals the Bvlgari BVL130 development. A self-winding chronograph development, in light of ETA’s 2894 development. It has a force save of 42 hours, and ticks at 28800vph.

I eliminated the case back (simple), to investigate the development. Perlage embellishment on the principle plate and Côtes de Geneve on the rotor. Bvlgari has additionally been engraved in the rotor. It is a straightforward chronograph development. The four openings you see aren’t void, with a loupe I can see that every one of them has a screw inside. These tightens hold the elastic bezel place.

On the wrist and some thoughts

When I put the Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph on the wrist, it feels light, comfortable and it is effectively clear (let’s not disregard these things). The hands give a legitimate differentiation, and you can immediately peruse the time and date. Working the chronograph is something I need to comment on. The beginning/stop pusher needs a ton of power, so much, that it doesn’t feel regular. Michael Stockton likes to utilize the expression “action on the pushers”, and compared to any of my different chronographs it essentially has a lot obstruction. I have the Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph around my work area today, just as a Valjoux 7750 based type, and that’s a significant diverse world with regards to beginning the chronograph. I don’t know whether it is the development (I don’t have another watch with an ETA2984 base chronograph), or the development of the pusher, however it needs a lot of power in my opinion.


This watch has a ton of “Bvlgari” going on. I’m not discussing the brand’s DNA or idea, yet it has “Bvlgari” on each part. It is obviously important for the DNA to have “Bvlgari Bvlgari” on the bezel, however you will likewise discover it on the elastic lash (twice), the dial, the clasp, case back, and so on A ton of “logo-ing” or marking, as you wish. It is important for the watch, its legacy, and maybe likewise part of the fascination in this specific Bvlgari Aluminum assortment. On the off chance that I view at the watch as an article, one that I concentrate for composing this survey, it feels all in all too similar as a “designers” watch as a result of all the marking. Positively however. Or maybe more “Stone Island” or “CP Company” than “Camp David” or “La Martina”. At the point when it is on my wrist, I like its looks. It was one of the principal watches I got back that my better half really commented on (in a positive path too). The Bvlgari Aluminum Chronograph appears to accomplish something fascinating on the wrist. It wears and looks (because of the pivots, find in the image above) like an arm band, really.

Price and Availability

The retail cost on the Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph ref. 103383 is €4,250 (counting duties) and it is just accessible on the web. The non-chronograph renditions are €2950. While I like the watch: the plan, coherence, and the materials Bvlgari utilized, €4,250 is a genuine measure of cash to spend for most recent college grads. The watch is very much made, feels strong and the development utilized is ETA based, however a strong entertainer. I raised my interests on working the chronograph however. There is a great deal of competition in this value section, additionally from enormous brands delivering chronographs. The plan sets the Bvlgari Aluminum chronograph separated, that should be your inspiration. What’s more, maybe, to want to be somewhat not quite the same as the rest.

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