On July 21st, precisely 50 years after Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the Moon, Omega once again introduced their Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch type 321. In platinum. Meet the Omega Speedmaster reference 311.

My first Speedmaster was a reference 145.012-67, created in February 1968 as indicated by the Omega documents and with type 321. At that point, in 1999, the watch was considerably less expensive than a type 861 with less mileage, yet those days are a distant memory. Looking back, I am glad that I picked the type 321 Speedmaster as a first watch (in spite of the fact that I was really after a more current one, for day by day wear) I actually have it today. Never sell your first Speedmaster, as they say!

Over the years, and you may have encountered this yourself too, it has become harder to discover a Speedmaster type 321 in good condition. Goodness, I recollect the occasions in the mid 2000s perusing eBay and watch gatherings for those 145.012s with type 321, and bought a couple at 1000 Euro each. A great deal of cash for me, being an understudy, so I frequently ended up selling them again to support my student’s life. I generally kept my initial one however, which I actually wear at times.

The new type 321

Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum Caliber 321

During every one of these years, authority companions of mine consistently demonstrated how much they’d love it if Omega would have the option to utilize the type 321 once more. This development has been with Breguet for a significant stretch, however recently, during our first Speedy Tuesday occasion of 2019, Omega reported what these watch authority companions expected: the re-presentation of the type 321. Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of Omega, said during that day: “The first Speedmaster with this new type 321 development will be in valuable metal.”. And albeit a ton of gatherers had expected something in steel and more available, the principal Speedmaster is in reality in a valuable metal: platinum.

Apollo XI

Some had the expectation that the type 321 would be in the steel Apollo XI release of this current year, or even in the 18-carat gold Speedmaster Apollo XI, however particularly the last wouldn’t have seemed well and good. The first gold Speedmaster Apollo XI from 1969 likewise had the bus cam type 861 development, so doing a re-version with a type 321 would have been generally erroneous. All things being equal, Omega chose to utilize their new type 3861 development for these Apollo XI versions and make them ‘firsts’ to utilize this improved Moonwatch type with Master Chronometer affirmation. We covered the Apollo XI 50th commemoration releases more than once on Fratello, yet I can advise you from direct that the type 3861 is an incredible development with amazing exactness, well inside the specs of 0 – 5 seconds of the day on average.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321 isn’t essential for the Apollo XI 50th commemoration, yet I need to show you the three most significant Speedmaster discharges – so far – in one picture. I compose ‘so far’, as I expect that Omega will present a steel rendition of the Speedmaster with the type 321 this year also. Conveyance is likely not going to occur in 2019, yet it gives us something to anticipate for 2020.

Gene Cernan

Based on the platinum version of the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with type 321, a ton of suppositions are being made on discussions and online media. Some expect that the steel one will be a more available adaptation of the platinum, yet as I would see it, this would be excessively near the Apollo-Soyuz watch with shooting star dial that Omega did a couple of years prior ( here ). In spite of the fact that that’s one of my number one steel Speedmaster varieties (yet I don’t have one still), my estimate is that one needs to focus more on the starting introduction/declaration of the type 321 , where they showed that the development they utilized, because of a tomography of the type 321 utilized in Gene Cernan’s 105.003 Speedmaster. Along these lines, I reach my determination of that particular declaration and let’s see what Omega will come up with. Beneath, the Speedmaster 105.003 that Cernan wore on the Moon.

Platinum, Onyx, and Meteorite

But let’s return to the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321. In view of the first 105.012, yet utilizing rich materials like platinum (with some gold in the combination, yet regarding the Pt950 standard) for the case and onyx and shooting star for the lovely dial. To begin with the last mentioned, the dial is made of two layers fundamentally. This is done to accomplish the progression dial impact, that Omega has been utilizing for their Speedmasters from 1957 till 1974. What’s more, more as of late, with the Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Ultraman release, obviously. That Ultraman utilizes an aluminum dial, which is a preferred position on the off chance that you need to make a stage dial impact. With material like onyx however, it is significantly more testing to accomplish, that’s why Omega utilized two layers.

As you can see beneath, the white gold applied hour markers are molded in such a manner, that they contact both the external dial just as the middle dial. The sub-dials have depressed shooting star surfaces. White gold edges encompass the lunar shooting star subdials. What makes this watch stick out, as I would see it, is the completely dark dial because of utilizing onyx. Hard to catch on pictures (and Omega didn’t permit us to distribute the video right now), however it is quite possibly the most amazing dark dials I’ve at any point seen. The white gold hands give phenomenal difference to the dark dial and the chronograph seconds hand has the short three-sided end too, much the same as the first 105.012 ‘Moonwatch’.

The Speedmaster reference 311. comes on a gator tie with a platinum clasp. No collapsing catch, yet a wonderfully completed lock in a similar material (Pt950Au20) as the case.

