Have you generally longed for the unbelievable indestructible Land Rover? Presently you can have one. All things considered, in any event a tiny piece of it. The dial of the present REC discharge, the RNR Beach Runner is carefully assembled from the top of a 1981 Land Rover Series III. How about we take a gander at it.

Roads Not Required. That is a big motivator for RNR. It’s what Land Rover procured its amazing appeal for. It’s tall, it’s shaggy. It doesn’t have a lot of muscle and it certainly doesn’t resemble a vehicle that would take you all over. Or then again like a vehicle that would endure you. Gracious, and the lights, the grille, and the light green color… I generally needed one. As should be obvious, I still do.

REC Beach Runner

The Series III is the most common arrangement Land Rover with 440,000 model pieces worked from 1971 to 1985. There was either a 2-entryway rough terrain/pickup or a 4-entryway rough terrain model accessible. Traveler and watch proofreader , got a 2-entryway ’76 Series III a couple of years back. It’s called Giles The Rover and has its own . The dial of the Beach Runner you are taking a gander at is high quality from the top of a 1981 Land Rover Series III claimed by Portuguese picture taker and producer,

The concept

If you have never known about REC, this is the thing that the brand does: the group sources a wreck of some pretty much amazing flying or dashing machine and afterward transforms a piece of it into a watch. A straightforward yet solid idea with a ton of stories to tell. The originators Jonathan and Christian have just deified a Mini Cooper, a Ford Mustang, a 911, and a unique RWB Porsche in this fashion.

The observes consistently come in beautiful restricted releases, with peculiar runs of 493 or 535 extraordinary pieces. “We produce however many looks as could be allowed from the material we acquire. This exclusively decides the quantity of watches we can produce. It’s the blessing and the scourge of our concept,” says the organizer Christian Mygh.

Different designs

REC plans are really wild. They likewise contrast from one model to another. As an enormous fanatic of WW2 stories, I was unable to pass on the recent RJM Bluebird . It was produced using parts rescued from a Spitfire Mark IX airplane that smashed in the Russian Tundra. As I would see it, it is the most rich of the brand’s assortment . In the event that you compare the Bluebird and Beach Runner, they are far separated. The plans are not about the brand. Or maybe, they mirror the plans of their givers. The Bluebird has a crown monitor styled as Spitfire wings. A similar component on the Beach Runner seems as though a Land Rover’s front grill.

First impression

I didn’t see a solitary shot or model before I unpacked it. What’s more, it came as a stun! It doesn’t appear as though just the dial is produced using the vehicle. It would seem that the folks took goliath scissors and cut the entire watch from the front grille that runs into the front bumper. All things considered, some of you may see a touch of Bell & Ross in it, yet I guarantee you that other than the square case and round dial its a completely extraordinary watch. The adjusted corners of the square case appear to duplicate the headlights and bumper bends. In the mean time, the elastic bezel seems as though an extra tire laying on the bonnet.

Flat case

To me, observes regularly feel more modest close by than the measurement proposes on paper. Here I feel the inverse. The REC Beach Runner is “only” 40mm, yet hopes to have 2mm or 3mm more in mass. At the point when I say it wears greater, I don’t imply that in a negative way. The adorably molded drags are short and have a slim shallow indent that makes them appear as though they are amassed from two bits of metal. The base portion of the case is by all accounts vertically brushed and cleaned. The top view has respectable sandblasted finishing.


I don’t talk about lashes in each survey. Now and again I don’t make reference to them by any stretch of the imagination, as it’s a tradable component. In any case, this Flourcarbon Viton elastic tie is heavenly and is incredibly comfortable. Elastic ties coming in that size and style are frequently stiffer. This isn’t care for delicate calfskin; it seems like velvet. It’s delicate, too versatile, however simple to slide under the free circle. I need to send the watch back, however maybe I will “forget” to pack the tie. Christian chose to toss in this fairly bringing light green alternative alongside the standard dark lash. Sorry folks, I at first wanted to shoot the two ties, however it’s not occurring. The light green is an executioner choice.

Stepping up the game

“We have been utilizing Miyota for around five years. While we have never had any issues with the 9-arrangement, we chose early a year ago to move center and start new items that were simply Swiss-made,” explains Christian. The aftereffect of this reasoning? A Swiss-made item — at last. I was likewise inquisitive about where different components are produced. “Without uncovering excessively, I can say that our merchants are both in the north and south of Switzerland.” Employing a beautiful standard Sellita SW200-1 type implies REC goes from being quite possibly the most costly Miyota-controlled brands to an accessibly estimated Swiss-made marque. What else would you be able to purchase for €1,500?

Design originality

The tire-like bezel is an eye-catcher. You don’t have to drink a couple of glasses of wine to hear it murmuring, “Grab me!“. Notwithstanding the way that there is no standard bezel checking and the bezel is by all accounts static, you can’t prevent your fingers from messing with it. I couldn’t at any rate. I would have adored it in the event that it had the option to pivot — that would be wonderful. As compensation, we get an abnormal track design around the edge. I wouldn’t have anticipated the case measurement or lash width to be stepped on the mass of the “tire”, however here we are. In the event that a watch can astonish you, it’s a reward. The “dust and mud protector” engraving is my favorite.

Heavy metal

The detail of the elastic ring rehashes on the crown also. It is truly decent for twisting, yet somewhat aggravating when pulling out. On the off chance that the REC Beach Runner becomes your solitary watch, it will be no issue (should you wear it consistently). The top glass sapphire intensifies the level plan and the center plan story. A carefully assembled piece of metal from the top of the 1981 Land Rover Series III turned into the dial. On the off chance that you at any point transformed a touch of rust into a gleaming piece of metal utilizing sandpaper, I wager you will examine the profundity, length, and curve of the large numbers of scars on its surface. This is the sort of second you need the sapphire to vanish so you can feel the design of the virus metal with your fingertips.

Depth ratings

The profundity rate shows 5 ATM — 50 meters. In any case, there ought to be another profundity rate expressing how profound the sub-seconds and date plate are. Following seven days on the wrist, it was the sparkly square outlining with adjusted edges and the seconds hand that stood out enough to be noticed. Does the seconds hand look dark? It is, undoubtedly! I like it as much as the focal level top circle on the moment hand that conceals the focal pinion.

Shotgun notes

The foundation of the moment track mirrors the first vehicle tone. I’m simply speculating, yet I expect it was difficult to accomplish an indistinguishable shading tone on the elastic tie and the internal bezel ring. You can obviously see that the bezel ring doesn’t contact the dial. It’s a little yet significant detail giving the metal plate breathing room. Brain the four bolts holding the dial and how they’re incorporated into the bezel.

Last thoughts

If I claimed one of the first Land Rover Series III vehicles, I would be on a pre-request list for this REC observe regardless of the plan. I don’t have a clue about crafted by the Portuguese picture taker that possesses the giver vehicle, however the Land Rover atmosphere is sufficient for me to tune in to the development ticking. I surmise the lavish plan needs a man (or lady) of wonderful taste. However, in the event that the watch inspires an emotional response from you, you can get a quality Swiss-made watch with scrupulousness for reasonable money.

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