Where different brands get flared for the steady progression of restricted releases, Seiko appears to pull off it without fail. This time, it is the Seiko Presage Green Enamel dial watch, reference SBP111.

That may be on the grounds that they are essentially shocking deliveries, or that the Seiko swarm isn’t that pestered by it and are simply cheerful when there’s another delivery and in this manner more to browse. It’s simply a perception, and I don’t have any issues with Seiko doing these deliveries as well.

The Seiko Presage assortment comprises of numerous extraordinary or restricted releases, truth be told, I own one also, and I love it. Without further ado.

Seiko Presage Green Enamel Dial SBP111

We’ve seen it previously, Seiko being enlivened ordinarily. Think Snowflake , think Mt Iwate , think the green Marinemaster , and so on For this situation, it is the Japanese cedar, which can be found in the timberlands there and that have their green shading throughout the year. Subsequently, Seiko’s veneer craftsman by the name of Mitsuru Yokosaw made this cedar green tone for the dial of this new Presage SBP111.

Presage Is Killing It

We’ve been following the Presage assortment with a ton of interest and did very a few audits on models with appealing dials (like this lovely Fubuki and this blue lacquer dial edition ). It appears to be that Seiko is shutting the hole with Grand Seiko with their new forms of the Presage ( like this one ) and again with this green polish dial version, reference SBP111. Certainly, the case finish is extraordinary, as is the development, however the nature of the dial, the applied Arabic numerals, and lists, just as the hands, are altogether very staggering. Particularly considering the value purpose of this Seiko Presage green polish dial model (€1500,- , including taxes). It abandons a great deal of the Swiss competition with regards to completing and ‘bang for the buck.’

Caliber 6R35

Inside the Seiko Presage Green Enamel Dial SBP111 is their type 6R arrangement development. Something we’ve likewise found in their Prospex jumpers. The 6R developments by Seiko have a place with their higher scope of developments, compared to the previous 7S and 4R types, for instance. This 6R35 type has a force hold of 70 hours and ticks at 21600vph. Particularly the force save of 70 hours is a significant improvement and extraordinary in comparison to the immediate Swiss competition (ETA2824-2 for instance). A similar development has been utilized in the green Seiko Sumo delivered recently ( here ). The completing of the development is fine, however don’t anticipate a lot as far as enhancement, which relates to the retail cost of the watch (what amount of beautification would you be able to offer for this sum?). All things considered, I imagine that particularly for the individuals who just got into mechanical watches, the showcase back is an or more without a doubt and gives them a pleasant perspective on the internal activities of a watch. This is likewise what makes the Grand Seiko an intriguing ‘step-up’ from the Presage assortment. There should be a distinction between these brands and assortments to legitimize the pricing.

Caliber 6R35 – 70 hours of force reserve

Subtle Green

I accept that the development isn’t the motivation to purchase this Seiko Presage, at any rate not for most of individuals out there. It is a watch that addresses you because of the dial tone, or it doesn’t. Green is demonstrated to be a mainstream tone for dials over the most recent couple of years, as we’ve additionally saw from different brands (Rolex, Oris, IWC, Panerai, and so on) and even Grand Seiko’s Four Seasons assortment has a release with a green dial (which is by all accounts the most famous of the four). Add a beautiful impartial (read: agreeable) case plan, a humble 40.5mm measurement, and a reasonable cost and you have yourself a pleasant regular watch. The dull green tone is maybe not as candid as a portion of the others referenced, yet the tone of green is certainly flawless and is best seen in direct daylight. I wouldn’t have mind painted numerals rather than applied on a lacquer dial, yet Seiko chose in an unexpected way. It wouldn’t be a major issue for me, as the Seiko composing and ‘Presage Automatic’ is as yet painted. I could likewise have lived without the date, yet I think for some individuals, this is additionally about accommodation. My dad has a Seiko Presage, for instance, and he truly needs his watch to have a date. A few group like their watches additionally to be practical.

Final Thoughts

Let’s start with a couple of things I don’t like about this Seiko Presage Green Enamel Dial SBP111, despite the fact that there aren’t many. One that can be addressed is the tie and collapsing catch. I don’t like collapsing catches, so that’s a simple fix at any rate, yet additionally about close to home inclinations (yet everything is, eventually). The lashes that Seiko conveys with the majority of their watches are excessively long. I’m a tall fellow and have fairly estimated wrists (18-19cm), and these ties are still excessively long. The main thing I did with my Presage was trading the lash for something more limited, that accommodates my wrists. The long lash fits, however I don’t like the long finish to be noticeable when taking a gander at the watch from the front. At any rate, these are things that can be fixed. You can add another tie, and still utilize the collapsing fasten (or utilize a buckle).

What can’t be fixed is the thickness of the watch. At 12.4mm, the Seiko Presage Green Enamel Dial SBP111 is moderately high on the wrist for a dress watch. Or then again one that could be utilized as a dress watch. The actual case is formed carefully, yet the watch has some cumbersomeness to it because of the thickness. Once more, on the off chance that you don’t object to this, it is fine, obviously. Particularly when you need to utilize this Presage as a dress watch, you’ll most likely discover the case stature altogether too much.

The beneficial things? All things considered, fundamentally the rest. The dial is perfectly done, and particularly when you’re into green, it is an incredible chance to buy a Seiko Presage for your assortment. The Seiko Presage is an extraordinary watch to have and to wear, as long as you can manage the 12.4mm thickness of the case. The 40.5mm width is great, and with the enormous crown, it is a simple watch to work also. The 6R35 development is a stage up from the lower-estimated Seiko (Presage) models with 4R development, and the force save of 70 hours is pleasant too. Particularly on the off chance that you wear various watches, the 70 hours may keep you from revising/setting the watch (once more) after you’ve worn something different. The nature of the case, lash, dial, hands, and so on is better than average, particularly at the retail cost of €1500,- .

The watch is restricted to 2000 pieces around the world. Everything particulars can be found in the table below.

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