I am not that exceptional in the wrist office. There, I said it. I don’t have the wrist mass that permits me to effectively and certainly wear some bigger estimated watches, and that’s a disgrace. There’s plenty of watches that I couldn’t want anything more than to possess, yet the sheer heave of the case implies it’d appear as though I was wearing a divider clock on my wrist. In spite of my grievances, there’s very little I can do. I’m not a loads fellow, and I won’t be going down to the nearby exercise center to siphon some wrist iron and build them up. It’s simply not happening.

I like climbing on the ends of the week, however that’s to the extent my activity goes. The entirety of the above fundamentally implies that most Panerai watches are solidly outside the domains of wrist-based authenticity for me. I essentially can’t wear 44mm (or bigger!). While there are a larger number of variables than simply case breadth, which add to a watch’s visual effect on the wrist, anything over 42mm is generally a lot for me.

Total Submersible domination

Panerai is notable for its wrist-overwhelming watches. At the point when another release drops, I look on with interest however regularly get smacked in the face by awkward sizes (for me). Infrequently, something little in size drops, and afterward I can investigate, in fact we have here today — the Panerai PAM01209 Azzurro.

In a past article, I’ve said that the majority of my collection is framed of jump watches. Something about the energetic, rough style addresses me on a visual plan level. So cheerfully, I’m taking a gander at a model from Panerai’s Submersible line today. That’s the brand’s present day line of jump watches. The Panerai Submersible is maybe the most tough watch Panerai makes today, a non-rubbish jump watch with liberal lashings of lume and a unidirectional bezel. Already, the Submersible was important for the bigger Luminor collection, yet since 2019 it’s advanced into its own group of hardware watches outright.

Bigger isn’t consistently better

As far as prompt viewable signs go, the PAM01209 is clearly a plunge watch, yet it’s additionally very held. It’s not shouting at you and reporting itself to each bystander. I like that. I don’t care for intense, in-your-face plans generally. Panerai works really hard at keeping things tasteful with this watch and, without a doubt, on the greater part of its watches. Beneficial thing as well, as large watches and reckless plans DO NOT agree with this author.

Now, you may have found so far that this watch falls into my favored case size section. It’s a pleasant, unassuming, and wearable 42mm. Undoubtedly it sits pleasantly on my 7″ wrist. It feels great having the option to compose that. The Italian brand was one of the principal extravagance brands I got mindful of in my excursion in watches and watch collecting, and it’s one I’ve since quite a while ago had a weakness for. So at last, finding a Panerai that I’d have the option to consider adding to my collection is very invigorating! Is that a spoiler for the remainder of the article? Maybe…OK, SPOILER ALERT!

Casing the joint

Being a plunge watch, it’s just proper that the PAM01209 Azzurro brings out the shades of the ocean. The word ‘Azzurro’ is Italian for ‘light blue’, a not-so-subtle gesture to the matte blue earthenware bezel. The watch is housed in a glossy silk completed steel case with a brushed unidirectional pivoting bezel with a graduated scale. Like with the entirety of the Submersible reach, sturdiness and water opposition hold the middle of everyone’s attention with a rating of 300-meters, a tightened case back, and the Panerai’s signature crown defender all featuring.

The dial is matte dark and highlights Panerai’s strong records, hands, and dabs. All of which have been liberally applied with lume that emits an oceanic green/blue tone in low-light conditions. The combination of round hour markers and adjusted, wiener formed markers at six o’clock and nine o’clock is fairly energetic. It’s hard to precisely portray what I mean here, other than something besides adjusted plots would have been outwardly shaking, at any rate it is the point at which I attempt to envision it.

Dropping a pants size

The Submersible PAM01209 Azzurro is fueled by Panerai’s P.900 programmed development. It has a fairly noteworthy three-day power save and little seconds on a sub-dial at 9 o’clock and the date at 3 o’clock.

The P.900 development was first presented in 2019 for the brand’s  Luminor Due arrangement

On the back is a shut case back, securing the P.900 inside. Generally, I’m a firm promoter for shut case backs on jump watches. They’re redundant, but rather I really think the P.900 is a serious attractive development. There may not be parts going on outwardly, yet the huge, three-quarter connect is pleasantly completed, and the vertical brushing is ideal to take a gander at. It’s so perfect, clean, and uniform, and for a workhorse development, Panerai has clearly invested some exertion. I question I will discover a ton of help for this, however, so Panerai has most likely settled on the correct decision returning it behind a shut case to the excellent plan of things.

Good lash choices

Panerai normally does great lashes. From my experience, the brand’s ties have consistently been on point. At first, this may appear to be an odd point, however I’ve had such a large number of encounters where a brand’s watches have been excellent, yet their lashes have felt like an idea in retrospect. The latest procurement to my collection went ahead a tie that was appalling given the watch’s cost. Fortunately I had consistently expected to get an alternate lash regardless, yet — that’s not the point. So it’s great to see that Panerai doesn’t slack in this department.

There are two ties remembered for the bundle. The first is an excellent dark, regular elastic accordion lash – the ideal accompaniment for a jump watch. The accordion-style takes into consideration slight changes of wrist size when the watch is worn over a wetsuit. The subsequent lash is a dark Sportech tie, which was really my top choice of the two. Normally, I go for elastic lashes on my jump watches, however the dark Sportech was the more comfortable and just looked somewhat cooler, in my opinion.

The Submersible: A potential one-watch collection?

Overall, this is a strong release from the Italian brand. It’s nothing progressive regarding innovation, nor is it setting the world land with a revolutionary new plan, however that’s OK. The Submersible PAM01209 Azzurro does decisively what it set out to do – offer collectors a strong and reliable plunge watch in a smaller case size, with a truly wearable thickness. It is a watch that will work similarly also on the sea shore, under the waves, or in the meeting room. It’s a versatile watch and doesn’t simply oblige one specific specialty. In the event that somebody asked me for a one-watch collection recommendation in this medium size range, I think I’d struggle not to propose the PAM01209 Azzurro. It wears well, looks incredible, and is sensibly estimated. What’s not to like?

The is a restricted version model and is only available on the web, restricted to only 500 pieces.