Here it is (at long last), the active Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 survey. Precisely a half year after its delivery date (January seventh), I got mine the new Omega Boutique in Biel.

We as of late addressed this watch in our Sunday Morning Showdown area , where Jorg and Ben sent this Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 in steel and the Rolex Daytona 116500LN into fight. On the off chance that you haven’t read it yet, kindly go check it out.

A few days after the fact after the distribution of that article, I had the option to get the Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321. I got the message that my watch was fit to be gathered and I understood that I would be one of the fortunate folks to get it so early. I’ve been wearing the Speedmaster watch for seven days at this point, and I think it bodes well to impart my musings on it to you. Completely one-sided obviously, as it is my own watch (which I paid genuine cash for, by the way).

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321

My first Speedmaster was fueled by a type 321. I bought that watch back in 1999. That was the piece that lighted my affection for the Speedmaster. I would even venture to say that without that watch, there wouldn’t be a Fratello nor a #SpeedyTuesday, and I would in any case be working in Information Technology. As I turned out to be more intrigued by the Speedmaster arrangement and began gathering them, one I had always wanted was to see the arrival of the type 321 of every a cutting edge Speedmaster. Other Speedmaster lovers imparted this idea to me, more than once, however Omega communicated that the privileges of the type 321 dwelled with Breguet.

Return of the 321 movement

If you’re considering how that occurred, it is very fascinating. Unexpectedly, it is totally to do with timing. Back in 1992, Breguet purchased Lémania. An additional six years would pass before the Swatch Group procured Breguet in 1999. Notwithstanding the two brands being under a similar proprietorship, their properties stayed unmistakable. Thusly, there was no indication of an arrival of the type 321 to Omega.

That was until a year ago, in mid 2019. In the background, Omega’s CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, and his group had been chipping away at the arrival of the type 321. A famous chronograph development that was utilized in the Speedmasters that were on the Moon and on the wrists of space explorers was going to make its comeback.

The new type 321

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 Platinum

During the primary Speedy Tuesday occasion of 2019, the uncover of the new type 321 occurred. The Speedmaster devotees were the first to see the news, even before the press got the data (the manner in which it ought to be finished). Perhaps the greatest inquiry was in which Speedmaster watch the type 321 would be utilized. Omega was quiet about it yet referenced it would be most readily accessible in a watch made of valuable metal. A couple of months after the fact, on July 21st, the Speedmaster Cal 321 in platinum was presented, with its onyx dial and lunar shooting star subdials. You can peruse our involved survey of that watch here .

Speedmaster Caliber 321 311.

Those who focused during the underlying presentation of the type 321, might have thought about what the new steel Speedmaster Caliber 321 would be. It has been clarified into extraordinary detail how Omega utilized the Speedmaster 105.003 that was on Gene Cernan’s wrist during Apollo 17. So here it is, the Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 with reference 311. that discovers its motivation from reference 105.003 that was utilized on the Moon. This watch is additionally called the “Ed White”, as White was the first to utilize this watch during a spacewalk in 1965. More about that here .

Video with foundation information

One of the primary things we (Bert and I) did, was to shoot a video on this Speedmaster Caliber 321 with some foundation data. I need to keep this audit as active as could be expected, however I saw it is not difficult to get diverted all the fascinating data about the development, the historical backdrop of the Speedmaster, and its relationship with Space, etc. In the event that you are keen on that, if it’s not too much trouble, watch the Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 video that we last weekend.

“105.003” Case

The instance of the new Speedmaster Caliber 321 ref. 311. estimates 39.7mm in measurement and 13mm in stature. It is precisely the same case body as utilized on the initial three ages of Speedmaster watches — the alleged straight haul case. It is not quite the same as the recently delivered First Omega in Space and the Speedmaster ’57 60th commemoration , as these watches have an aspect on the carries. The haul width is 19mm and the drag to-carry distance is 48mm.

Most of my Speedmaster watches have the 42mm Professional case, so this 39.7mm wears somewhat more modest. What I love about this watch is that it is essentially similar to having a fresh out of the plastic new 105.003.

I love vintage Speedmasters, particularly how they all age so pleasantly (and independently). In any case, it is likewise exceptionally satisfying to have a fresh out of the plastic new Speedmaster on the wrist, with a similar look and feel as the first 105.003. The watch is meaningful around evening time, and the bezel is made of ceramic (with a white veneer tachy scale), which will be hard to harm. Let’s likewise not disregard the angled case back, which stays consistent with the first shape. For this update, notwithstanding, it has been honored with a sapphire crystal.

Dial and Hands

Omega realizes how to do these re-releases right. The progression dial in this Speedmaster Cal 321 311. is right on target. It has the applied logo, obviously. I needed to snatch a loupe, however the sub-dials have the round grain design and long “S” and “r” in “Speedmaster” are consistent with the first 105.003. The lone thing that is by all accounts diverse is the adjusting of “Swiss Made” underneath the 6 o’clock hour marker. The list line of the 29th second lines up with the left piece of the letter “D”, while the 105.003s have this a smidgen more adjusted to one side. Minor thing. Goodness, and do you see the Omega logo engraved in the sapphire precious stone? Awesome!

No Faux

Personally I generally approve of a touch of fake patina on the dial or hands, yet some of you do. This Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321 comes with an unobtrusive shade of Super-LumiNova. It isn’t white, however unquestionably not yellow enough to be fake patina. I would say it has somewhat of an ivory tone. Albeit the high-res pictures may show an excess of cream tones for some of you. In the substance, on the wrist, it doesn’t arrive at those degrees of yellow.

