Throughout the most recent few months, we have seen the incredible appreciation our perusers have for the Grand Seiko brand. In our week after week Sunday Showdown arrangement, a large number of the Grand Seiko models are unfathomably well known. Furthermore, there is more fuel to add to that fire. For 2020 we have seen a line of pristine Grand Seiko models just as refreshed models supplanting current models in the line-up. With the presentation of the new Grand Seiko SBGP001, SBGP003, SBGP005 models, the brand presents three new normal models. Every one of them are controlled by the new Grand Seiko 9F85 quartz development. We go involved with the dark dialed Grand Seiko SBGP003.

In the most recent seven day stretch of January, Grand Seiko delivered its profoundly foreseen 60th Anniversary models. One of the four delivered commemoration models was the Grand Seiko SBGP007 that Rob audited here . Albeit the watch brings a natural generally tasteful, it stands apart due to its blue shaded dial with a commemorative 2020 theme and the presentation of the new 9F85 quartz development. Despite the fact that I am as yet not secure with the example on the dial, the new quartz development stood out for me. Also, as Rob referenced, the general quality and completing are top-notch.

Only seven days after the arrival of the 60th Anniversary models, Grand Seiko delivered another seven new models. Each of the seven new models are lasting increments to the Grand Seiko Heritage assortment. Three of them are Grand Seiko’s passage level quartz three handers known as the SBGP001, SBGP003, and SBGP005.

Just like the SBGP007, they likewise highlight the new 9F85 quartz development. These three new lasting increases are the swaps for the SBGV205, SBGV207, and SBGV239 that highlight the Grand Seiko 9F82 movement.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection

The most huge Grand Seiko assortment is the Heritage assortment, and that’s additionally where the core of the brand is for some fans. In any case, looking through the assortment can be scary. With around 40 deliveries as of now on offer, all dependent on the notable Grand Seiko plans from the 1960s, it very well may be valuable to contemplate the assortment appropriately to discover all the nuanced differences.

The thing that ties these seven new deliveries together is the utilization of the advanced interpretation of the 44GS case. Also, of the seven, two utilize the 9S85 hello beat programmed development. Robert-Jan inspected them half a month prior here . Two are the main non-restricted quartz GMTs utilizing the 9F86 development, and the last three are the quartz three handers utilizing the new 9F85 quartz development. So there is a more noteworthy rationale to be found here.

Familiar looks

If we investigate the SBGP003, it’s great to compare it to the SBGP007 that was delivered as it is essential for the 60th Anniversary models. Comparing it to the past age SBGV207 is basic as it’s basically just an update in development. It’s more intriguing to discover how Grand Seiko has decided to separate the 60th Anniversary model from the normal version.

Both models include the 40mm Zaratsu cleaned case in the celebrated Grand Seiko 44GS style. It’s an advanced rendition of the amazing 1967 44GS case, so it’s not the equivalent, consequently considering it the 44GS style case. The case estimates 46mm carry to haul, has a drag width of 20mm, and is 11.1mm thick. The watch is water-impervious to 100m.

Now, on the off chance that we compare the SBGP003 to the SBGP007, there are contrasts. The SBGP007 60th Anniversary stands apart because of its distinctive shading setup, a rounder-molded seconds hand, and the 2020 theme on the dial. Also, amazingly, the commemoration model is 0.3mm more slender than the new SBGP003. Yet, that’s not where the distinctions end…

Two Different Bracelets

The SBGP007 60th Anniversary likewise has a diversely completed wristband from the new SBGP003. For the SBGP003, Grand Seiko decided to adhere to the past age wristband. The three-connect plan of the arm band highlights differentiating wrapping up. The flanks are high cleaned, similar to the shoulders of the moderate connections. The centerline of the transitional connections and the shoulder interface tops have a brushed finish.

For the commemoration model, Grand Seiko picked an alternate completion of the wristband. Just the flanks are cleaned, and the remainder of the arm band is brushed. In any case, Seiko adhered to the completing that was utilized on the past age models.

