Yesterday, Omega declared its new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th commemoration watch ( click here ). The third Speedmaster with the Snoopy subject and the fourth watch commemorating the Apollo 13 mission.

I am sufficiently fortunate to claim the initial two Speedmaster Snoopy watches (2003 and 2015) and the Apollo 13 watch from 1995. In any case, that’s not motivation to aimlessly purchase the following one too. I need to like — no, love — a watch before I spend that much cash on one. Maybe it would be extraordinary on the off chance that I had limitless monetary assets, however I don’t. I need to settle on decisions. Spoiler alert, however: I requested the new Snoopy. The main conveyances will occur in November, we’ve been informed.

Without further ado, let’s have a more intensive glance at the new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award.

Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary

I don’t need to recap the tale about the Silver Snoopy Award and why it is of such significance. You can discover those articles here and here . This survey is about the actual watch, and my opinion about it. In spite of the fact that I previously parted with my last idea in the presentation, there are various things I’d like to feature in regards to this new Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award.

The third edition

What I like about this third Speedmaster Snoopy, is that it is very surprising from the initial two. Where the primary Speedmaster Snoopy from 2003 is pretty much a standard Moonwatch with a Snoopy fix at 9 o’clock and an extraordinary case back, the subsequent adaptation was very unique as of now. White dial, a prostrate Snoopy on the sub-dial, and references to the Apollo 13 film (“Failure isn’t an option”), and the “What could you do in 14 seconds?” line in the moment track. So little however, that it isn’t something you notice when simply perusing the time.

Omega was likewise extremely lively with Super-LumiNova on the second Speedmaster Snoopy from 2015. The case back is the place where the enchantment occurs however, with the silver Snoopy lapel nail copy to a foundation of blue lacquer. Sprinkled with silver powder. These case backs were hand-made, and that gave them each an extraordinary look. It likewise took some time before every one of the 1,970 pieces were delivered.

Blue tones

Now, the new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is commemorating the 50th commemoration and ought to be a bonus exceptional. Similar as what Omega did a year ago to commemorate the 50th commemoration of the Moon arrival in 1969. At that point, we saw two splendid Speedmaster watches. One was in steel with a couple of gold components ( click here ) and one re-release of the 1969 gold Speedmaster that was introduced to the Apollo space travelers back in the day.

Here, Omega has succeeded again as I would like to think. The new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award has a lovely silver dial, with blue sub-dials, and a blue earthenware bezel. The blue is intriguing and looks somewhat changed in the tissue than it does on the press pictures we shared yesterday. Apparently the blue tone can move from a brilliant blue to practically dark, contingent upon the light and point. It makes the Omega Silver Snoopy Award 50th commemoration more “dynamic” than its predecessors.

Also imperative to add, Super-LumiNova is utilized on all fours markers. No shine in obscurity Snoopy this time. Likewise the ceramic bezel has not been treated with lume.

The thickness of the case

A part of the comments and questions we got yesterday, were about the thickness of the case. Will the liveliness working on it back add a lot thickness? I did a brisk estimation of the Speedmasters I have here this moment, and my Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th commemoration estimates 13.2mm, the Ultraman (ST2) 14.3mm, Speedmaster Caliber 321 13.8mm, and the Silver Snoopy Award 45th commemoration 14.8mm. The new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th commemoration measures 14.47mm. Just marginally thicker than an ordinary Speedmaster (14.26mm) and more slender than its archetype. It is, as I would like to think, an entirely wearable thickness (width stays to be 42mm, of course).

Limited versus non-limited

This has little to do with the actual watch, however Omega decided to make this watch a typical creation one. It isn’t numbered or restricted to a specific number. Before, the Apollo 13 and Snoopy watches were totally restricted versions. Presently actually, I wouldn’t have disapproved of another restricted version. I don’t get the whole LE versus non-LE conversation. Or then again better said, I get it, both have advantages and disadvantages, however I favor watches like this to be limited.

Firstly, I like to have a number on the watch. Additionally, I like to feel a touch of strain to get a watch this way. If not? The world doesn’t end, yet I feel mooched out. As I did on the Apollo XI 45th commemoration. I love that watch, yet I didn’t get it and that’s that. In the event that there’s no restricted version, there’s additionally no genuine inclination to arrange one immediately. Like the Seamaster 300M Bond in titanium. I truly like that watch, yet since it isn’t restricted, I concluded I will get one sooner or later, as opposed to right now.

A incredible test case

This Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is something I truly love all things considered, so a portion of my associates and I chose to place in a request. I think it is an extraordinary “test” to see whether it truly matters as far as all out sold watches if something is restricted. This should be estimated throughout a specific timeframe, obviously. Omega needs to save this watch in the index for the time being, so expect the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award in next year’s assortment also for sure.

