I never become weary of getting new watches close by. Even after huge number of watches have gone through my ownership, I stay astounded at how shocked I am as yet ready to be. The more watches I experience, the more I should remind myself to keep a receptive outlook and to get them on the wrist. On the off chance that I’d disregarded that wise counsel, I may in any case be dozing on the Grand Seiko SBGW257 and SBGW259.

The Grand Seiko SBGW257 and SBGW259 watches would not have been watches I’d have inclined toward in the shop. “Why not?” I hear you cry. “Do you not think they’re beautiful?” Well, indeed, really, I do think they’re delightful. Indeed, I would venture to say that their magnificence far surpasses nearly anything else the brand has so far put out this year. Be that as it may, these are not ostentatious watches. The gold (SBGW258) variant — which we investigated here — is undeniably more “in your face”. Would I have investigated that piece in the shop? Sure. Yet, would I wear the proudly splendid yellow gold case with mentors? Presumably not. However, with regards to the SBGW257 and SBGW259 watches that would be conceivable. What’s more, for some individuals, that’s a major deal.

Quiet classics

They hush up works of art. In platinum (SBGW257) and “Brilliant-hard titanium” (SBGW259), these two pale rulers slide under the radar significantly simpler than the celebrated change in yellow gold. What is maybe generally intriguing about this threesome of watches is the manner by which the Grand Seiko wordmark is applied to every one of their dials. As opposed to a uniform enhancement framework (which could never accomplish for a brand of such refinement), Grand Seiko has selected to etch the wordmark into the white gold dial (which is coordinated by 18-karat white gold hour markers) of the SBGW257, raised and clean the wordmark on the SBGW258, and cushion printed the wordmark of the “entry-level” SBGW259.

This is a pleasant, though unordinary, contact. Regularly, my overall plan sensibilities lead me toward consistency across range-mates. Nonetheless, in this case I should concede I discover this touch beguiling. I think it is most alluring on the grounds that it gives each dial an unmistakable character. Past the tone or the material utilized for the hour markers, to have the name of the brand rejuvenated in an individual manner is a bit of energy we’re maybe not used to partner with the brand.

A day by day companion?

The SBGW257 in platinum isn’t by and large my concept of a blender, anyway flexible it is schematically. The SBGW259, be that as it may, is a truly wearable watch. The splendid hard titanium is — who could have imagined — splendidly hard and — hang tight for it —  brilliant. This “whiter” titanium has an incredibly gleaming surface. It is light on the wrist and comfortable to wear out of the case on account of titanium’s low conductivity (strangely, this implies it feels hotter to the touch than gold, platinum, or steel, in spite of the fact that I can’t admit to truly getting “wrist freeze” in the past).

The blue dial absolutely gives this watch a more easygoing point. But, thanks that dial being carefully completed, it would sit similarly also on an executive’s wrist. The case a truly wearable 38mm wide and 10.9mm tall (giving it a respectable measure of wrist presence regardless of the distance across skirting on the traditional side of things). The two cases have water protection from 30 meters and can fight off attractive powers of up to 4.800 A/m. Crocodile calfskin groups lift the customary vibes, however the sharpness of the case machining, the immaculate clean of the hands and hour markers, cooperated with dials that appear to jump off your wrist, all add up to bits that fairly seems as though it has ventured back in time from the remote/p>

The next 60 years

In short, I think the Grand Seiko SBGW257 and SBGW259 models are both ideal envoys for a brand that, following 60 years on this Earth, is truly beginning to come into its own. It is not, at this point about Grand Seiko venturing out of the shadow of Seiko. For the watch community, that qualification is adequately clear. No, the following 60 years of Grand Seiko are tied in with assuming control over the business. With models, for example, these, that looks even more doable.

The Grand Seiko SBGW257 in platinum with a white gold dial and files is valued at €39,000, while the Grand Seiko SBGW259 with a splendid hard titanium case and delectable blue dial retails for a shockingly receptive €8,300. Become familiar with the two models and the brand .