Today, Omega presents its gent’s Constellation 41mm. We had the chance to go involved with the new Constellation 41mm, a watch dependent on the 1982 “Manhattan”.

If you’re searching for an authentic outline of the Constellation Manhattan, look at our past articles here and here . The Omega Constellation 41mm watch is fundamentally the same as the as of late presented 39mm rendition. Yet, there are, obviously, a couple of contrasts that I might want to impart to you, alongside some dazzling involved pictures taken by our companion . Thanks!

Omega Constellation 41mm

But as a matter of first importance, let me disclose to you that I accept that the Constellation dependent on the 1982 “Manhattan” is an undervalued watch. I end up claiming a couple of Omega Constellation watches. Not just the vintage models with the pie-dish dials yet in addition the models with the “claws”. I have a shaky area for the 1982 “Manhattan” and own some of those watches, including the refreshed variant from 1995. Exquisite watches, that are amazing day by day companions. Indeed, I got my first Constellation’95 in 1998 and it was my day by day wear for very some time.

Then, Omega presented its replacement. The Omega Constellation Double Eagle, which I never took to in an incredible same manner. It was unique yet never appeared to radiate the personality of what preceded or after, in my opinion.


Since at that point, Omega has attempted to fix this watch. What’s more, fortunately, it would seem that the brand is in the groove again with the arrival of this new Constellation in 41mm. Albeit the Constellation watch is a top vender in numerous Asian nations, it has never fared too in Europe and North-America. A few group didn’t discover past emphasess to be adequately manly. Others feel that the cutting edge adaptations come up short on the refinement found in the models from the 1980s and 1990s models.

Omega has decided to address these worries, bit by bit. With the presentation of the new line-up of Constellations, what began with the ladies’ rendition toward the finish of 2018, the Constellation got some very great updates. This delivery keeps on expanding on these inexorably strong foundations.

Caliber 8900

The Constellation for gentlemen is accessible in 36mm, 39mm, and now in 41mm. Just 2mm distinction in breadth, I hear you say, yet there’s more to it. First off, while the more modest renditions are controlled by type 8800/8801 (gold), the Constellation 41mm is furnished with type 8900 or 8901 (contingent upon the material of the case). Steel and bi-shading watches come with the 8900, while the gold models are introduced with type 8901. The type 8900 family has a greater force save than the 8800, with 60 hours, yet in addition has this autonomous hour hand. That’s extremely valuable on the off chance that you are an incessant explorer to various time zones.

Optional bracelet

The Constellation 41mm is presented with calfskin and elastic lashes. The cowhide lashes additionally have elastic covering, for a comfortable fit around the wrist. I saw that the tie is entirely adaptable and has no firmness. It is particularly delicate close to the hauls. Along these lines, the Constellation 41mm will even fit generally little wrists. However, that’s not all. In the event that you lean toward a wristband, dread not, the arm bands from the 39mm will fit this Constellation 41mm. Ties and wristbands can be traded between the 39mm and 41mm renditions. That’s an irregular yet welcome bonus.

Freedom Tower

Just like the more modest renditions, the hour markers are impacted by the Freedom Tower in Manhattan, New York. Additionally, the crown has been motivated by the state of the lists. It looks decent and it’s a little gesture to the first “Manhattan”.

As you likely know, the story goes that the paws that squeezed the sapphire against the case were propelled by the mirror “claws” that Omega’s item chief Pierre-André Aellen at the time found in his lodging. In Manhattan.

Steel, Liquid Metal, and Ceragold

The Constellation 41mm comes in a couple of varieties. Other than the delightful sleek dial in the steel model we have here, and the blue dial in the gold model, there are additionally models (in steel) with a steel bezel. The steel model we have here has a LiquidMetal bezel and the gold models have a Ceragold bezel. The state of the bezel, the engraved Roman numerals, and the inclusion of the hooks was not a simple undertaking as indicated by Omega. Everything expected to have a tight fit, and Omega chose to change the plan of the paws a tad. No more “sticking out”, yet rather an ideal mix of them and the bezel.

The Constellation 41mm is versatile

After trying and wearing the Constellation 41mm, I think it is the best executed Constellation since the ’95 models. That is energized by a touch of sentimentality, obviously, on the grounds that qualitywise, the most recent age (the fifth) Constellation is basically the awesome. All things considered, I actually feel that this Constellation 41mm (or 39mm, or 36mm) isn’t for everybody. Nor should it be, obviously. It is frank and doesn’t precisely fit in the classification of a dress watch (because of its thickness of 13.5mm) or as a games watch.

I do trust it is appropriate as a regular watch. It is a watch you can wear with a suit yet in addition with a shirt and pants. The way that there is a metal arm band choice makes it much more adaptable. The blue and Sedna (reference and dark and gold (reference models will both retail for CHF 18,900. On the off chance that you favor the icier dark and steel model (reference you need just part with CHF 6,000 to get one on your wrist. That is an appealing cost for a primarily complex watch that is advancing in a cognizant and commonsense manner. More data through Omega , or check the particulars diagram below.