50th Anniversary

On the sub-dial at 9 o’clock, you see “50th Anniversary”. So does that bode well when this watch is free in 2021, or 2022, too? Indeed, it is presented in 2020 (50 years) and will be conveyed in the coming months. So it is right on target for those first orders. For one year from now, it has less rhyme or reason, maybe. I asked Omega and the brand showed that it is tied in with praising the achievement of the 50 years of the Silver Snoopy Award in 2020. Does that make it less cool in 2021, or in later years?

I’ve purchased a few commemorative watches later on, in some cases a lot later on even. It isn’t something that annoys me. The Speedmaster Rising Sun is likewise an illustration of how things can go. It marks Tokyo 2020, an occasion that didn’t occur yet, and maybe it won’t in 2021 all things considered. Does that make it to a lesser degree a watch? No, I think it is delightful. It might also add to the watch’s collectibility in some respects.

Animation working on it back

Back to the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award itself. Much the same as the Snoopy 2, from 2015, the sorcery is working on it back. What’s more, this time, it truly is enchantment! There’s a photorealistic image of the Moon, similar as Omega utilized on their Speedmaster Co-Axial Moonphase watches from a couple of years prior. At that point, there’s the earth, associated with the running seconds of the sub-dial at 9 o’clock. It makes one turn each moment. At the point when you press the beginning pusher of the chronograph, you will see Snoopy showing up in his Command and Service Module (CSM). He shows up from behind the moon, disregards the turning earth, and vanishes again behind the moon.

Then, there’s likewise the well known “Eyes on the stars” quote on the sapphire precious stone. An excellent display to observe and not something somebody would hope to be looking into the issue back of a Speedmaster. Actually, I wind up respecting the silver Snoopy lapel pin reproduction pretty regularly when I am wearing the Speedmaster Silvery Snoopy Award from 2015. I can just think about how frequently I will be taking the new Speedmaster off my wrist to see the animation.

Blue texture strap

Just like the previous Silver Snoopy Award, this watch comes on a decent nylon texture tie. In blue, to coordinate the blue subtleties on the dial and the ceramic bezel. The tie can be somewhat solid from the outset, however despite the fact that I don’t wear my dark nylon texture tie that regularly, it becomes delicate over the long haul. A few group rather would have seen this watch on a treated steel wristband. The lash is on a pin buckle.

One of the folks in the made a model of the new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award on a wristband (from the Apollo XI & Caliber 321) and it looks decent undoubtedly. Notwithstanding, as I would prefer, it is altogether too metallic. I like the difference of the blue texture lash. Regardless of whether that’s the tie that comes with it, or a cowhide tie or NATO, as long as it is blue.

On the wrist

As composed over, this watch has comparative measurements to the next (current) Speedmaster watches. It wears comfortably on this texture lash and there are no curve balls here in the event that you are now a Speedmaster proprietor. Nonetheless, this watch has a stunning presence. Much the same as the gold Moonshine, Apollo XI 50th, Silver Snoopy from 2015, Mitsukoshi, or Gemini IV models, this watch has a specific wrist presence that makes it amazing. The silver dial combined with the blue sub-dials, hands, and bezel makes it a lively combination. When there’s very little (common) light, the blue turns somewhat hazier. The imprinting on the dial is somewhat not quite the same as what we’ve seen up until now. “Speedmaster” and “Professional” are somewhat more extensive on this dial compared to the standard Moonwatch.

Speedmaster Snoopy Box

The Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th commemoration comes in an excellent blue box. A more modest rendition of the enormous Moonwatch box, you could say. On top, there’s the Snoopy fix, and within, there’s an image of Snoopy on the canine house. It comes with a loupe, pocket, and a delicate cloth.

Price and Delivery

The cost of the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is CHF 9,600 Swiss Francs, which converts into €9,600 for the European market, contingent upon the VAT rate (Germany has a 16% VAT which prompts a retail cost of €9,160). In the USA, the cost is $9,600USD. Look into the cost for your nearby market on the authority Omega . Conveyances will begin from November 2020 onwards.

The cost has been a subject of conversation, yet I feel it is reasonably estimated on the off chance that you take a gander at what you’ll be getting. An excellent Speedmaster Snoopy version with the new type 3861 development (specs in the outline beneath), with an extra activity looking into the issue back. Something really unique and one of a kind, as I would see it. In any case, eventually, you choose if you feel it is awesome, obviously. At the point when you do, let me guarantee you that you’ll be accepting a genuinely amazing watch.

A BIG thank you to our Swiss companion & journalist for the photography and video and to Omega for making this watch accessible to us so quickly.