It’s simply an individual inclination on the grounds that many love the current arm band in view of its refined looks. I like the more direct look of the commemoration model’s arm band with its spotless completing better. Would it be a major issue? Unquestionably not. Both are amazing top notch bracelets.

The 9F85 movement

As referenced, the main update in the new models is the development. The new 9F85 quartz development is a development to the 9F82 development and presents a free hour hand. It’s a component Grand Seiko fans have needed to see for some time.

With the presentation of the autonomous hour hand, wearers can set the hour by moving the hour hand in reverse or advances in one-hour increases. The greatest favorable position is that you don’t need to hack the seconds hand to change the time and lose the noteworthy exactness you may have purchased the watch for in the first place.

The way it works is straightforward. Set the push/pull crown in the primary position and it allows you to move the hour hand in reverse or advances in one-hour increases. Set the crown to the subsequent position and you will actually want to change the hour and moment hand to set the specific time. The date changes consequently in the two positions while moving the hour hand. Generally it’s extremely simple to utilize and feels subjective like we are utilized to from Grand Seiko.

The SBGP003 is precise to  +/ – 10 seconds of the year. Those figures are indistinguishable from those of the past 9F82 development. For the SBGP007 60th Anniversary, Grand Seiko expanded the precision of a similar development to +/ – 5 seconds out of each year. It’s why the dial includes a 5-pointed star — an image of this further refined accuracy.

Wearing the Grand Seiko SBGP003

The new SBGP-models come with three unique dials. The SBGP001 highlights a sunburst champagne-shaded dial, the SBGP005 has a sunburst dull naval force hued dial, and the SBGP003 sports a dark dial. The principal thing that stands apart when you put the SBGP003 on your wrist is the means by which comfortable it is.

The size and the state of the case are wonderful on my wrist to make it an incredible day by day wear. The astounding nature of the arm band and the collapsing catch are what we have come to know from Grand Seiko, making it a simple watch to wear.

The second thing is the extraordinary difference between the dark dial and the cleaned hands and applied hour markers. Combined with the straight forward plan of the dial, it makes amazing readability. Close to that, it permits you to see the mind boggling subtleties of the completing of the markers and hands perfectly.

The mind boggling completing likewise permits you to peruse the time well in low light conditions. As we probably are aware, Grand Seiko doesn’t utilize any type of lume for its Heritage models, however in low light conditions, I experienced no difficulty perusing the time. The watch additionally includes a date sign at the 3 o’clock position imprinted in white on a dark date plate to be in ideal concordance with the dial, and it’s simple to read.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was exceptionally dazzled when I put the SBGP003 on my wrist. It’s an entirely comfortable watch to wear, and the degree of detail and completing is fantastic. Compared to the past age SBGV207, the new development is a welcome update. The free hour hand is pragmatic and permits you to appreciate the mind blowing precision of the quartz movement.

This carries us to the comparison to its mechanical siblings, the SBGH277 and SBGH279, that Robert-Jan checked on. On the off chance that you are carefully a mechanical watch fellow, the decision is a conspicuous one. As Robert-Jan referenced, for €6,200, the mechanical variants with a hello there beat development are an intense choice for the individuals who are on the lookout for another day by day watch.

But in the event that you are searching for a watch that has a similar Grand Seiko quality, a unimaginably precise quartz development, and comes at a large portion of the spending plan, this could be a genuine choice for you. The rundown cost of the SBGP003 is €3,300 making it much more reasonable alternative I could see becoming exceptionally effective for the brand.

Grand Seiko continues to ensure that its watches are open to an expansive crowd, and I love that. Sure the supposition of a quartz watch is diverse compared to a mechanical watch. Yet, I need to say the impression of wearing a Grand Seiko quartz watch beats a ton of mechanical watches without any problem. That’s how great this SBGP003 is. For more information, visit the Grand Seiko site .