Given the current circumstance, you could be pardoned for having failed to remember what it resembles to travel. Then again, not flying out on a close week after week premise, reminds you where you really went and when. It was last August that we went to Switzerland for the Geneva Watch Days occasion. In those days, there were a great deal of watches that were as yet under ban and the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL is one of those.

The air at Chopard was astounding and loose as we had a lot of time to take a gander at all the oddities. Directly close to an exceptional private bar we got a first look at the new Alpine Eagle XL chronograph watches. Each of the three models were accessible, two in steel, and one in gold and steel.

Chopard Alpine Eagle XL

Although I normally say that 40mm is the ideal size for a watch, that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes find more modest or bigger watches alluring. Indeed, it for the most part takes more for me to like them, however anything outstandingly characterful or all around made has a potential for success. Going up to 44mm, though… That would take something very amazing indeed.

Surprisingly, these dauntingly huge chronographs feel very great on the wrist. Maybe this is on the grounds that the case doesn’t have customary drags. The stouter carry to-drag length than the 44mm measurement compromises is really a gift and, I think, the way in to this plan. The case configuration proceeds flawlessly into the wristband. Despite the fact that it looks pleasant, there is one disadvantage. This drag style doesn’t (yet) take into consideration an alternate lash. Actually, I have a developing interest in custom calfskin lashes and found some top-quality brands a year ago. I’d incline toward it if brands offering sports models with coordinated arm bands additionally considered some sort of connector end-interfaces so reseller’s exchange alternatives could be fitted to the watch instead.

The configuration is quite even separated from the crown and chronograph pushers. Pleasingly, the pushers (and the crown less significantly), have been done in a complementary design. On the highest point of the crown, you’ll discover a compass bolt. All through the watch the surfaces are done with a straight grain, all going a similar way, with rotating mirror cleaned surfaces. This gives the watch sufficient difference to make it intriguing. That is on the off chance that you haven’t saw the dial yet.

Eagle Eye

This dial is a genuine eye-catcher. The Eagle was utilized as a kind of perspective during the plan of these models. You can see the “majesty of the Alps and the Eagle” woven into the plan of different pieces of the watch. The galvanic blue or dim metal dials and their course sunburst theme are roused by the iris of the eagle. These striking dials come to life immediately when light hits the dial at a point. This is particularly valid for the blue dial — my undisputed top choice of the bunch.

Furthermore, the dial configuration is very adjusted despite the fact that there is a ton going on. The tachymeter scale is put on the rehaut. Accordingly, it isn’t pretty much as intrusive as a bezel scale. Applied hour markers give the dial more alleviation simply like the various statures of the subdials which all have an outspread completion (this splits up the iris design pleasantly). The running seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock has an angled edge while the others have a cleaned edge.

Little subtleties like this simply make a dial a lot more fascinating. At 4:30 there is a little date. The date wheel shading matches the shade of the dial. The chronograph hands all have red subtleties and the stabilizer of the focal seconds hand is molded like an eagle’s plume. Furthermore, on the off chance that you see a bolt jumping out at you from the seconds hand completely, you’re not alone…

In-house caliber

Visible through the sapphire case back of the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL is the Chopard 03.05-C type. This segment wheel, flyback chronograph type is created, delivered, and gathered in-house. Completely twisted it has a force hold of around 60 hours. All surfaces of the type are pleasantly wrapped up. Once more, we can see the iris theme thought about here the extensions and cocks of the development, just as on segments of the programmed winding weight.

Impressive determinations are finished off by a guaranteed chronometer-grade by COSC. The case back is held set up by eight screws, which you’ll likewise discover in the bezel. Where the screws on the posterior appear to have irregular situations, from the front they are completely adjusted. The arm band has three columns of connections where the center one is the littlest, cleaned and marginally raised. It is publicized as being reminiscent of its mountain biotope which I found somewhat far fetched.

However, the wristband looks overall quite the little connections make it truly comfortable. It closes with a twofold collapsing catch which opens with two little fastens on each side of the concealed latch. It must be collapsed with a particular goal in mind else it doesn’t close. Actually I’m not an aficionado of this sort of fasten but rather you actually discover them routinely on different watches. It’s simply something visual as that one broadened focus connect holds the Chopard brand name.


The Chopard Alpine Eagle family is Chopard’s Haute Horlogerie answer to the consistently present wears of the extravagance steel sports watch field. This chronographs are going toward the most amazing aspect the best. Will the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL raise a ruckus the Nautilus? The Royal Oak? The Overseas? Shouldn’t something be said about the advanced petitioners to the seat, similar to the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo, The Czapek & Cie. Antarctique, or the H. Moser & Cie. Streamliner?

For me, on a list of things to get through and through, it would come in fifth position. Props to the principal Fratelli that surmises the request wherein I rank each of the seven! Also, what might be said about you? Where does the Alpine Eagle rank in your assessment? Is it an advanced work of art or is it outwardly, glancing in on the huge boys’ club? Offer your musings in the comments underneath. You can become familiar with Chopard here.