The concept of incorporating the vehicle world into the universe of watches is the same old thing. However, not many watch brands accept the undertaking as in a real sense as REC Watches from Copenhagen in Denmark. The brand is known to coordinate parts of notable vintage works of art into its watches. For its most recent project, REC authors Jonathan Kamstrup and Christian Mygh incorporated parts of two unbelievable Ford Mustang prototypes to come up with two special dials. Time to go active with both and discover more about the account of these REC P-51 Limited Editions.

Copenhagen is one of my #1 urban areas on the planet. Throughout the most recent few years, I have visited the city consistently. A year ago was an unwelcome break from that custom, shockingly. The combination of plan, great food, stunning specialty brew, and the incredibly loosened up atmosphere is an extraordinary recipe for a yearly end of the week trip. Furthermore, when we are permitted to, I will plan another visit and appreciate a greater amount of everything the city needs to offer.

Trips to Copenhagen

Now, something I like to do when in Copenhagen is to snatch a bicycle and explore various parts of the city. As a Dutchman, I am no more interesting to riding a bicycle a lot. It’s a major part of why the city feels so comfortable and loose. One of the places I like to visit most while in Copenhagen is a part of town called Nordhavn (North Harbour).

This waterfront part of town has changed into quite possibly the most dazzling places for metropolitan development. It’s loaded with extraordinary current design and everywhere, you will discover something energizing and surprising. It’s not the primary spot you would consider as a headquarters for a Danish watch brand that re-utilizes parts of vintage vehicles to make new watches. However, this is precisely what you’ll find, in this part of town.

Appearances can be misdirecting. Be that as it may, burrow somewhat deeper and REC fits Nordhavn very well really. Quite possibly the most intriguing spots with regards to Nordhavn is the Portland Towers. These two immense previous storehouses have been changed over into a manageable place of business that looks dazzling. Remaining under them, causes you to feel extraordinarily little and humble. Furthermore, they have been made with similar principle of utilizing old parts to come up with something new. Also, there is a greater amount of this astute re-utilization of existing structures going on nearby. So it really fits the upcycling concept of REC very well.

REC P-51 Limited Editions

The REC P-51 is in no way, shape or form another model in the brand’s assortment. The first occasion when we saw a P-51 was back in 2015 when the brand presented the model inspired by Ford Mustangs from the 1960s. Six years on and the brand has made a special arrangement of two restricted releases. The first is the P-51 Little Red that comes in a restricted run of 318 pieces. The second is the P-51 Green Hornet and comes in a restricted run of 282 pieces. Also, what is so special about them? While the concept of utilizing parts of the notorious vintage Mustangs is the equivalent, the brand has discovered a special pair of prototype Mustangs to go about as donors.

On top of that, the folks at REC Watches have utilized the two prototypes as inspiration for the general plan. So in the event that you are into the combination of vehicles and watches, this is the most incorporated appearance of the two. While a brand like Gorilla Watches utilizes vehicles as inspiration for the plan of the watches, these two REC P-51 Limited Editions want to wear a part of a vehicle on your wrist.

REC P-51 Little Red

The first of the two is the REC P-51 Little Red. It has a dial that is produced using a piece of the amazing 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 EXP. This prototype was completely reestablished and went available to be purchased at the 2020 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. This prototype was accepted to be obliterated however a special exploration group drove by Craig Jackson from Barrett-Jackson sales management firm found it in 2018 in provincial Texas.

The folks from REC really got their hands on an unused sheet of metal extra from the reclamation process of the old vehicle. The amazing dials of the P-51 Little Red were designed from this material. On top of that, the folks planned a watch that will look recognizable to Mustang fans. There are many subtleties that allude to quite possibly the most notorious Mustangs ever built.

Mustang plan details

The REC Watches group chose to plan another padded shape case that has a 42mm width in comparison to the 44mm of the previous P-51 models. The case is 13.35mm thick and has a haul to-carry length of 48.5mm. The hardened steel case is made of four pieces and has a dark PVD covering and stamped sides. It is water-impervious to 50 meters. Under the sapphire gem, a major red inward bezel includes an hour long track whose text style type is a clue to the textual style utilized for the Mustang.

A enormous white hour hand and a standing out dark moment hand from a red tip tell the time. On the metal base of the dial, you will discover two sub-dials that are inspired by the check groups found in the vehicle. At 9 o’clock you will discover a skeletonized little seconds sub-dial.

One of my number one dial highlights is the power hold pointer of the Swiss Technology Production STP2-12-13 development at 6 o’clock. It would appear that the fuel check and is expertly incorporated into the in general design.  The dial likewise has a little plate helping you to remember where the watch got its inspiration from. The watch comes on an excellent thick dark calfskin strap that fits the style of the case perfectly.

REC P-51 Green Hornet

The second of the two watches is the REC P-51 Green Hornet. For this watch, REC utilized parts of the 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang Prototype nicknamed the Green Hornet. This notable vintage Mustang was reestablished simultaneously as the other vehicle. Moreover, it additionally went available to be purchased at a similar 2020 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. Presently, as the plan of this vehicle was somewhat unique, so too does the watch likewise looks marginally changed. It utilizes a similar 42mm case yet rather than a PVD covering has an ordinary brushed finish.

