We’ve covered the new Longines Spirit assortment relentlessly since its new delivery, however we’re not exactly finished with it yet. I have been quick to get my hands on one of the three handers since they hit the market. At last, I got my opportunity with the Longines Spirit L3.811.4.93.6.

For those thinking about what that reference number depend on, it compares to a blue dial and a metal wristband. As I would see it, this is the most attractive cycle of the new assortment, yet my #1 component is one shared by all the Spirit models. You’ve most likely seen it as of now, yet let’s require a couple of moments to zero in on its uncommon concordance. I’m talking, obviously, about the communication between the seconds hand and the minuterie circling this staggering blue sun-ray.

Longines Spirit L3.811.4.93.6

This new Longines Spirit assortment looks somewhat repressed from a good ways. It’s hard to truly value how satisfyingly adjusted the plan of these evidently unassuming pieces is until you get them close by. In our past articles covering the Spirit assortment, we’ve seen comments range from unreserved applause to dooming analysis. Of the last mentioned, a common agree I’ve heard threw these watches’ way is that they are exhausting. I get the assumption, I truly do. Immortal plan is regularly seen as exhausting in the first instance.

But, perpetually, the good plans gradually begin to develop on their eyewitness. The elements’ joining gradually becomes more clear over the long run. These watches are basic, yes. Exhausting? I don’t think so. Shockingly nuanced in their plan? As I would see it, yes. Also, the accomplishment of this uncommonly dextrous execution starts with the tip of that seconds hand.

The sovereign of diamonds

If you’ve at any point put pen to paper in quest for planning a watch, you will see a couple of things rapidly. First and foremost, circles are all over the place. You will end up drawing incalculable rings inside and covering each other as you attempt to sort out the right arrangement and scale for the entirety of the dial furniture. Once you’ve sorted out where you need the dial components to go, you can get some information about the third measurement — how tall do you need these components to be? Should they all sit level, or would a tad of profundity be nice?

Secondly, you should represent the communication of moving components. For example where do the hands fall? What do they point at? How would they draw in with each other as they disregard or under their kindred pointers? It is safe to say that they are styled such that joins them to the dial? Do they straightforwardly cooperate with any current dial component? These are a portion of the inquiries you should pose to yourself while planning hands. In spite of the fact that hands may appear to be a lovely straightforward component, they are exceptionally simple to get off-base, and dangerously hard to get right.

In search of perfection

I have a genuine bogeyman with most handsets. Regularly, the moment hand completely clouds the hour hand when it ignores it. Here we see the hour hand is somewhat fatter than the moment hand (which is common) thus it can not be clouded during sunlight hours, be that as it may, as these hands are lumed it is clear this watch has been intended to be utilized around evening time or if nothing else in low light conditions. In such conditions, the hour hand would, when 60 minutes, be completely clouded constantly hand. This could be effectively settled by a removed towards the base of the moment hand however couple of brands take this course for some reason.

That fuss aside, the Longines Spirit hour and moment hands play out their work commendably in sunshine and adequately in the murkiness. However, the superstar (or the precious stone, should I say) is that seconds hand. Presently, beside its lovely red tip, the seconds hand configuration is especially fulfilling for a couple reasons.

Firstly, and most clearly, the red jewel tip is measured to disregard and darken the five-minute precious stones that live on the dial’s least level. These five-minute markers converge the raised moment track to make a gnawing join between the two levels. Given that the precious stone tip of the seconds hand is lumed, it adequately “replaces” the lumed jewel on the dial at whatever point it disregards one such marker. It does this 12 times each moment, which brings about a peculiarly compelling light show, watching these precious stones transfer their way around the dial.

On edge

Perhaps better actually, is the way the diamond’s “edges” or “side points” follow the chamfer that isolates the raised minuterie from the fundamental dial. This sort of insightful transaction of shapes is uncommon. Furthermore, in the event that it seems like I’m going over the edge here, just

Running the show

This Longines Spirit watch is controlled by the chronometer-affirmed type L888.4. The L888.4 depends on ETA A31.L11, and has been changed to Longines demanding guidelines. The A31.L11 is successfully a changed 2892-A2 with a working recurrence of  25,200vph and a helped power hold to 64 hours. Pleasingly, particularly for genuine fanatics of flying, this development is fitted with a silicon hairspring, lessening the impact of attractive fields.


The form of the Longines Spirit that I have here, comes with the hardened steel arm band. The haul width is 21mm, so you can likewise trade with a decent calfskin tie or NATO tie absent a lot of issues. The hardened steel arm band is comfortable and strong. A triple collapsing fasten guarantees it waits during the day. This rendition with the arm band is maybe less “vintage” looking than the one on the cowhide lash, yet a wristband has its focal points. It comes in convenient when you like to take a dip with it, as the watch is water-impervious to 100 meters.

Price and accessibility of the Longines Spirit

The cost of the Longines Spirit L3.811.4.93.6 is €2,140, including deals charge. Curiously, the cost for the rendition on blue tie (with clasp) is actually the equivalent. There’s likewise a “prestige edition” (€2,750) which incorporates both a lash and wristband. For more data, visit Longines . Or on the other hand head over to our other Longines articles ( click here ).