This year Seiko is commending the 55th commemoration of its first-since forever jump watch. Other than the irreplaceable uncommon and restricted versions to commend the occasion, we were glad to see some fabulous models in the normal Seiko plunge watches line-up as well.

Back in March, Michael Stockton educated you about the three critical deliveries Seiko introduced to praise its submerged beginnings. Also, as of late, Jorg jumped further into one of them, the   SLA037 . That model — which hit the market with a scary sticker price — was the subject of this week’s Sunday Morning Showdown between and . In the event that you haven’t as of now, why not head over to the article and cast your vote? While perusing the Seiko official statement that contacted us on this set of three, I previously saw that there were not three but rather four commemorative watches. Quietly added to the furthest limit of the content, there was the SPB149.

The Seiko Prospex SPB143

Seiko 1965 Diver’s Modern Re-Interpretation

Even better, the SPB149 end up being essential for a progression of four watches itself, the SPB143, 145, 147, and the 149. Seiko named this arrangement the “1965 Diver’s Modern Re-Interpretation”. I’m an aficionado of the plan of Seiko’s first jumper, the 62MAS . Also, most likely hence, I’ve adored a considerable lot of the Seiko SPB-models, with SPB051 being my most loved up until now. The one thing keeping me from getting one was its bolt molded hour hand. Simply not by and large my taste, and all in all too far-removed from the original.

Then, in 2017, there was the genuine accolade for the 62MAS, the SLA017 . In any case, I wasn’t prepared at its cost tag of €3,800. That equivalent issue appears to play against me with the new SLA037 and its sticker price of €6,500. Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t think these watches are excessively costly for what they are, in no way, shape or form. I just can’t locate that sort of cash to spend on them.

The Seiko Prospex SPB145

Seiko Prospex Diver’s 200m

So you’ll see how glad I was with the presentation of the new SPB14x-arrangement. Fundamentally, these watches are the replacements to my darling SPB051, however with a straight hour hand — definitely what I requested! In addition, while I thought the SPB051 with its breadth of 42.6 mm was somewhat enormous, the new SPB’s have been contracted to a — as I would see it — more reasonable 40.5 mm. Against the SPB051, the SPB14x-territory has a marginally extraordinary dial format and a 6R35 type (supplanting the 6R15) with 70 hours power hold (up from 50 hours). All that was acceptable remained, including a 200-meter profundity rating and the counter intelligent and bended sapphire gem. It appears to be that the new SPBs have another bezel-embed material. I’m not ready to discover sound data on that and don’t have the two adaptations within reach to compare it outwardly myself.

Lume-shot of the Seiko Prospex SPB147

SPB143, 145, 147, and 149

Construction-wise and actually, these four models are equivalent. Outwardly, with four unique dials, there are obvious contrasts. Yet, there’s more that separates them than that. The genuine ordinary models are just the SPB143 and SPB147. You won’t discover the SPB145 in any shop, as it’s held for deals by true Seiko Boutiques. Furthermore, with respect to the SPB149… Well, that one may even be more hard to track down as its creation is restricted to only 5,500 pieces.

In line with the other three 55th commemoration models, the SPB149 has a striking blue dial. Other than this, it’s the lone adaptation provided with both a treated steel wristband in addition to a — shading coordinated — silicone strap.

The Seiko Prospex SPB149


Before going further into the actual watch, I need to discuss the costs. Just to keep things in the correct viewpoint. Contingent upon the model and extent of supply, these shift from €1.050 to €1,350. Recently, Seiko’s value strategy may have caused a commotion. The equivalent can’t be said for this new SPB line. Considering the 200-meter profundity rating, sapphire gem, and a cutting edge 70-hour power hold type, these models are solid decisions. All that, in addition to that it is a hugely appealing watch which made considerable progress. Let’s be straightforward, in the event that one spends over 1,000 Euro’s you need something other than a specialized wonder. Furthermore, it isn’t just magnificence, by the same token. You need to feel something too. Also, that’s exactly how this new SPB-line deals with me.