DO90 Bezel

For Speedmaster fans, and the Speedy Tuesday community, the significance of DO90 or DON is promptly clear. For the individuals who are generally new to the game, I will clarify this ‘code’. DO90 or DON represents Dot-Over-Ninety, which alludes to the bezel. As you see on the bezel, there’s a little speck (pointer) simply over the ’90’ on the tachymeter scale, on the upper right. Omega utilized bezels with this sort of printing of the ’90’ and its dab until 1970. A while later, the dab was situated a piece lower. As of not long ago once more, when Omega acknowledged gatherers had a thing continuing for this DO90 bezel. Glad to say that with the Speedy Tuesday Ultraman, the DO90 was ready to get it done and we’ve likewise seen it on this year’s Apollo XI deliveries. Obviously that this bezel is made of artistic, not aluminum. The tachymeter scale is in enamel.

Caliber 321

Let’s start with the fundamental stuff to a few: the type 321 was the lone Speedmaster development that was utilized on the Moon. Indeed, there was a Speedmaster 145.022 with type 861 utilized ‘near’ the Moon, as a component of some test project by space explorer Ron Evans, yet no space traveler set foot on the Moon wearing a Speedmaster with that type. We composed it before in this article , however the Speedmaster references utilized on the Moon are the 105.003, 105.012 and 145.012. The 105.012 is the reference utilized by Aldrin and Armstrong, and this is additionally the reference used to make this Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321.

Now, the Omega type 321 is gotten from the Lémania (mind the é) 27 CHRO C12 development that was presented in 1942. Omega began building up their variant of that development in and considered it the type 321 of every 1946. This segment wheel type 321 chronograph development had a screwed balance swaying at 18000vph, a force hold of 44 hours and had 17 gems. Omega began utilizing it for the Speedmaster CK2915 when it turned out in 1957 and was utilized till 1968 when they supplanted it with the type 861 development. The type 321 development was a copper-shaded development, as they did at that point, and there are two unique (‘major’) renditions. The type 321 utilized for the new Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321 depends on the second-age 321. This can be effortlessly distinguished by the state of the grasp connect. In the original, the grasp connect was even formed, in the subsequent age (1964 onwards) it was topsy-turvy. For the individuals who don’t realize where to look, it is the extension in the upper left (and left from the segment haggle) this off-kilter green-ish shading in the image above. In the image beneath, of the new type 321 development, it very well may be seen at a similar stature as the ‘On’ etching from ‘On the Moon’. Likewise there it has this odd tone, compared to the remainder of the development. It is on the grounds that it’s made of German silver.

Caliber 321

The new type 321 may appear to be copper-shaded too, similar to the first type 321, however it isn’t. Indeed, it is Sedna gold. Omega’s own rose gold compound. Obviously, it is plated, not strong. The completion on the development is simply shocking, as should be obvious. Wonderful brush impacts on all the surfaces and it is a precise of the first that had absolutely a similar wrapping up. I’m excited that Omega decided to return a sapphire case on this Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321 watch, in spite of at first disclosing to us they wouldn’t. Since we’re at the case back in any case, you will discover the slant on there, as the first 105.012 had too (not all 105.012s had this, the later 105.012-66 came without). In the drags of the case, you’ll discover a few markings for the utilization of platinum (Pt950), the Omega chronic number and the Omega globe image (which we covered here ).

The ‘action on the pushers’ is however smooth and delicate as it seemed to be on the first type 321, my first Speedmaster. It is a delight to utilize, and there is a serious distinction between working the type 321 and the 861 (and its replacements). Not certain you will utilize the chronograph, however have confidence that it is a delight to press those catches. By means of the sapphire case back, you will have a first line position to notice those repairmen moving upon your ‘click.’

Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321 on the wrist

It is trying to value this watch without tying it on your wrist. That’s the case with numerous watches, particularly watches that show a great deal of subtleties, yet on account of this Speedmaster Moonwatch Platinum type 321, it is additionally the weight that dazzles the wearer. Omega decided to utilize a gator tie for this watch (with croc lining), and not a platinum wristband. To a few, this is a pity, however having worn a full platinum Speedmaster during Baselworld 2018, it was altogether too much (for me). The tint of the platinum case is excellent, yet it’s the onyx dial that makes this Speedmaster with new type 321 essentially stunning.

With a retail cost around €56.000,- , this watch is positively not for everybody out there. Despite the fact that it isn’t restricted by a particular number, the value makes it a selective reference. The individuals who have the assets for this Speedmaster Platinum type 321 with reference 311., might need to stand by a piece. Conveyances will happen in the not so distant future, and Omega tells us that they expect a creation somewhere in the range of 50 and 100 every time of these watches. It will be customary creation however, so no set number or time limitation.

In all out, Omega gauges a creation somewhere in the range of 1000 and 2000 type 321 developments each year. In a devoted workshop, each Speedmaster watch with a type 321 will be gathered and wrapped up by one explicit watchmaker. This is likewise pertinent for the Speedmaster type 321 in treated steel that yet should be presented. Don’t expect a Speedmaster with type 321 at a similar cost as the current type 1861, or maybe even as the steel Apollo XI with type 3861. I surmise that it will be above 10.000 Euro given the utilization of the new type 321 developments and its extraordinary workshop involved.

Anyway, the platinum variant is a blowout for the eyes! The visitors of the Speedy Tuesday Event in New York on September 17 were among the first to check it out on the wrist. The main responses were positive, however reality kicked in when the cost was communicated, obviously. This watch is for the fortunate few, and I am certain they won’t be frustrated. Everything determinations can be found in the table below.

More data by means of Omega .