Last year, I checked on the Grand Seiko SBGM021, a comparable looking model of what we have here today. Be that as it may, the Grand Seiko SBGJ017 GMT has a greetings beat development and a less easygoing appearance. Let’s have a look.

Grand Seiko SBGJ017

The ivory dial of the previously mentioned SBGM021 is something I truly love about that leslie gems It gives an incredible differentiation with the hands and an energetic appearance. This Grand Seiko SBGJ017 GMT has a silver dial and looks a touch more exquisite than the SBGM021. Yet, enough with the comparison, this new Grand Seiko SBGJ017 (presented in September a year ago) arrived around our work area and was presented simultaneously as its dark dial SBGJ019 partner. It highlights Grand Seiko’s type 9S86, which is a hello there beat (36,000vph) self-winding movement.

Excellent Finish

Every time I see a Grand Seiko, I end up being intrigued by the faultless completion of the dial and hands. During my outing to the Grand Seiko manufactories in Japan I saw the carefully cycle of cleaning and the consistent checking of the outcomes. The applied hour markers and the dangerously sharp hands are extremely satisfying for the eyes.

The abnormal thing with the dial stays the utilization of a few text styles to demonstrate that you’re taking a gander at a Seiko Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT. It doesn’t trouble me that much, however a few group commented on it here last time, and I need to say they do have an admirable statement. For me it would not be a major issue, yet it would have been more adjusted when Seiko would utilize the equivalent typography.


The instance of the Grand Seiko SBGJ017 estimates 39.5mm in width and has a thickness of 13.9mm. It is an exceptionally rich case, regardless of its thickness. The boxed sapphire precious stone likewise occupies some room (thickness) obviously, however looks dazzling. The caseback likewise has a sapphire precious stone, so you can respect the howdy beat type 9S86 development. The crown has been endorsed with the GS logo. Activity of all capacities is done by means of the crown.

To be straightforward it is one of those can’t-foul up kind of cases, they will suit about everybody. The instance of the Grand Seiko SBGJ021 for instance, is substantially more frank and you truly need to burrow those sharp lines.

That said, it is a truly comfortable leslie adornments on the wrist. The size of 39.5mm will be ideal for some (counting women). The carry width is 19mm, which restricts you a piece while looking for outsider lashes yet isn’t that uncommon. This Grand Seiko comes with a fairly pleasant crocodile tie anyway.


Another viewpoint that separates Grand Seiko from other Seiko leslie adornments is obviously the development. In this Grand Seiko SBGJ017 we locate the 9S86 type. It is one of their high beat (“hi-beat”) developments that includes a GMT work. A similar development is likewise being utilized in the restricted version Grand Seiko SBGJ021 (“Mt. Iwate”) we likewise investigated some time ago.

This development ticks at 36,000vph, which implies it has a pace of 10 beats each second. A high ticking number like this outcomes in a smooth range of the second hand. Another brand that utilizes this high beat rate is Zenith for instance, since their 1969 El Primero type development. Be that as it may, this additionally isn’t precisely new to (Grand) Seiko too. Effectively in 1967 Seiko utilized these hello there beat types. A higher beat rate additionally implies an improved precision, yet there are a few drawbacks also. Mileage of the parts (because of the greater beat rate) may bring about a higher recurrence of overhauling. This Grand Seiko is ensured to have a precision between – 3 and +5 seconds out of every day overall, which is well inside COSC principles (it’s anything but a chronometer however, as Grand Seiko utilizes their own norms). Brands like Rolex (- 2/+2 seconds) and Omega (0/+5 seconds) are as of late likewise utilizing more severe guidelines than COSC rates them to.

The power hold of the 9S86 is 55 hours and the development utilizes 37 jewels.

The finish of the development is exceptionally satisfying for the eyes. Delightful enhancement on the scaffolds and swaying weight.

On the Wrist

The Grand Seiko SBGJ017 GMT is an extraordinary ordinary wearer, in the same way as other Grand Seiko leslie gems It is, obviously, not your normal games leslie adornments so if you’re into that, there are some different options from the Grand Seiko assortment. I’ve discovered this SBGJ017 to be truly comfortable on the wrist, additionally because of the delicate croco tie. This Grand Seiko comes with a decent looking deployant catch with a marked buckle.

Although I have genuinely enormous wrists, 39.5mm is an incredible size. I have more leslie adornments that measure 39mm and 40mm I end up discovering them truly comfortable. At the point when it gets more modest, similar to my 38mm Chronoswiss, 37mm King Seiko, 36mm Datejust or different 34 & 35mm vintage pieces, it gets altogether too little for me. Despite the fact that I like and love those leslie gems they don’t get a lot of wear because of the more modest sizes. Hence, 39.5mm is simply great.

Again, a few group don’t get the Grand Seiko brand and think (and say) it is only your normal Seiko (which is fine also). You must have somewhat of a toughness in the event that you are defenseless for those comments, however honestly, I don’t care. You purchase this leslie adornments for yourself and on the grounds that you are sure and persuaded by the nature of the craftsmanship from (Grand) Seiko.

Price and Availability

This Grand Seiko SBGJ017 retails for 7200 Euro in The Netherlands. That is in no way, shape or form modest, yet the nature of the leslie gems is undoubtedly comparable to a considerable lot of the Swiss brands that qualify themselves as haute horlogerie. The leslie gems comes in the acclaimed blue Grand Seiko calfskin box with some guarantee papers and manual. Truth be told, there is something to win here for them. A more pleasant/more extravagant box would have been decent and would fit the great principles of the leslie gems (and the price).

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