Seiko introduced the new forms of their “Skipper Willard” models. What’s more, for the fans, the best thing about these is presumably that they are a non-restricted form. We’ve as of late had the chance to check them out so we should have a more intensive gander at the Seiko Prospex SPB151 and SPB153.

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea where the epithet comes from, Martin Sheen was seen wearing this watch in the film Apocalypse Now. His character’s name, Captain Willard, before long turned into the epithet for this watch. The model he had on his wrist in the film was the Seiko 6105 which was presented in 1970 and created for around 7 years.

Last year during Baselworld, an advanced understanding of this watch was introduced. Make a point to find out about the SLA033 in this article by Michael. This watch was an extraordinary current translation which kept the vibes of the first model which you can find in this comparison . Yet, enough about the past and vintage form. Time to take a gander at the freshest release.

Black and green

At first sight, the new form looks pretty comparable. Be that as it may, the past models were just accessible in dark. This year’s discharge is again accessible in dark (SPB151) yet it likewise comes in a green variation (SPB153) with a slight sunburst impact and green bezel. Contingent upon the light, the bezel now and again looked somewhat more like olive dull however that could likewise be because of the way that we had a model watch.

And now for the lash/arm band, this is the place where it gets somewhat interesting. Both the first and the SLA033 re-release had a dark silicone lash. A major trend dark form currently comes on a steel wristband and the green execution is presently the one fitted with silicone.

Personally I incline toward the silicone tie over the tempered steel arm band albeit both are truly comfortable. I simply think this watch looks better on silicone. One thing I battled with is the plunge expansion. There most likely is a simple stunt to open it yet some way or another it required me a ton of exertion. It additionally doesn’t lay level because of the plan of the extra links.

Changes and alterations

We previously referenced the lash and arm band combinations. When taking a gander at the subtleties you will see all the more little adjustments all-finished. The case his a shade more modest at 42.7mm. The thickness, nonetheless, has expanded marginally to 15mm. This is halfway because of the inclined sapphire.

Just like the re-release, these models likewise come with lugholes which is something I wouldn’t fret on an apparatus watch. In reality it comes very helpful when you need to change ties. Particularly as the 19mm haul width has been moved up to a more normal 20mm size. That takes into account an astounding assortment of ties.

The bezel

Looking at the bezel, the format is comparative despite the fact that it comes in an alternate textual style this time. The bezel teeth are certainly greater compared to different models and give a decent grasp. On the crown, you will not locate the six spaces any longer. Neither does it have the word “lock” and the bolt pointing right. On the dial, a couple of things have changed as well.

On the highest point of the dial, you will presently discover just the brand name as the word programmed has moved to the base, floating over the 200-meter profundity rating. Also, it currently has the much-discussed Prospex logo included as well. Hour markers are almost indistinguishable however the hands have somewhat changed.

Like different variants of this watch, the SPB151 and SPB153 come with a shut, strung case back. This time it has the wave logo in the middle. Engraved around it you will locate the common information you expect on the posterior of a Seiko watch. These models are fueled by the programmed Seiko 6R35 type which was presented a year ago. It comes with as long as 70 hours of force save and it has bi-directional winding.

Final thoughts

These new models are incredible device jumpers that look splendid on the wrist. Simply seeing it in real life persuaded me to add one to my assortment. One thing that we haven’t referenced at this point is the cost and this is something that many will appreciate. While last year’s restricted release accompanied a powerful sticker price, this rendition retails between €1,150 on silicone (SPB153) and €1,350 on steel (SPB151). For that cash, you just get an incredible looking jump/instrument watch with a robust force hold. These models ought to be accessible any second at this point. For more information head over to the authority website.