The dial of this one is additionally produced using abundance sheet metal extra from the rebuilding of the Green Hornet. On top of the base, you will discover a combination of a dark internal bezel with a marginally unique hour long track and a green differentiating inward ring. The watch additionally includes a white hour hand and splendid orange moment hand that differentiations well with the green color.

The dial highlights sub-dials in similar positions as on the P-51 Little Red. Notwithstanding, the power hold pointer looks completely changed. In this occasion, it shows the quantity of hours the development has left to run (just as a bolt marker, bringing about a truly perfect twofold display). The Green Hornet comes on a two-tone dim and dark cowhide strap. The plan is equivalent to the dark variant of the Little Red and is inspired by the calfskin seats of both cars.

Swiss Technology Production Caliber STP2-12-13

Both watches include screw-down case backs. These case backs are improved with all the data about your restricted version and the vehicle that the watch gets its dial from. Under the case back, you will locate the Swiss Technology Production STP2-12-13 development that powers the two watches. The development depends on the popular STP1-11 development from the Fossil Group development make. Oneself winding STP2-12-13 operates at 28,800vph, has 36 gems and highlights a showed power save of 42 hours.

The STP1-11 developments are basically ETA 2824 clones and have gained notoriety for being solid developments. For a significant number of the more modest independent brands, they are a decent option for ETA or Sellita developments. The STP2-12-arrangement are particular developments dependent on the STP1-11 and dispose of the focal seconds hand. The STP2-12-13 specifically adds the referenced little seconds and a power save. The precision is specified at +15/ – 0 seconds per day.

Wearing the REC P-51 Limited Editions

The second you put on both of these watches, you realize you are wearing a genuine watch. The two P-51 Limited Editions feel strong and top caliber. I would go similarly as significantly preferable quality over large numbers of their independent peers in a similar price section up to €2,000. Each part is thoroughly examined and produced to a high standard.

The second thing that stood apart is the 42mm pad shaped case. It’s something worth being thankful for that REC chose to make the watches more modest on the grounds that that particular shape isn’t in every case simple to wear. Also, even at 42mm, this feels like a thick watch. Don’t misunderstand me, its size, plan, and strong character all fit the concept of the Mustang perfectly. In any case, on the off chance that you are searching for a thin and comfortable watch, you’re in some unacceptable place. These two watches are the same amount of explanation pieces as the vehicles they got parts from. In this way, large and brilliant it is. Fortunately, the great cowhide straps keep the watches perfectly adjusted on your wrist.

Which one is the better of the two?

When it comes to preferences, I enjoyed the Green Hornet somewhat better than the Little Red. Generally it feels somewhat more energetic in view of its green and orange shading combination. As each dial of all of these watches is one of a kind it’s hard to say which one is “better”. The dial of the Little Red we had was scratched turn beaten upward compared to the polished dial of the Green Hornet. I like a touch of character and on top of that, the scratched dial of the Little Red is a superior token of why you purchased the watch in the first place.

But I like the little plan subtleties like the power save better on the Green Hornet. Generally I can say that the REC folks have put a great deal o f time and exertion into these two restricted versions and it shows. Furthermore, in the event that you are into these two watches and might want to get one at their €1,398 list prices, you probably as of now have your number one figured out.

Potential Buyers

Which carries us to a genuine inquiry: who these watches are for? These two watches have a story to tell. Most importantly, it’s an incredible story that will pull in the admirers of Ford Mustangs. Like Tomas said in his audit of the REC RNR “Streets Not Required” Beach Runner. REC’s watches are special to the people who own a vehicle they depend on. It made right now association that is difficult to beat.

On top of that, there will be a huge horde of vehicle fans that will likewise cherish this watch as it is an extraordinary combination of both the vehicle world and the watch world. In any case, in the event that you are not into vehicles, this is probably not for you. However, that’s OK as well. With the restricted production run and the numerous enthusiasts of the notorious vintage Mustang, there is certainly a huge potential crowd for these two watches.

Final thoughts

Personally, I love the narrative of the two reestablished Ford Mustangs. Furthermore, I additionally love that REC Watches has utilized parts of these two vehicles to make something special for Mustang darlings. Having said that, I am not the ideal person for this watch. I’m not searching for a watch that mirrors a vehicle or parts of a vehicle. Sure a watch configuration can be affected by a car’s plan yet this is taking the plan of the two Mustangs and making an interpretation of them into a watch. What’s more, I like my watch to be a unique watch plan instead of a vehicle design.

Call me a purist or antiquated however that’s simply how I am wired. However, that doesn’t remove anything from the story, appeal, and assemble nature of these two watches. I recognize the extraordinary potential for the brand to discover proceeded with progress with this concept. All things considered, the brand has just been around for a couple of years proving there is unquestionably a crowd of people for this sort of thing. Furthermore, it’s incredible to see that the Copenhagen brand can continually come up with groundbreaking thoughts and offer them for sale to the public. Furthermore, next time when I ride my bicycle in Nordhavn, I will consider REC watches. Since these two watches are an explanation that is difficult to fail to remember. On the off chance that you need to discover more, visit the authority .