The Omega Speedmaster Moon 345.0809 or “Speedy Moon” is one of those chalice watches of mine. It’s not the little creation of 1,300 that makes it so alluring for me, yet rather its complications combined with the exemplary Speedmaster design.

It is no mysterious that the Speedmaster is my #1 chronograph. I love the plan of the case, the perfect and lucid dial, and the historical backdrop of this watch. Presently, the Speedmaster Moon 345.0809 combines two of the complications I love the most — the chronograph and a moon stage pointer. It makes the dial a touch more jumbled, however the delightful moon and stars on a plate compensate for that. The “Speedymoon” was delivered between November 1985 and January 1989. Let’s have a more intensive gander at the one we have here.

Omega Speedmaster Moon 345.0809

Moon stage watches were not new for Omega in 1985. Truth be told, Omega planned different watches with this well known and tastefully satisfying complication ( read our article on the Omega Cosmic Moonphase to discover more ).

The moon plate makes one full pivot in roughly 29.5 days, from new moon to new moon. All things considered, notwithstanding, it takes somewhat more to get starting with one new moon then onto the next (29.53 days to be more exact). This is the reason watches with this complication require an amendment each 2.5 years.

The moon stage complication is as yet famous, and Omega has a couple of them in the Speedmaster assortment today. Nonetheless, we take a gander at the main Speedmaster Professional with a moon stage marker. The “Speedymoon” 345.0809.

The Speedymoon

Although there were just 1,300 Speedmaster Moon 345.0809 watches at any point made, there are a couple of varieties. There are three distinctive moon stage plates, for instance. One with two enormous moons with five stars in the middle of like we have here. At that point there’s a form with two enormous moons and seven stars in the middle of them. The most extraordinary variant is with two moons that have a grinning face.

Also fascinating to note is that Omega utilized no under three unique arm bands for this Speedmaster Moon 345.0809. The 1447, 1450, and, later, the 1479. The last one is more uncommon, as it was just utilized on the last not many 345.0809s that left Omega in Biel.

Our test watch here is fitted with reference 1447 which has 805 end pieces. It is intriguing to see that in a particularly brief timeframe, and with such low creation, Omega utilized various parts for a similar watch. Practically unfathomable today.

Caliber 866

The development inside the Omega Speedmaster Moon 345.0809 or “Speedymoon” is a Lemania based type 866. This development is a type 861 with the expansion of a schedule, and moon stages pointer. Much the same as the base type 861, it is a copper-hued development. The schedule (situated in the equivalent subdial as the moon stage circle) and moon stage are amended by the little pushers for the situation band. The upper corrector is utilized to propel the moon stages plate and the lower corrector for the date.

Be careful

The costs of the Speedmaster Moon 345.0809 have gone up a considerable amount in the last 10-15 years. Hope to pay around €15,000 for a genuine model, and significantly more when on the off chance that you need one with its case and papers. This likewise implies that — lamentably — individuals attempt to sell you a “Speedymoon” that has administration parts (or redials) without referencing this in their notice. The simplest giveaway is regularly the dial, where the dates from 9 till the 21st are confronting outwards.

These are regularly administration dials. It is as yet a unique Omega part yet influences the estimation of the watch. The equivalent is appropriate for an off-base handset or distinctive arm band reference. In any case, those are simpler “fixes” than a help dial or phony dial. You will likewise find that pieces of the later Speedmaster Moon reference 3576.50 or 3876.50 (2003 and later) are utilized for the 1980s “Speedymoon”.

There’s more Moon phase

Around a similar time (1986), Omega presented one more Speedmaster reference with a moon stage marker: 345.0810. There are 700 of these watches, 300 of every a gold/titanium combination, and 400 in titanium in particular. This Speedmaster Moon 345.0810 depended on the Teutonic (Mark V) models and just conveyed to the German market.

In all out, Omega utilized 2,000 of the type 866 developments. It was not until 1999 preceding Omega presented another Speedmaster with a moonphase complication. The white gold 3689.30 utilized type 1866. This development depends on the current hand-wound type 1861. From that point forward, there has consistently been a Speedmaster with moonphase complication in the Omega assortment. More data through Omega .