Speedmaster Caliber 321 Bracelet

Now, the vast majority of this watch’s comfort comes from the eminent arm band. Simply goodness. In the fasten, you’ll discover the reference STZ013537 engraved. Beside the fasten, it would seem that my vintage 1039 wristband. The connections tighten to 15mm at the fasten (the actual catch is 17.6mm wide.). It is excessively comfortable and simple to change. You can transform it with 1/third, 2/third, or add/eliminate a whole link.

The joins use screws, so you can do it without anyone’s help, with the perfect measure of tolerance and the correct sort of screwdrivers. On the off chance that you feel uncomfortable resizing it yourself, kindly let somebody in the store do it for you. On the catch, there are two pushers for delivering it. Beside my wristband on the gold Speedmaster Moonshine, I think this is the best Speedmaster arm band in steel yet.

The Caliber 321 Movement

For many, this is the fundamental fascination of this watch — Omega’s type 321 chronograph with segment wheel component. I’ve expounded on it commonly previously, remembering for respects to this new type . In our video (above), you will see and hear more about it also. The completion is essentially astonishing, and the Sedna gold PVD treatment truly makes it look great. What else would omega be able to do other than putting a sapphire precious stone there? This development should be seen!

And indeed, it’s anything but a Master Chronometer guaranteed development and it isn’t as exact as the new type 3861, yet in the event that you are searching for that, this watch isn’t for you. I did some home testing and discovered the delta to be amazingly close (2 seconds) with a X rating (mean day by day pace) of +8 seconds across five positions. I can live with that. Let’s check the presentation following half a month once more. Omega’s normal accuracy resistances for non Chronometer/Master Chronometer watches are between – 1/+11 seconds out of each day. This likewise applies to the new type 321 movement.

But I care excessively minimal about that with a watch this way. Utilizing this development again is an achievement for Omega and shows how much the brand regards its clients and Speedmaster fans. For me actually, it is a fantasy come true.

On the wrist

As I referenced over, the vibe of this watch on the wrist is astonishing. It is overly comfortable, because of the size and the expertly developed wristband. In any case, let’s not disregard its looks. It resembles having a fresh out of the box new 105.003 on the wrist and, indeed, it is only that. In the event that we can simply fail to remember briefly this Speedmaster Caliber 321 watch has been modernized with Super-LumiNova, an artistic bezel, and a sapphire precious stone. The twisting of the crown is smooth as margarine and much “easier” than on any of my other Speedmasters utilizing type 861, 1861, or the 3861. Working the pushers feels like my old type 321 from 1968. As Mike consistently says “nice activity on the pushers”. That certainly applies to this watch.

Presentation box

I bought this watch in the new Omega store in Biel, which is a lovely darn pleasant one. In one of the parlors, they opened up the case, and inside was the Speedmaster Caliber 321 in steel. What an inclination! This watch was introduced to me in the huge Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch box. You know the one. Omega has utilized it since 2014 for its new Moonwatch models. It is additionally the case utilized for the Speedmaster Cal 321 in platinum.

Some individuals expected something other than what’s expected, however when I saw the platinum comes in this huge Moonwatch box, I had an inclination that it would likewise apply for the steel Speedmaster Caliber 321. Indeed, the beneficial thing is, I don’t have a Moonwatch more youthful than 2014.

So I am content with this case, as I presently at last have it. Also, let’s not fail to remember, the enormous Omega Speedmaster box is quite marvelous. In the crate, you’ll discover two extra ties, a tie evolving device, and a loupe. The papers and guidance book just as a book on the Speedmaster are included.

Elephant in the room

So, the one thing that I didn’t notice yet, is the cost of this watch. It is, justifiably, an interesting issue among Speedmaster fans. The retail cost of the Speedmaster Caliber 321 311. is €13,300. That’s a great deal of cash, and, in reality, considerably more than the €4,700 of a standard Moonwatch. In any case, these are various watches. While the standard Moonwatch is created by Omega’s industrialized assembling measure, this new Speedmaster Caliber 321 is collected in an unexpected way. Omega needs to industrialized its assembling, to create around 750,000 watches every year. I have seen the Speedmaster Cal 321 workshop in Biel, and it is totally different from the rest.

In this workshop, development parts show up and conveyed to one watchmaker for gathering. This watchmaker is then liable for gathering the whole watch. It doesn’t go from workstation-to-workstation, where various specialists deal with various assignments. That sort of responsibility includes for something in this industry.

Alternatives for the Speedmaster Cal 321

But does it clarify the cost? I don’t know. Yet, what I cannot deny is that I’ve been told on different events that the watch is super exorbitant to create. I’m fine with that, as I probably was aware this forthright before I put in my request. In the event that you don’t need to spend this cash on another hand-wound Speedmaster, at that point the standard Speedmaster Professional is there. An ideal watch that is — as I would like to think — still a deal. Finding a vintage 105.003 in great condition is certainly not a simple assignment, and absolutely not at the cost tag of the new Speedmaster Caliber 321. You will locate a 105.012 or 145.012 with type 321 however. Purchase what you like, I would say. I’m content with the new Speedmaster Caliber 321 and to me, it merits each penny.

Speedmaster Caliber 321 Availability

Omega will create somewhere in the range of 1,000 and 2,000 321 developments each year. This yield will be part between the steel and platinum Speedmaster watches. The quantity of steel Speedmaster Caliber 321 watches will be unquestionably higher than the platinum ones, obviously. This year, likewise because of Covid-19, I can envision that the creation isn’t up to speed yet.

Omega is gradually beginning to convey the watches now (July) and it may take a long time before you will get yours. Yet, on the off chance that you are on the rundown, you will get the call ultimately. Persistence is key here, and I do know how that feels, from past orders. What I can guarantee you, is that you will adore this Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321. The type 321 is back! More data can be found on Omega’s . Discover all Speedmaster articles on Fratello by means of this connection .