Over the most recent year or two, Glashütte Original has gradually been extending the SeaQ group of watches in a cautious and professional way. The original model has since had marginally new dial plans, jewel bezels, and now it has filled in size, had a bigger ‘panorama date’ complication and got the valuable metal treatment. It is these bigger, panorama models I am investigating today.

Before I start, I need to say that I like the essential SeaQ looks. I think it is an attractive legacy configuration (originally known as the Spezimatic) and, with the current business pattern showing the prevalence of reissues, a conspicuous decision to zero in on for the brands plunge watch contributions. As per the Glashütte Original site, there are presently 20 SKUs in the ‘Spezialist’ family, albeit this incorporates choices for various lash decisions, and diverse dial tones. The SeaQ Panorama Date represents 10 of these gratitude to the utilization of changing measures of valuable metals. We should burrow in…

The Spezimatic evolved

The case is a 43.2mm issue, and follows a similar shape as the more modest standard SeaQ watches…just greater, and fatter. The slimmer 39.mm model is 12.15mm thick, however the Panorama Date development makes the case hamburger up to 15.65. Because of the bigger case distance across everything feels in extent. It is even and sits well on top of the wrist. While the arm in the photographs isn’t mine, I can say from direct experience that the stature doesn’t influence the security. Tall watches can be hard to adjust however Glashütte Original has done well to think about this and invalidate the tallness with the case size and the haul configuration to guarantee it unhesitatingly embraces the wrist and waits. Bravo!

As recently referenced, the SeaQ Panorama Date sees the presentation of valuable metals in the accessible case alternatives. Tempered steel is joined by 18k rose gold. A full rose gold case, bezel and crown is accessible for the marginally more luxurious people, or the bi-shading cycles include a hardened steel case with rose gold bezel and crown for a more downplayed plushness. I appreciate rose gold more than yellow gold. The hotter tones appeal to me somewhat more and look especially tasteful on the bi-shading models. The hands coordinate the bezels in however much they utilize a similar metal. Gold bezels are coordinated with gold hands, and steel bezels have steel hands.

Delectable dials

Glashütte Original has developed a reasonable standing for building wonderful watches which are a joy to wear and joy to take a gander at. You’d be pardoned for imagining that the SeaQ is a to some degree bashful contribution in comparison to the remainder of the brand’s collection, however there is undiscovered greatness under the surface the eye. This is a watch for the wearer to appreciate, for is it the person in question who will notice and grope the quality close on the wrist. The dial is no exemption for this. From the start it appears to be practically held, yet look a little nearer and there’s some genuine bits of class.

The dials are totally made in Glashütte Original’s own dial creation office in Pforzheim. All the shading varieties include a superb sunburst design. The tones accessible are dark (accessible just on the gold and bi-shading models), dark (accessible on all case materials) and blue (accessible just on the treated steel models. The dark and dark dials have dark bezel embeds and the blue dials have a coordinating blue bezel embed. The sunburst functions admirably with all tones, however looks uncommon on the dark dials. Combined with the bi-shading metals…It’s a truly attractive combination. Did I notice it’s my favourite?

There is another unobtrusive contrast between the dials of the gold and bi-shading models and the treated steel models. The tempered steel dials have all markers printed, though the models using the gold have dazzling applied records and numerals, further improving the superior stylish. Stunning stuff. The printed files are consistent with the original SeaQ watches from the last part of the 60s and 70s, yet the applied files are simply a lot more pleasant in my opinion.

There’s a gathering round the back

The developments from Glashütte Original are consistently a delight to view and are normally German in their development and wrapping up. Faultless, utilitarian yet still extravagant. Extravagant may not be the best word yet I needed to keep the similar sounding word usage there. Sue me.

The SeaQ Panorama Date utilizes the Caliber 36-13. It’s an in-house development which goes far to legitimize the costs of these watches. The flawlessly completed development has all that you’d anticipate from a German watchmaker: inclined edges, cleaned steel parts heat-blued/cleaned screws, Glashütte-striped three-quarter plate, all finished off with a skeletonized rotor made of 21k gold. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficient, the rate is changed by swan-neck spring and holds a 100 hours of force save. As I said, this truly is a delight to take a gander at. Fortunately, Glashütte Original is sharp for us to value its persistent effort and wonderful development, so it tends to be seen through the sapphire presentation case back. Bravo again!

Strapping on

As I recently referenced, there is 20SKUs for the SeaQ arrangement, and 10 for the Panorama date family alone. These are generally down the case choices, yet in addition the lash alternatives as well. They are: a hardened steel wristband, elastic

or then again a manufactured nylon 2-piece strap.

The wristband is just accessible on the full hardened steel models, which is fine as my most loved is the nylon lash alternative. The elastic is a cutting edge style which is a smidgen of a disgrace. The other, more modest SeaQ models are combined with a jungle style elastic lash which would have looked a lot more pleasant than the nonexclusive choice the Panorama Date is left with. The nylon ties are dark for the dark and dim dials or blue for the blue dials. I appear to have been appreciating nylon lashes on my watches of late so that may factor into this preference.

Form and function

I think in general this is an exceptionally pleasant expansion to the Spezialist, SeaQ family from Glashütte Original. The German brand has made a fine showing with restoring the Spezimatic plan from 1969, and afterward bringing it up to its advanced degree of fine watchmaking. The utilization of valuable metals, the staggering 36-13 development and the heavenly generally completing truly make this the ideal choice for the Glashütte Original gatherer searching for a plunge watch that coordinates their aspiration. Plunge observes regularly experience the ill effects of the misguided judgment that they are ‘instrument watches’. Capacity over structure, anyway the SeaQ Panorama Date demonstrates that jump observes additionally have a spot in very good quality watchmaking. As an aficionado of jump watches and fine watchmaking, I say bravo Glashütte Original. Bravo indeed.

You can peruse more about the SeaQ watches from . Costs for the SeaQ Panorama Date start at £9,800 for the completely treated steel model on the nylon or elastic tie, ascending to £21,700 for the full rose gold model on the nylon or elastic strap.

Rob and RJ as of late recorded a Podcast talking about another fine watch from Glashütte Original. It’s worth a tune in and you can discover it here .