I should admit, it has been some time since I last wore a Fortis watch. Not that I don’t need to, but rather we have a serious huge group of editors nowadays, and others bounced on Fortis somewhat quicker. In the wake of having the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 on my wrist for a couple of days, I’m going to ensure I’m at the front of the line next time…

I am emphatically astonished by the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 reference 638.18.91. The main thing to see is the means by which great this watch looks on the wrist. What’s more, that particulars can be so deluding. As indicated by the spec sheet, the watch estimates 44mm in breadth and has a haul to-drag size of 53mm. Presently, before you moan and quit perusing, hear me out.

Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18

I don’t have little wrists (18cm) yet they’re not very huge either, and this 44mm watch suits me consummately. The intriguing part is that the bezel estimates 44mm in measurement, while the case width is 42mm. It is in no way, shape or form a little watch, yet it shouldn’t be by the same token. This watch was intended to be worn by cosmonauts in space. The enormous bezel, huge pushers, and crown are largely simple to get a handle on. With a thickness of 15.5mm, this watch sits high on the wrist. In any case, once more, it bodes well as I would like to think. What’s most significant is the wearing comfort, and I find that shockingly great. It is simply one more model that shows you shouldn’t go visually impaired on specifications.


Although I am mindful that there’s a specific association between the Russian space organization Roscosmos and Fortis since 2001 (and before that, back in 1994, with some Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center), I can’t discover explicit subtleties on this association. The Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph reference 638.10.11 M is the model that is being given to cosmonauts clearly. Notwithstanding, I had never known about Amadee-18 I got this watch for audit. Amadee-18 was an activity by the Austrian Space Forum, to reproduce a Mars mission in the Oman desert. This occurred in 2018 and they played out a few undertakings and analyses to mimic pieces of a Mars mission.

Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 Project

Together with the Austrian Space Forum, Fortis built up a minor departure from the Fortis Official Cosmonauts watch, for use during the Amadee-18 mission in Oman. It is a dark PVD adaptation of the “normal” Fortis Official Cosmonauts watch, yet with an uncommon Amadee-18 mission fix on the 9 o’clock subdial. The orange and red address the dawns and nightfalls on Mars and Earth, the fine-lined example inside the circle addresses the investigation did in Oman. As should be obvious, it looks pretty cool. I love the utilization of orange and red on dark dials. The chronograph hands of the watch have a splendid orange tone, which feels completely in-a state of harmony with the mission patch.


On the posterior of the watch, you will discover the logo and wordmark of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, known as Roscosmos. What I can’t translate is the reference number looking into it back, as it doesn’t coordinate the one on the Fortis site or inventory. The official reference for this watch is 638.18.91 LP.10. Maybe I am managing an example or model for reviews. I favor cool inscriptions or decorated logos over a sapphire case back that shows the development. Except if we are taking a gander at something really restrictive or Haute Horlogerie, a pleasant etching or emblazoning addresses me more.

Caliber UW50

The chronograph development inside the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 is type UW50, a Valjoux 7750 based development. The dial likely parted with that as of now. This development is additionally effectively unmistakable when you shake the watch — it just breezes a single way. The other bearing outcomes in a free turn and causes that acclaimed Valjoux 7750 wobble. The development ticks at 28,800vph, and has a force save of 48 hours. As per the Fortis site, the UW50 ought to be bi-directional winding. However, I feel (and hear) that it just breezes a single way and has a free turn the other way. Either the site isn’t right, or I am managing a model or test watch that has an alternate type inside (yet additionally Valjoux 7750 based). The day and date circles are dark, comparing with the dial, and the printing is in white.

Legible Dial

Although you can say the grain-completed dial is very jumbled, it is likewise truly readable. During the day, yet doubtlessly likewise in low-light conditions. We charged the dial a piece and snapped the photo above to illustrate. The abundance of numbers on the dial can come across as befuddling, yet each has its own track and scale. There’s the tachymeter scale in the external ring, the moment track in the middle, and the hours on the inward scale. The roundabout completion of the depressed subdials at 12 and 6 o’clock give a smidgen of contrast.

The two triangles outside the day and date opening show what direction to turn the crown to propel them. Really slick. Other than the out of control tones on the dial, this is a device watch and it doesn’t conceal it. Around the dial (and gem), there’s the uni-directional hour long jumping scale. It can likewise be utilized to time different things, obviously. The triangle on top is lumed as well.

Cordura Strap

The Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 comes on this dark cordura tie. It is somewhat stiffer than calfskin, however after some time it will get more graceful. It looks extraordinary with the dark PVD instance of the Amadee-18 chronograph. The pin clasp has an emblazoned Fortis logo and is made of dark PVD steel. The lash associates impeccably to the case and leaves no hole or play.

On The Wrist

Aside from some little peculiar things, similar to the twisting course of the development that is by all accounts expressed mistakenly on the site, or the off-kilter reference number working on this issue back, it is a lovely cool watch. It has been on my wrist for a couple of days at this point, and I should say that the size of this Fortis Official Cosmonauts Amadee-18 is in fact a number. It wears comfortably and it simply looks magnificent. In the wake of perusing Rob’s meet with the thoughtful Fortis CEO Jupp Philipp ( click here ), I turned out to be considerably more energetic. As far as I might be concerned, it is significant that a brand is thoughtful and energized with energy rather than Excel sheets (albeit eventually, everybody needs to pay for their goods, lease, etc.).

Price and Availability

I like this watch. That is all. What’s more, the Fratello colleagues that were in the workplace a week ago (Bert, Gerard, and Jorg) additionally checked it out and gave positive criticism. It doesn’t happen to me all the time that I need to keep a watch after audit. Yet, I am intrigued. I wouldn’t mind adding either this model or one of the Official Cosmonauts chronographs in steel to my assortment. Maybe I just shouldn’t give it back (yet definitely, I will).

The cost of this Fortis Official Cosmonaut Amadee-18  is only somewhat higher than the normal Roscosmos emblazoned adaptation in steel. It has a retail cost of €3,300 (counting VAT). More data on the official Fortis .