This is one of those brands we as a whole appear to feel weak at the knees over. I surmise the majority of our group own at any rate one Seiko, if not more. Furthermore, the equivalent goes for me, despite the fact that I need to concede that the entirety of my Seiko watches are jumpers. In any case, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate different kinds of watches. It’s consistently ideal to go involved with a model that’s not your ordinary charge. So let’s have a more intensive gander at the Seiko Presage SPB163 from the Presage collection.

For the individuals who aren’t acquainted with this Seiko line, we have composed many   articles about the Presage throughout the long term. So it’s clear that the Presage is a significant mainstream model and there is little against it, truth be told. Presage is promoted as a combination of Japanese feel with customary craftsmanship. An all-unique assortment where you will discover Japanese plan, quality, and dependable execution. However, how are those qualities reflected in this reference SPB163?

Presage SPB163

The Presage is enlivened by the principal Seiko wristwatch, the Laurel, which was presented longer than a century prior in 1913. Connections to the plan of this unique can be found in a considerable lot of the Presage watches. With more than 100 years of watchmaking experience, it wasn’t until 2016 that Seiko imparted this line to the remainder of the world. Inside the Presage assortment, there is a region between the Basic and Prestige lines. The names are quite plain as day and with its lacquer dial, the Presage SPB163 unmistakably has a place with the last category.

Many of the Presage models have embraced the dial format of the Laurel, which can be supposed to be the starting point of Seiko’s watchmaking. From the outset, the lustrous blue dial with differentiating white lacquered hands and hour markers grabs your eye in a split second. Where the first model is known for its roman numerals, on this model they have been supplanted by moderate hour markers. In the middle there are little moment markers for improved legibility.

About the dial

As referenced, the dial is the thing that grabs your eye in a split second and is the thing that makes this watch stick out. Considering the retail cost of €1,300 it’s difficult to accept that it comes with a complicated hand made finish dial. These dials are prodcued by means of a multi-step measure. Right off the bat, the dial clear is readied. At that point the plating interaction, which comprises four separate stages, can start. These cycles happen under the management of veneer specialist who has more than 40 years’ experience in the field of enameling.

Inspired by the plans of Riki Watanabe (one of Japan’s most significant planners), the moderate look is not difficult to peruse because of the great difference. Contingent upon how you hold the watch, the dial can look anything from almost dark to dim blue. At the correct point, the state of the dial and its varieties top to bottom become obvious. Since these dials are hand tailored, not a solitary one is actually the equivalent. Maybe you can consider it to be the “fingerprint” of the watch world.

Besides the time, the dial includes a force hold pointer at 9 o’clock and a little date at 6 o’clock. Generally, I am not an aficionado of date windows (yes there are exemptions) so having the date shown in a subdial makes an extraordinary answer for this. The two signs are set on various levels on the dial which give it extraordinary depth.


Combined with a tempered steel case and dim earthy colored pony cowhide lash unquestionably makes this a humble yet-engaging combination. The breadth is only one millimeter shy of that I have regularly expressed as the ideal size for a watch which is forty (39mm for anybody without an adding machine to hand). Obviously, this is an individual inclination and it relies upon the watch. Yet, the nearer a watch is to that number, the simpler it is for me to like it. The reverse way around, when a watch is a lot greater or more modest it must be astounding for me to like it. In any case, risks that I will do so decrease quickly by each progression in size.

While many like to have a clasp on a cowhide tie, the Presage SPB163 comes with a collapsing catch. As far as I might be concerned, this is a major in addition to. On numerous events when I needed to tie a costly watch to my wrist, the greatest danger is consistently in dropping it when you attempt to lock in. Furthermore, albeit this watch is incredible incentive for cash, I still don’t need to drop it! All things considered, the collapsing catch is an or more in my book. It is top notch and comfortable on the wrist, which is definitely not a given with this style of buckle.

Final thoughts

Visible behind the open case back is oneself winding type 6R27 which has a force save of as long as 45 hours. The precision runs inside – 15 to +25 seconds of the day. Also, in spite of the fact that it seems like a considerable amount, these are the boundaries. With typical use, it should run fine and dandy without a lot deviation.

If you’re on the lookout for a dressier watch, the Presage assortment has a great deal to bring to the table. Particularly when you consider the hand-made finish dial. Generally speaking this watch is incredible bundle with an enticing retail cost of €1,300. I could become accustomed to it and for once I really like a topsy-turvy dial design. Credit to Seiko for growing my horizons.