Details matter

Having moved that elephant far removed, I’ll head back to the watch. How can it feel? I’d say the principal thing you would get is either the crown or the bezel, so let’s start with that.

The bezel is the primary thing that reveals who the real men are. It’s now and again heard that Seiko watches in this in addition to €1,000-territory are costly. I don’t think so. The bezel feels so emphatically mounted to the case, turns accurately with the correct power, and stops consummately objective situated at one of its 120 ticks. Comparing it to a €500 Seiko jumpers watch, this is a major distinction. Other than that, the dark upper surface of the bezel is an entire diverse story. It is matte, feels hard, and looks excellent with its engraved numerals, incomparable to one of its less expensive brothers.

The crown also. It feels pleasant sharp and grippy and twists easily onto the strung cylinder. The thing which pondered me somewhat was that it isn’t marked. There’s no engraving or embellishing of any sort. It’s just plain.

Curved sapphire crystal

Compared to, for example, a level Hardlex precious stone, a bended sapphire has a major effect. It looks and feels changed, and, obviously, it won’t scratch. An enemy of intelligent covering has been applied within, so there’s nothing to stress over as far as harm there either.

Polished hands and file marker frames

Below the sapphire precious stone, there are four unique dials to look over. In sequential request of model number, the dial tones are dark (SPB143), earthy colored dim (SPB145), earthy colored bronze (SPB147), and blue (SPB149). All bezels, aside from one, are matte-dark based with silverish-white numerals. The exemption, SPB147, with its overlaid complements on the dial, has a dark based bezel with plated numerals. The applied or raised brilliant record markers radiate a top of the line character. Particularly when their little cleaned outlines reflect the light in faint conditions.

Case finishing

The finely formed and measured case got a round brushed top-side completion. From the best, a cleaned chamfered edge carries us to straight — the longitudinal way of the watch — brushed sides. These brushed sides change to delicate cleaned edges, on the underside of the watch, for comfortable wear. At that point the lower part of the case converges to a strong screw in the event that back. Gently engraved with the fundamental data and adorned with the focal (神奈川沖浪裏 in Japanese) medallion.

Bracelet and silicone strap

To close this survey, I’ll shed some light on the arm band and silicone lash that come with these new SPBs. Let’s start with the wristband. In any event, for way more costly watches, we’ve discovered that an arm band is an extremely troublesome part to get right. Delivering (and particularly finishing) a hardened steel wristband is really, very costly.

When it comes to watches in this value association, I attempt to temper my eagerness. For this situation, I should say, Seiko worked really hard. The arm band feels strong, is pleasantly completed, and has satisfactory change prospects, just as a wellbeing catch. It even has an at no other time seen kind of plunge expansion. The connections are not screw-fixed however. Pins must be pushed out. Also, indeed, I have seen better wristbands yet not on watches in this cost league.

Equal to the nature of the arm band, the silicone lash feels better and is done appropriately too. It’s extremely delicate and adaptable. It wears too as any silicone tie can wear, and it’s fitted with weighty strong steel equipment. It’s sufficiently long to wear over a plunging suit. For more modest wrists — which will adore the size of the watch — the end some portion of the lash is moderately long. In the present circumstance, two attendants would have been more comfortable than only one, which it has now.

Personal conclusion

These four new SPB models have my name composed all over them. From the start, I was certain that the SPB149 was the one to have, however now I’m drawn towards the SPB143. Subsequent to having it on my wrist for a more extended time, the way that the dark/blue bezel/dial combo provided me opportunity to stop and think for thought. Likewise, a blue dial is hard to coordinate with different ties. I realize that I like to change lashes, and saw that an earthy colored or a dark cowhide tie both shading insightful didn’t coordinate the blue dial well indeed. So most likely for me, the more work of art and traditionalist SPB143 will be the one. However, what a one it is…

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