The first time I saw the Tissot PRX, I was conflicted. It looked energizing on the renderings, yet the quartz development was a side road. From that point forward, I figured out how to catch one for half a month, and my emotions have changed.

I delighted in wearing the watch, and the way that it is quartz didn’t trouble me by any means. Moreover, in the event that you wished the PRX was a mechanical watch, don’t stress, we have uplifting news for you as well. Keep on reading…


The new Tissot PRX’s plan takes motivation from a 1970s Seastar model. Much the same as the advanced partner, that watch was likewise accessible in a few dial variations. Dissimilar to the new PRX, notwithstanding, the Seastar additionally arrived in a couple of various cases. The ’70s was the brilliant time of odd-molded watches with coordinated arm bands. Simply think about the two legends of the period, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak from 1972 and the Patek Philippe Nautilus from 1976. Furthermore, it is for all intents and purposes difficult to track down a standard brand from that period that, single direction or another, didn’t have an incorporated arm band model in its lineup.

The unique Tissot Seastar from the 1970s

Although quartz previously made creation less expensive, different components like the dial or the case were as yet made of generally solid materials focusing on the more modest subtleties. The general plan proposed that the watch head and the arm band ought to be considered as one brought together entity.


While the Tissot Seastar Quartz was not among the most compelling watches, it didn’t look any less charging than other, more respected incorporated wristband models. While watches like the Nautilus, the Royal Oak, or the Ingenieur turned into the standard for extravagance (alright, perhaps not the Ingenieur), the PRX doesn’t watch strange at all.

On the opposite, it functions admirably and NOT on the grounds that it helps us to remember the models referenced previously. It doesn’t appear as though them by any stretch of the imagination. Besides, its size and dial additionally feed into the contemporary feel. Ultimately, the complete case and, explicitly, wristband completing is uncommonly professional, particularly in the event that we consider the €350 cost tag.

I got the blue sunburst dial adaptation, which is my top choice of the three. In any case, on the off chance that you extravagant an alternate tone, the PRX is accessible with a dark or silver-dim dial in a steel case.

Slender however rugged

At its broadest point, the PRX is 40mm. That’s perfect in my book. The thickness, as you would envision, isn’t significant in any way. It comes in at simply 10.5mm. This is on account of the quartz development, yet I think it serves the general watch style well. Because of its huge and level case, a thicker case would’ve been excessively. The one thing that shocked me is the weight of the PRX. We are discussing 124gramms with three connections eliminated to accommodate my 7.5″ wrist.

I assume we as a whole felt how wobbly and light those watches from the ’80s were. I can guarantee you that the Tissot PRX isn’t such a piece. While the arm band is tight, the connections are adaptable, giving them enough space to move and adjust to the wrist. It doesn’t feel like a sleeve, something you may have felt with other incorporated wristband models.

Another factor, as I referenced prior, is the wrapping up. The vertically brushed tonneau case has a couple of cleaned components that generally fill in as adornment. Such parts are the dainty bezel or the slants working on this issue and wristband connections’ sides. This combination of brushed and cleaned surfaces makes a delightful 3D impact on the arm band. On the off chance that you respect it sufficiently long, you appear to fail to remember that this is just a €300+ watch and not something worth ten times to say the very least. It is essentially shocking. Tissot introduced a twofold collapsing catch with security catches, all around covered up under the connects to close the arm band. Moreover, the arm band has a tightening of 10mm between its greatest (at the drags) and most slender (at the clasp) links.

Satin blue

The case and the wristband are critical factors in making the PRX’s unfathomable wrist presence. However, the main part, its dial, is similarly significant. Tissot introduced a sunburst blue dial on the watch. From specific points, it looks dull blue, practically dark. In any case, if the light hits it from another point, the PRX’s face illuminates in a brilliant blue tone. The energy of the dial is the ideal counterpart for the case. Other than the tone, the look is basic, with just the brand name at 12 and PRX in a retro-present day text style at 6. Long and thin applied records help the perceivability that coordinates the silver-shaded cudgel hands with Super-LumiNova coating.

Just like the vintage Seastar, the PRX likewise has a date highlight at the 3 o’clock position. 100m We discussed numerous things however not the name. Why PRX? As indicated by Tissot, the “PR” represents Precise and Robust, while the “X” is utilized here as the roman numeral ten for 10 environments (100m), which is the watch’s water-obstruction. Anyway, what does the Tissot PRX bring to the table? Indeed, as a matter of first importance, a neo-vintage look. In spite of the fact that it takes motivation from an earlier time, the PRX closely resembles a cutting edge watch. Without a doubt, the plan isn’t for everybody, except like consistently, you need to give it a shot to check whether you burrow it or not.

The cost is difficult to beat; the completing is on point; the watch is Swiss made, and it has above and beyond water opposition. Some of you may concur with me yet disdain the quartz development. Tissot knows this, which is exactly why there is a mechanical form in transit. The powermatic 80 is scheduled to highlight in a model booked for discharge not long from now. I don’t have the foggiest idea how much that will cost, however I’m certain it will be an amazing competitor in its class. This plan with a mechanical development could be an energizing model. In any case, I’m apprehensive we need to hang tight a smidgen more for that. Until that model comes out, we have this PRX to appreciate. On the off chance that you’d like to visit Tissot’s site, if it’s not too much trouble, click .